How to Check if JAMB Name Change Has Reflected -

How to Check if JAMB Name Change Has Reflected

A few posts had been written regarding errors in the names on your JAMB, right on this blog. Some students have applied for the correction of names correctly, but they don't know how to check if the correction has been reflected.

Some were told that they would receive emails from JAMB once approved. That was true. However, not all students would later see these approval messages.

Some have been told to check their JAMB portals to see when their names changed in the profile section. But they have looked a million times - still seeing the old names.

So, how best do you know or check if the names you corrected with JAMB have been approved, corrected, and made to reflect on your portal?

This post will guide you on this and other related concerns.

Your Corrected Names Won't Show on the JAMB Portal

If you're looking at the profile corner of your JAMB portal to see when the correction reflects, you're just wasting your time. You're in the same shoes as a student who recently asked about this.

please I did my date of birth correction last year so I decided to check now but I'm still seeing the wrong one so I printed my results slip and I saw the changed corrected one but the wrong one is till showing on the portal... Please what's wrong

Of course, the reply by JAMB was as good as mine.

Kindly be aware that the date of birth is unchangeable on the JAMB portal.

However, if I were to answer that, I would be more explanatory so as not to cause further confusion.

The reply above could be misunderstood to mean that JAMB would not approve the correction of names or was no longer allowing that. 

In reality, what it was meant to say is that you couldn't see the correction on your JAMB portal profile corner. There would be a better way to know when it's approved and it's made to reflect.

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Printing or Reprinting of Your JAMB Results Will Show It

As earlier mentioned, if you got an email notification of the approval, then the changes are active now. Even with that, if you're checking the profile section on the JAMB portal, you'd still be seeing the wrong names.

Hence, whether you get the email notice or not (after a reasonable period of the correction), you should just print your JAMB result. This is called the original JAMB result!

If you've printed before you applied for the correction, you'd need to reprint. If you've not printed before, you'll pay for this result, download and print. If you've printed before, the payment was already done. Just, reprint.

This time, if the correction has been approved, it should reflect on your JAMB original result. 

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Bonus Details About Correction of JAMB Names

  1. Correction made without the same correction made on the NIN will not be approved
  2. If disapproved, you can't reapply as candidates (at the time of this writing) are limited to only one time for name correction. You may be lucky if your proposed school will accept a court affidavit for this mess.
  3. If after applying for the correction names, no approval email is received, or after reprinting the JAMB result, the correct one(s) was not there, you'll need to wait and check back later. You can also contact the JAMB helpline to hasten their attention to your application.

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  1. I Dey change of year it’s has be change in NIMC but not reflecting in jamb


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