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How To Link Email to JAMB Profile to Access CAPS

The easiest way to link email to JAMB profile/CAPS

A few candidates had already learned that the JAMB profile creation method used last year was different from the one used this year and probably henceforth. However, some candidates were still not sure how to create their profiles or link their profiles with email and vice versa.

For your information, you'd all created your profiles during JAMB/DE registration when you sent your NIN to 55019. With that, JAMB has imported your National ID card information into your JAMB profile. Hence, the information on your NIN is the same as that on your JAMB profile.

However, unlike the previous years' candidates, you weren't able to log in to that profile because there is a new method to be able to do that. You will learn about the new method in this post.

All UTME and DE Applicants Must Link Their Functioning Emails With Their Profile First

The new method requires all UTME and DE candidates to link their emails with their JAMB profile first using SMS platforms. This was because, during your JAMB UTME/DE registration, no candidate was asked to provide an email for the profile creation. Though you might have used email to buy PIN, that didn't mean you used email for the registration per se.

Hence, in other to log in to your profile, starting from the 2021/2022 admission year, you must now create an email if you don't have one already. Then, link it with your existing JAMB profile.

If you have one already, confirm, first, that you can successfully log in to that email before you use it for the activity below.

How to Link Your Working Email with Your JAMB Profile Using SMS

Below is the step-by-step guide to link your existing email to the JAMB Profile.

  1. On your mobile phone (using the line used to get your profile code), text as follows: "email your email your email" and send to 55019.
  2. For example, text Email [email protected] [email protected]
  3. Now, send it to 55019
  4. Note that the first word I typed was "email" followed by space, followed by your email, followed by space, and then email again
  5. In my case, it will look like, email [email protected] [email protected]
  6. After sending the message to 55019, your line will be debited at #50
  7. After this, log in to your email and look for an email message from JAMB
  8. The email message will contain a unique password that you will be using to log in to your JAMB profile.
  9. Now, visit Here, you will use the email and the password sent to you to log in.
  10. That's all!

How To Link Your Email to the JAMB Profile Using a CBT Centre

For some reasons,

  1. if you don't have the phone number used for the JAMB registration again
  2. if you don't have any phone to do the SMS or to access email
  3. or any other reasons, whatsoever, which may not make the SMS method work for you,

you can just use the service of any accredited CBT centre around you. This people will manually link your email with your JAMB profile and help access your email to retrieve the password to be sent to you.

How To Access CAPS After Linking Your Email to Your JAMB Profile

Of course, as soon as you log in to your CAPS as directed above, you're ultimately on your JAMB CAPS.

But in order to specifically proceed to the JAMB CAPS section inside your profile, follow the guide below.

  1. On your profile dashboard, scroll up to locate "Check Admission Status"
  2. On the next page, choose your year of admission and enter your JAMB registration number (if it's not already there).
  3. On this page, you can Access CAPS (by the left) or Check Admission Status (by the right). Since we're talking of CAPS checking now, click on the former.
  4. On the next page, you will see "Welcome" at the top of the page and other facilities by the left of the page.

NOTE: Those using phones should use Chrome here to see other facilities. Then, make sure you set your page to a desktop view. To do that, click on the three dots at the top or bottom corner of your browser. Then, choose the Desktop view. Your left side of the "welcome" will appear.

On Getting to Your CAPS Section, You Can Access The Following

Checking your JAMB CAPS, you will have access to the following facilities. Below are their meanings and how they can be of help.
  1. My Profile: This will show your basic bio-data including name, gender, date of birth, state of origin, and UTME score.
  2. My O'Level: This shows if your O'level results were truly uploaded by the CBT center you used.
  3. Admission Status: This is where you will see the school that offers (or will offer) you admission. There, you'll accept or reject the offer. See Institution and Course Not Showing (Blank) in CAPS? Reasons and Solutions
  4. Marketplace: If your main proposed school refuses to give you admission, JAMB may present you with a few other institutions with available spaces. Then, you're to accept or reject such an open offer in the marketplace. See JAMB Marketplace Gives You Admission to Other Universities
  5. Transfer Approval: Here is a place to know if your proposed first-choice institution is trying to offer you another course than what you proposed. If you accept, you will be offered the new course. If otherwise, you will remain with the old one. And your chance in the old one may not be that broad. See Is it Advisable to Accept Another Course Than The One I Applied For?

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  1. is there any other way apart from this

    1. The other way is to go to CBT center anywhere and do it manually.

  2. Does it work for 2015 Jamb registration number also

  3. I tried doing it from my phone it's showing me that I didn't register for 2021 jamb

    1. Make sure you use the very phone number you used for JAMB profile code when you're about to register for UTME back then.

    2. Mine is saying I didn't register for 2021 utme

    3. It's because you're using the phone number NOT USED for your JAMB. Use the line used to get JAMB profile code back then.

  4. Mine is refusing to access the caps

    1. Your point was nit rally clear. Try checking the post below. It may be of help.


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