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Documents Candidates Need For Freshers' Screening/Registration

Things schools require for admitted candidates' screenings
If you’ve read, “What Candidates Should Do After JAMB Gives Admission on CAPS”, references had been made to this title. What are the items or documents you must take to your university, polytechnic, or college in order to do fresher registration or screening/documentation?

This post will focus on the list of items that are generally required for documentation of newly admitted. It will also give clues on where and how to get them. You will also learn about those that are compulsory or optional.

12 Documents To Take to Institutions for Admission Screening

After being admitted, you should be able to confirm that both on the JAMB portal and the school admission portal. Then, you are to visit your school for physical screening and documentation. This will require you to come along with the following documents.

1. Original JAMB Result

This is the result that shows your photo. It has to be printed on your JAMB portal at a price of N1,165 (including the remita charges). A café may charge you between N1500 to N2000 with their service charge. Note that this result should be printed in color.

With this original JAMB result, the school wants to be sure you’re truly the one who sat for the exams. They will also be able to see the position you chose them in JAMB i.e 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice.

2. JAMB Admission Letter

Officially, JAMB and institutions collaborate to offer students admission. After being offered admission through your JAMB portal and it’s accepted, you should be able to print your admission letter. Payment for this costs the same as JAMB's original result. While the former is a two-page document the latter is one-page. A copy of the letters is meant for the institution with the other for individual candidates.

Printing should be in color too.

JAMB admission letters should show the same course like the one offered to you by the school. In case of any difference, you must do the JAMB change of course to ensure that the courses tally across the board.

3. Original O’level Results

Most schools prefer original SSCE results for students'/freshers' documentation. Original O’level results should be the certificates from the exam bodies. It is usually available for collection at your school of exams (if internal exams) within the two years of your papers. 

Candidates using GCE or private exam results will need to visit the exam body branch office at the state of the exams to collect theirs. WAEC has equally made the collection of GCE certificates possible online without visiting the council's office.

Where the date of your exam is not up to 12 months or the original result is not ready yet, you’re allowed to come for the screening/documentation with your online printed copies of WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB result. You can make things very clear for this purpose or print in color, if possible.

However, candidates are not allowed to bring the statements of results by most schools. Statements of results are usually your subjects and grades list on the letterheads of schools. This is usually not welcome as it might have been doctored by candidates.

4. Local Government of Origin Certificates

Generally, all institutions require their admitted candidates to come along with LG Identification or state of origin certificate. This is usually collected at the secretariat of your local council or a dedicated office for that.

Ensure the local government identification is the same for the state/LG claimed during the JAMB UTME/DE registration or the one changed to earlier.

5. Birth Certificate

Candidates must attend the screening/documentation with their birth certificates. Just like the local government identification, the date of this paper must tally with the one on JAMB documents.

You can collect one at a hospital of birth, the national population commission, the court (declaration of age), and more.

6. Guarantor/Referee Recommendation Letters

Some schools call these attestation letters. Candidates may be required to come along with this too.

A clergyman such as an imam, a pastor, or a traditional ruler, civil servant, proprietor or principal are people recognized to write a letter of a guarantor, referee, or attestation.

A typical letter of this nature is expected to be typed and printed on the official letterheads of any of these people. It must be duly signed and stamped too.

A few schools require two such letters while others still accept one.

7. Parents' Tax Clearance

Lately, some state institutions are asking candidates to present their parents’ tax clearance. For example, Osun state university, Osun State Polytechnic Iree, Osun State College of Technology Esa Oke, and a few other state-owned schools require their candidates to have their parents’ tax clearance handy while coming for documentation.

It’s not necessary that both father and mother must give tax clearance. One of them is needed.

Tax clearance can be collected at the nearest tax office or licensing house within the local government if not yet available.

8. All Payment Receipts

Schools require you to come along with all payment receipts. Especially the acceptance fee and medical fee receipt, if included. It will be nice if you can produce copies of the online payment receipts for your school starting from the post UTME to acceptance and school fee (if already paid).

Even if these are not listed yet, they may be requested later.

9. School Admission letters

Immediately after being offered admission on the school portal, candidates are required to accept the offer and print the school admission letters.

These letters may be required during the screening/documentation exercise in the school.

10. Certificate of Sworn Affidavit/Oath of Allegiance

This is not required generally by all institutions. Yet, some are including them among the items candidates should bring for screening/fresher registration.

You can obtain this at a magistrate or high court around you if required by your own school.

11. Primary School Leaving Certificate/Testimonial

Of this is not generally required for the screening by every school. A few may ask for this. Hence, there is a need to take it along in case.

If you already don't have one, you may need to visit your primary school, if still existing, or the LIE office, if the school is no more. Get one ready for your fresher documentation.

Meanwhile, it's not uncommon to see schools accepting certificates in place of testimonials and vise versa. Others may insist on the two.

12. Error-Related Court Affidavits

During the primary and secondary school days, there were usually serious mixups. Some candidates' names were wrongly written or misspelled. A few of us grew up to change our names for reasons best known to us. 

During the JAMB registrations, errors crop in names, date of birth, gender, etc.

Whereas, affected candidates tried possible best to amend things such that details could tally across the board. However, some could not work out, probably, because of certain terin terms, conditions, and bottlenecks.

In order not to deny yourself admission during the screening it will be better to have recognized official documents to back up the mixups in your academic and personal credentials.

Court affidavits are usually accepted to clear your situation. Other relevant documents include newspaper change of names, letter of sponsor/scholarship, etc.

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