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School Gave Me Admission But JAMB Did Not. Why?

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I’ve got calls and texts from a few candidates about this pressing issue. Imagine being offered admission by your school but JAMB CAPS status is still showing not admitted. The opposite situation is when admission is given on JAMB CAPS but not on the school portal.

To get to the picture, let see how your admission should look like. To be a bonafide admitted student of any institution, both JAMB and the school should offer him or her that space simultaneously.

Hence, it should be like this.

  1. Your school prepares the list of candidates they want to offer admissions
  2. They should send that  list to JAMB for scrutiny
  3. JAMB then verifies the list to see if those candidates merit the admission
  4. Then, JAMB uploads that to CAPS for applicants to accept.
  5. Candidates can now print the JAMB admission letter

Yes, that’s the picture of admission now in Nigeria.

Then what happens if a candidate sees his or her admission as “ADMITTED” on the school portal but JAMB CAPS still shows “NOT ADMITTED”?

Your School is Quicker than JAMB to Upload

Yes. That’s exactly what happens. Some schools don’t wait for JAMB to load admitted candidates to the CAPS. Such universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education just proceed to load that to their portal admission status pages. This is why you see your admission status on the school's website but have yet to appear on the JAMB's portal.

Hence, there’s no need to worry. Just keep checking CAPS to see when the message changes to “Accept Admission or Reject Admission” as detailed in the post, "Check JAMB CAPS: Meanings of Status Messages"

As you’re expecting, accept the admission so you can print your JAMB admission letter.


Should you have a situation like this, don’t panic. Wait until it reflects on the JAMB portal too. Simple!

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  1. How long does it take your caps to change to admission in progress after you've accepted the new course given to you

    1. It depends on how quick the school is with the rest of admission processes.

      Read more on this here:

  2. please what can I do
    this same this is happening to me

    1. It depends on how quick the school is with the rest of admission processes.

      Read more on this here:


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