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Can I Write JAMB Without WAEC/NECO Result?

I've made a few references to this in the past. But when a new set of students are still contacting me regards it, I think it's necessary to address this as an independent post.

If you've read or heard that the JAMB results alone will NOT give you admission in Nigeria, you should want to know if it's possible to write JAMB without the WAEC results.

Yes, isn't only WAEC in this quest! It's the same question if you're asking with respect to NECO, NABTEB, or GCE.

In this post, I will explain this to you. I will let you understand the real position on whether you can still obtain or write JAMB even though you're yet to have your O'level or SSCE.

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Yes, You Can Write JAMB without SSCE

Let's cut to the chase: You absolutely can write the JAMB exam without flaunting your WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB report card. In fact, it's totally legit to fill out that JAMB form, sharpen those pencils, and dive headfirst into the world of multiple-choice mayhem without a completed O'level or SSCE adventure under your belt.

Be it WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB, you're allowed to obtain the JAMB form and sit for it without your O'level result yet.

But wait, don't start penning those "I'm a JAMB superstar" anthems just yet! There's a catch, and it's about as subtle as a pop quiz on a Monday morning. The catch is called "awaiting result," and it's your golden ticket to the JAMB show.

Although you still need the SSCE result before the JAMB result will be useful for admission as JAMB only s not enough to gain admission.

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What You're Going To Use Is Awaiting Result

Of course, when filling JAMB form, you'll indicate that you're awaiting the SSCE result to be used for admission. This is called "awaiting results".

When you're filling out that tantalizing JAMB form, all you need to do is flash your "awaiting result" badge. It's like saying, "Hey, JAMB, I'm still waiting for my academic superhero cape, but I promise it's on its way!"

This nifty "AR" tag on your form tells JAMB that your results are en route – they're either being printed, written, or doing the cha-cha with the examiner's red pen. JAMB knows you're playing the waiting game, and they're totally cool with it.

So while filling out the JAMB form, the attending officer will indicate "AR" which means waiting for results.

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There Is the Need to Replace AR With Real Result Before Admission

Even though JAMB is aware that you're awaiting results, you won't be admitted by any school until JAMB receives the promised results. This is applicable to your proposed school. The management will equally see the result before they can eventually offer you admission.

Picture this: Your results are out, and you've got the grades that make your parents beam with pride. Now, it's time to hit that update button like a boss. Head back to the JAMB portal, where you'll trade in your "AR" tag for the real deal. It's like swapping your Clark Kent glasses for the iconic Superman cape – your academic achievements have arrived, and they're here to stay!

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Hence, as soon as the results are out and you have the required subjects for the proposed course and school, you're to return to the JAMB portal and update the result. 

When you're strutting your stuff through the post-UTME or screening process, don't forget to bring your updated results along for the ride. Show the admissions team that you've got the goods, and watch as those acceptance letters start rolling in. From "AR" to acceptance, you're the star of your academic show!

That means, while filling out the admission form of your proposed school during the exercise called post-UTME or screening, you're to update the same results. Only then, will they offer you admission all other things being equal.

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Conclusion - The JAMB-WAEC/NECO Love Story

So, my academic trailblazers, here's the scoop: You can absolutely write the JAMB exam without waving your WAEC/NECO flag high. Just remember that "awaiting result" is your trusty sidekick, allowing you to waltz into the JAMB party with style.

But the real magic happens when those results land in your hands. Swap that "AR" tag for the report card of your dreams, and make sure your chosen institution gets the memo too. It's a journey from "AR" anticipation to academic achievement, and it's a ride worth taking.

So go on, seize the day, fill out that JAMB form, and let your academic adventure begin – with or without your WAEC/NECO results by your side. It's your time to shine, and nothing can hold you back now!

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