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Can I Upload Results to JAMB Portal After Post UTME/DE?

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We need to talk about whether it’s possible to upload O’level results after the Post UTME. We’ve already covered this and related issues in “Deadline For Uploading of O'level Results to JAMB Portal”. But emphasis should be made regards this.

In case you don’t get it yet, this post will answer the question, “Can I be able to upload my O’level results to the JAMB portal after post UTME?” Or Can Direct Entry applicants upload results such as NCE, ND, IJMB, JUPEB, etc after Post DE?

Some candidates never realize they must upload results until after they had done a school post UTME or screening. Some want to be sure if they can still delay things until they return from post UTME halls.

In all, these cases are just the same. Whether you’re willing to wait till you finish your UTME or you’re aware late that you must upload, this post will help.

You Can Upload O’level Results After Post UTME

As a matter of fact, it’s possible.

Candidates are expected to upload their results before they register for or during the registration of their post UTMEs. However, there is no punishment for this if you wait till after the post UTME or taking part in the screening exercise. Hence, you must go and do the uploading after the test.

Candidates With Awaiting Results Have No Other Choice

A majority of candidates who used awaiting results during the UTME registration usually have no other choice than to upload their results after post UTME.

This is because WAEC withheld and NECO results may not come out before the post UTME of many schools. Hence, affected candidates will still be able to upload their results after post UTME and as soon as their results are released.

No Deadline for the Uploading of O’level Results

What can be giving you concerns is if there is a specific date JAMB intends to close the uploading of SSCE results. Officially, there’s no closing date for the upload of results to the JAMB portal.

However, candidates are expected to upload theirs before their proposed schools start to be releasing their admission lists. This is because, admission will be based on your JAMB score, post UTME score (if any) and SSCE required subjects and grades.

Even if a school forwards your name in their lists to JAMB, your admission status will be on HOLD until you return to a nearby CBT centre and upload your O’level results.

Let Me Upload Your Result to JAMB Portal For You

If you don't have the time to visit an accredited CBT centre to upload your O'level result to the JAMB portal, I can handle that for you from here.


  1. Clearly snap and send your O'level to me on WhatsApp 08065152292 (Whatsapp only, please)
  2. If you're a Direct Entry applicant, you should send both O'level and NCE/ND/JUPEB etc
  3. After receiving your result, I will chat with you immediately and require you to make a payment of N1000 for my service
  4. Pay the money and send the evidence of your payment to me on WhatsApp
  5. I will upload your result from here
  6. You have to wait about 24 hours for it to reflect
  7. It's after the reflection, that I will send the screenshot of the successful uploading or confirmation to you.

Some Candidates Were Not Awaiting Results But the CBT Centres Entered Awaiting For Them

Some candidates have visited me to complain that they went to CBT centres with their WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or NBAIS results, yet those CBT centres still used awaking results for them.

Now, they want to confirm if it concerns them to upload again. And if yes, is it not too late after the Post UTME.

I’ve covered this in my post, “NO ADMISSION YET, Why O’level Result is the Reason for Delay”.

Most candidates will not be offered admissions this year because some CBT centres were so careless with their jobs. Hence, it’s important if you fall into this category, to visit a CBT centre (not necessarily where you registered UTME). Then, upload your results. This is very important. See how to check if your result has already been uploaded.


It’s never late to upload O’level results after post UTME. Just make sure you do that before your proposed schools start releasing their admission lists. Even though if you delay it, you can still do it later. Yet, you won’t be offered admission through the JAMB CAPS until you do the right thing.

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  1. What happens if someone uploads his/her O level result after the university has sent the admission list to jamb

    1. JAMB will not let the candidate see his or her admission until the results are uploaded.

  2. I just uploaded my wace but my has released their admission on jamb caps

    1. No problem. If you're already admitted, the uploading will let JAMB see your status sooner.

  3. I can't see my caps and I'm not sure if my results was uploaded, school of my choice has started giving admission so what should I do

    1. To see your CAPS follow the guide in the post below

      To check if your result is uploaded, read post below.

  4. I just upload to jamb Caps, while my school has started releasing admission list.(ksu)
    Any hope?

  5. I haven't upload my o'level and I have did post utme screening. Can I still upload it after the release of post utme result or offer the release of admission list

  6. I want to open my jamb portal but the email is telling me invalid, is there solution to it so that I can check my admission status

    1. Check back later, it may be a temporary issue.

    2. After filling your email and the password, look for a another space below where it says "Login to Candidate's Account" enter you email there too. Then =, go up and click on the first login

  7. How do I upload my direct entry form in jamb portal

  8. Is it too late to upload my o level results now

    1. No, it's not if your school is releasing more lists or your is queue on the list already sent to JAMB.

  9. Hi I just found out that my o'level result wasn't uploaded and my registered school (UNN) has already started giving admission please any solution


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