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Will JAMB/School Send Admission SMS or Email to Me?

When candidates start to expect their admissions, they tend to ask how will their schools send admission notices to them. Will my school send me an SMS, call me or send email messages to inform me if admitted? Will JAMB send me notice of admission through phone or email?

When I gave you how to check your admission status on the JAMB and school portal, a few students also asked if they should be on the lookout for SMS or emails congratulating them on admissions.

This post will clear the air on whether your school or JAMB will inform you of the admission lists through email, SMS, or call.

JAMB Usually Sends SMS to Inform Candidates of Admissions

In case you don't know, JAMB has taken it upon itself to be sending SMS to candidates being offered admission by universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. We've seen several cases of students being sent SMS after school had offered them admissions.

However, this bonus, being offered by Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is not compulsory for the board. Hence, not all admitted candidates will be contacted by JAMB through SMS for admission news. Therefore, if you're not contacted, that doesn't mean you're not offered admission eetually.

There are other ways to know if you're offered admission which will be covered in the rest of the post.

It should be noted that if you receive an SMS from JAMB about your admission:

  1. no institution can reverse it or revoke the admission from you
  2. the admission may not yet be on the school portal but will surely be already on the JAMB CAPS
  3. you're required to login to your JAMB CAPS to accept or reject the offer

Not receiving SMS from JAMB doesn't imply that you won't gain admission even without SMS. Most candidates won't receive the SMS and still will find their offer active on CAPS if they just check.

Also, JAMB SMS may not be limited to a direct admission offer, the board usually sends SMS to inform candidates if their schools have decided to transfer them to other courses than they originally wanted.

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Very Many Institutions Won't Send SMS or Email About Admissions Offer

If I must give you a figure, I should say about 90% of Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education won't send email messages or SMS to their aspirants if offered admissions.

These institutions consider all aspirants as being familiar with the system of checking the admission status on the JAMB CAPS and on the school portal.

Of course, it's a norm that candidates should be regularly checking their CAPS and news conners of their schools' admission portals for updates on whether admission lists are out or not yet.

For example, the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro will always drop the admission list news on the news board on its website homepage. Very many schools will do the same. The Federal Polytechnic Ede, Obafemi Awolowo University, etc usually leave links right on the admission portals where candidates can click, enter their JAMB registration numbers, and check their status.

And for some others, candidates will have to be logging in to their individual admission portals and click on the dashboard link that says "CHECK ADMISSION STATUS" or simply, "CHECK STATUS". Such schools include the Kwara State Polytechnic, Kwara State University, Ladoke Akintola UniversityEkiti State University, etc.

It may be wise to know how your own institutions usually make their aspirants aware of their lists - through JAMB CAPS, schools' dedicated links, or news updates on the admission portals?

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A Very Few Schools Still Send SMS and Email to Update

The rest 10% (the fictitious figure) will, of course, go further to send candidates SMS and emails for the admission list updates. 

The Ogun State College of Health Technology usually sends email messages enlisting the numbers of candidates offered admissions.

ICT Gateway Polytechnic had been known for sending SMS to update aspirants when offered admissions. This is also common among most private-owned universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and Innovative Enterprise Institutes (IEI).

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Force-Check JAMB Admission Offer Through SMS

JAMB has launched an SMS shortcode for candidates to know their status directly through their phones. They don't need to login into their JAMB profiles again before knowing their status.

According to JAMB, to check your admission status on phone through SMS:

  1. Send STATUS 2021 to 55019/66019
  2. A confirmation message will enter your phone after being charged N50.
  3. This message should state if you're offered admission for the year or not. 
  4. And in case of any issues or errors, you're to contact JAMB through https://support.jamb.gov.ng

Candidates of the Schools Sending SMS or Emails Still Need the School Portal and CAPS Checking

Even though the laziest means to be checking your admission status or expecting the good news is through SMS and emails, every aspirant should know that checking on the school admission portal and JAMB CAPS is general. And these are the most conventional methods.

Hence, if you seek admission this year, even though your school may send you an admission alert on phone or through email, you still need to check the status on the school portal and the JAMB CAPS.

Don't forget, some SMS and email admission updates may be fake. Scammers are all around us. Hence, you must be careful in believing everything you see on your phone, online, or through email. 


If you use the conventional methods of checking directly on the school portal and JAMB CAPS, you will not end up accepting a fake admission. Remember that JAMB has warned aspirants not to accept fake admission i.e admission not given on CAPS.

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  1. The email address given to me by jamb is invalid what do I do?

  2. Accepted my admission on jamb but it's not reflecting in the school's portal to enable me sign up and pay the acceptance fee .. it's been a week now .. what should I do? Is there any other way I can pay the acceptance fee and can I still attend lectures?

    1. Go to school admission office to lodge the complaint. The will resole this.


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