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Can Post UTME Details Differ From JAMB? Phone No., Email, Date of Birth

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As soon as the post-UTMEs/screenings of various universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education registrations start, candidates find themselves in different messes. 

Some had lost their SIMs or wished to change their phone numbers for one reason or the other. They might have borrowed the SIMs to just collect the JAMB profile code back then during the UTME/DE registration. But now they need to change it for the post-UTMEs/screenings.

Some candidates who want to proceed with post-UTME or screening applications will want to know, forearmed if they can use a phone number different from the one used during the JAMB UTME/DE registration. Some will want to change their emails during the post-UTME or Post Direct Entry registrations. A few will even have reasons to change their dates of birth. Hence, need to consider dates of birth different from the ones used for JAMB.

This post will answer your questions as directly as possible and guide you in related situations.

1. You Can Use a Different Phone Number for the Post-UTME/Screening

As a matter of fact, a candidate is free to make use of a phone number other than the one used during the UTME/DE registration. During the post-UTME registration, your institutions are only interested in an active phone line. In other words, they don't care about the phone line/number used for JAMB. They only want a number they can send messages (SMS) to or call you on (if need be).

Therefore, you can drop the JAMB phone number at this stage and fill in another.

However, if you need to do anything with your JAMB account (not post UTME) e.g. linking your email with the JAMB portal, method 1 in the linked post requires using the same SIM. However, if the SIM is lost or damaged, you can use method 2.

As for post-UTME/screening, just supply a functioning and regular phone number.

2. You Can Use a Different Email for the Post-UTME/Screening

Post-UTME registrations usually require active/functioning emails. Hence, candidates are to be sure they supply that during the registrations. Your school's portal may need to send confirmation messages to that email before you can proceed with your registrations e.g. FUOYE registration form. The school may also, in the future, contact you during the next admission stages through email.

As a matter of fact, you are allowed to use a different email from the JAMB, at this stage. You might have lost the password to your JAMB email or perhaps the email doesn't belong to you. You're NOT tied to the JAMB email. Kindly register another one (if needed) for your post-UTME/screening.

3. You Can Use a Different Date of Birth for the Post UTME/Screening

Here, there is a need to caution you first.

If you made a mistake on your date of birth (DOB), right during the UTME/DE registration, the best is to do the JAMB change of date of birth. This is the official way to alter the dates.

However, if you must do your post-UTME/DE now, you can proceed with the right date and later do the change of birth on the JAMB portal as well. This is the only way your figures will correspond.

A fact to note, just as JAMB needs your correct date of birth so also are your proposed institutions. The schools will check your birth certificate or age declaration while screening you. Hence, the DOB must be the same across the board.

If you use a different date of birth during post-UTME/DE registration, be sure to change that, through the JAMB change of data, as well. This, you can do at a nearby CBT center or JAMB office nationwide.

4. You Can Use a Different Name, Gender, State, or Local Government of Origin for the Post UTME/Screening

Other related concerns include the situation where candidates make mistakes in their names and the state/local government of origin. 

For a reason personal to you, you may need to use different names during post-UTME. Some candidates may want to use different state/local governments because of the catchment areas or tuition preference. And if an error is cropped in the choice of genders, you can change it during the post-UTME.

However, just like changing the date of birth, you have to do the correction of data on the JAMB portal. This, as already noted, can be done at any JAMB office. Although, we had recorded several instances where JAMB rejected applications for the change of name, date of birth, or state of origin.


Generally, candidates are allowed to use details different from their JAMB, during the post-UTMEs/screenings. But on conditions! For the phone number or email, you can change it without the need to do the same on the JAMB portal.

However, for the names, gender, state of origin, the local government of origin, and date of birth, there is the need to make the same changes on the JAMB portal using the services of a JAMB office. These items must correspond across the board.

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  1. There was a mistake in my date of birth both the jamb and post utme is there any way those can affect me? It was the same date of birth but just different from my original

    1. If the date of birth on both JAMB and Post UTME are the same, it won't affect your admission. If admitted, you just have to get the birth certificate or court declaration of age bearing the date of birth on JAMB and post UTME.

  2. Hello sir, There was a mistake in my date of birth both the jamb and post utme it's same date of birth but it's just different from the one on my birth certificate and I've been given admission is there any way I can still make changes

    1. Get another birth certificate bearing the same date with your JAMB and post UTME

  3. Ok sir thanks for the information but won't will affect in negatively in the future for example during NYSE?

    1. No it won't if you follow the guide in the post above strictly.

  4. please sir what if the datw of birth on the post utme and jamb are deffrent.

  5. Sir
    What if i forgot my emailpassword then how can i check my name inthe admission list of nsuk

    1. The guide in the post below may help.

  6. Sir my date of birth is different from my school post utme form , will this affect me

    1. You can edit the one on your post UTME to the one on your JAMB by visiting your school ICT for help

    2. Sir my nin had an error they put nov instead of sept in my date of birth now i had to get a new birth certificate following what is in nin and jamb but my postume form has sept and my postume is on monday what do i do

  7. The name I used for my post UTME registration is different from the name on my jamb. Please sir how can I change the from my jamb portal?

  8. Sir on my rsu post utme slip, the gender and Lga is not showing, can I still thumbprint with it like that

  9. Sir the date of birth on my jamb is different from the one i input for post utme which is wrong how can i change the date of birth on my post utme because the deadline date has passed.

  10. Sir please my email in jamb is different from the one on my data capture slip
    And now I can't access my CAPS

    Pls I really need your help

  11. Sir please I used a wrong number for my post utme registration please Is there any way it can affect me in getting my admission or is there anything I can do to change it? Please help me I don't know what to do


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