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Is it Compulsory to Print JAMB Admission Letter?

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After being offered admissions, all lucky aspirants want to be sure about one thing. Is it compulsory to print the JAMB admission letter?

In fact, there are two letters to be on the lookout for - the JAMB admission letters and the school admission letter. 

Of course, all schools want to see copies of the school admission letters printed by all newly admitted candidates. Yet, candidates are confused about whether it is necessary to print the JAMB admission letters too.

In this post, I will give the answer to whether all admitted candidates must print the JAMB admission letters. And if yes, is there any sanction if you fail to print yours?

JAMB Admission Letter is Compulsory For All Full-Time Admitted Candidates

If you gain admission through JAMB UTME or Direct Entry to 100 or 200 levels respectively, you're required to claim your JAMB admission letters.

Here, what matters most is accepting the offer on the JAMB portal. Candidates are respected to accept the official offers of admissions through the JAMB portal and platform called CAPS. Once that is done, your letter is available for printing immediately and you may delay it till you're ready to use that in the future.

And in fact, unless you accept the offer on the JAMB portal, you won't be able to have access to the JAMB admission letters. And it's only after having access that you can print the JAMB admission letters.

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Acceptance is Compulsory, Printing the Letter is Only If Required

Of course, most universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education will ask for the JAMB admission letters as one of the documentation requirements from their freshers. Yet, we still have some schools that won't bother their aspirants for the letters before being taken in.

In the case of the latter, they may not ask for this letter until letter years if ever asked for. Hence, if you don't print it at your year of admission, you can return it to your JAMB portal in the future to print it if ever needed.

But for those that will ask for it during the freshmen documentation, it's a must for you to print it and submit it when asked for.

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  1. Hi, please should I be worried that none of my detail is showing on jamb CAPS whereas I’m in my finals now? Probably I did not accept my admission and only printed the admission letter which I hv been using since.. I’m confused please help


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