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9 Things To Do To Gain Admission This Year

When seeking admission into any university, polytechnic, college of education, or any other institution that is using JAMB, the first and generally known step is to obtain the UTME form. Who doesn't know that?

But there are steps that follow that which very many don't know about. If you know one, you may be missing out on the other.

When a student recently contacted me, (you can contact me too), he said he'd written the JAMB with the result printed but he didn't know what next. He was confused! You can be too. In this post, you'll get the answer free. 

In order to let you commit these steps to heart, let's call them the "Must-Dos of admission".

1. Link Your Email to the JAMB Portal

Linking your email is a "must". The thing is that linking your email to the JAMB portal is the only way you can be able to monitor the progress of your admission on the JAMB portal/CAPS.

Luckily for some students, their CBT centers have linked for them during their UTME/DE registration. However, for a lot, they're expected to return to any CBT center, later, to do the linking. 

To know if you've already linked, check your JAMB registration slip. Next to the phone number written on the paper, there should be the email next to it. If what you have next to the phone number is "None", it simply means you've not linked any email with your JAMB portal.

The next thing is to create an email or use any functional email you already have. Take that to the nearest CBT center (if the SMS method discussed here won't work), to link the email to the JAMB portal.

After the linking is successful, you should receive a unique password or send it to yourself. This password together with the email will give you access to your JAMB portal for activities such as checking your admission status, checking the status of uploaded results, acceptance of admission, printing of admission letter, etc.

2. Upload Your Results To JAMB Portal

Very many students will miss out on uploading their O'level results to the JAMB portal. Some will miss this important step because they assume the CBT centers, where they registered, did the uploading for them during the JAMB registration.

Some will miss it because they don't even know it's important to do that in the first place. Others will miss it because they register JAMB with awaiting results but never realize how important it is to return to the same or any other CBT to upload the result when released and printed.

If you're in the first category, don't trust your CBT center yet. Even though you took along your results when you went to register JAMB, some CBT centers didn't upload them for their candidates. Be sure you check now and confirm the result is on your JAMB portal before you can rest.

For other categories, you can now see how important the upload of JAMB results is. If you're yet to know, "JAMB will not offer you admission until you upload your result to the JAMB portal".

Even if a school wants to offer or already offered you admission, to JAMB, such admission is still illegal.

3. Do Changes on Both the JAMB and School Portal

If you change institutions and/or courses or any other change of data on the JAMB portal, make sure you do the same with the school admission portal.

Normally, if you change the institution, it's the post-UTME form of the school you changed to you'll obtain not that of the former school. Also, if you change the course, be sure that when filling out the post-UTME/screening form, you chose the same course, not the former one.

In the same vein, if you've done corrections of names, state of origin, the local government of origin, gender, etc. on the JAMB portal, repeat the changes for the post-UTME too, and vice versa. 

4. Obtain Post UTME/Screening Form

I wouldn't have to repeat this if I had not met a few students who lost admission because they didn't obtain the post-UTME/screening forms of their proposed universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and colleges of nursing.

These students believed that since they've chosen a school in JAMB and such schools are already their first and/or second choices, there wouldn't be the need to obtain another form again. Just sit back and accept admission!

That's more than funny! After JAMB UTME comes to the post-UTME/screening form. Any of your schools of choice will sell its form separately. All aspirants are expected to obtain that too, fill and submit it online.

However, there will be usually a long waiting time between the release of JAMB results and the sale of these forms by respective institutions. You have to wait and be on the lookout for your own school to start selling its form.

You will obtain it, usually online, fill and submit it. Then, wait for an entrance exam if post-UTME or screening if physical or just sit back for admission list if online screening only.

5. Write Post-UTME Where Required

As briefed above, if your school will set entrance exams for its aspirants, this is called "post-UTME". If the school will only require you to fill out an online form and wait for the admission list after, it is called "online screening only". If you're to fill online form and still appear in the school for the physical checking of your results and credentials, it's called "online and physical screening".\

f you belong to the post-UTME, be sure to take part in the entrance exam when scheduled. If you belong to the physical screening, there is a need to go to the school for that when scheduled. The category of "online screening only" will relax and wait for the admission lists.

If you missed out on the schedule for the post-UTME or screening, you've lost your admission too.

6. Follow Up For Possible Transfer

One of the aftermaths of writing post-UTME or partaking in online or physical screening is the transferring of students from courses to others.

For example, some universities, after releasing some admission lists or before releasing any may decide to transfer some applicants to other courses than they apply for. This may be due to competition in the previous courses or not being qualified for the former courses.

You have to be on the lookout for this possibility. Though you may be contacted by SMS by some schools and JAMB to inform you of the transfer and what to do next, many schools won't bother to tell you that you've been transferred.

They expect you to follow up, through your JAMB portal, to know when to transfer. So, how do you follow up on a possible transfer? Follow the guide in, "JAMB Transfer Approval: Check, Accept and Next Steps?".

In brief, log in to your JAMB portal, from time to time. Navigate to the Transfer Approval section. Click to know if you have an awaiting offer. If any, accept it and if you want and do the change of course at the nearest CBT center to the newly transferred/accepted course.

7. Accept Admission on the JAMB Portal

Whether you're transferred or not, there will be a time when you'll be offered admission eventually. Don't expect the school to send you an email or SMS that you've been offered admission. A few schools will do that - if any.

However, there are cases where schools will offer you admission before JAMB and cases where JAMB will do that before the school. In their situation, no need to panic. Wait for them both!

If you don't follow up on admission progress on the JAMB CAPS, you may not know when the board offers you. Also, if you're not checking your school admission portal from time to time. 

When offered, on the JAMB portal, all it takes to accept the admission is to click on the Accept button on the JAMB CAPS. After that, print the JAMB admission letter. That's all.

To accept admission on the school portal, let's go to the next section.

8. Pay the Acceptance Fee Before Due

Accepting an admission on a school portal is more than just clicking the "accept" button or link, you're required to make a specific payment as the acceptance fee. Unless this money is paid, the school will not recognize you as its student.

Payment, usually, is online. There is no university, polytechnic, or college of education, to the best of my knowledge, that is still accepting payment by hand or through a bank account.

So, be sure to make the acceptance fee payment. Then, you can proceed to the freshers' documentation, screening, or bio-data registration when started or opened.

9. Do Freshers' Bio-Data/Registration

After the payment of the acceptance fee, some schools will still have a waiting period before they ask their students to do the online students bio-data registration or resume for lectures.

Some will open the bio-data registration immediately after paying the acceptance fee. Some don't just do the bio-data registration, they ask them to come for physical screening too.

This stage and step is also important to be fully qualified and recognized as a bona fide student of an institution.

In fact, even though you've paid the acceptance fee, you may lose your studentship if you miss out on this stage too.

Luckily, most schools will give more than enough time for students to do this before they can close it.

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