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Accredited CBT Centres in the 36 States and FCT Abuja for 2019/2020 UTME

Where to Buy UTME PIN, Register for JAMB and Upload O’level Results Year in year out, JAMB does approve some computer Based test centres for all admission seekers to buy their UTME PIN, register and write their exams. Below is the list of approved ones for the year 2019/2020 admission.

There’s is need to give you a yearly list because some of the recently used centres might have been dis-accredited (delisted) by the exams body and new ones might have joined the league.

Visit the link for your state of interest.
FCT AbujaAbia StateAdamawa StateAkwa Ibom StateAnambra StateBauchi StateBayelsa StateBenue StateBorno StateCross River StateDelta StateEbonyi StateEdo StateEkiti StateEnugu StateGombe StateImo StateJigawa StateKaduna StateKano StateKatsina StateKebbi StateKogi StateKwara StateLagos StateNasarawa StateNiger StateOgun StateOndo StateOsun StateOyo StatePlateau StateRivers StateSokoto StateTaraba StateYobe StateZamfara State
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10 Things to Know About JAMB Change of Data, Institutions and Courses

JAMB Change of Data: Questions and Answers Are you considering change of institutions and/or courses after you have seen your JAMB UTME result? Are you bothered by some questions and need immediate answers? Then you have to read through these 10 questions and answers about JAMB yearly change of data, institutions and courses exercise.

Note that this list will continually be updated. Hence, you're advised to revisit this page or bookmark for future updates. You can as well subscribe to my regular unique posts. Also, feel free to ask new question not covered here. I'll provide answer to it as fast as we can.

1. What is change of data, institutions and courses? This is an exercise opened by Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) to allow candidates who had made some mistakes during UTME registration do some corrections.

Mistakes that can be corrected during this exercise include the name error (especially spelling mistakes), Gender?sex (male/female), date of birth, state and …

2019 UTME: List of Textbooks Recommended by JAMB for Music, Arabic, History and Art

RECOMMENDED TEXTS FOR 2019/2020 JAMB UTMEMusicAkpabot, S. E. (1986) Foundation of Nigerian Traditional Music, Ibadan: Spectrum.Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (1958) Rudiments and Theory of Music, London.Cole, W. (1969) The Form of Music, London: The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.Echezona, W. W. C. (1981) Nigerian Musical Instruments, Enugu: Apollo Publishing Ltd.Ekwueme, L. (1993) Choir Training and Choral Conducting for Africans, Lagos: Lenaus Advertising and Publishing Company.Holst, I. (1963) An ABC of Music, Oxford: Oxford University Press.Hosier, (1961) Instruments of the Orchestra Oxford: Oxford University Press.Hunt, R. (1960) Elements of Music.Inanga, A. (1993) Music for Secondary Schools Vols. I and II, Ibadan: Spectrum.Kamien, R. (1990) Music: An Appreciation, London: McGraw – Hill Publishing Company.Kennedy, M. (1985) The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music, (Third Edition), London: Oxford University Press.Kitson, C. H. (1978) Elementary Harm…

2019 UTME: List of Textbooks Recommended by JAMB for Accounts, Economics and Commerce

RECOMMENDED TEXTS FOR 2019/2020 JAMB UTMEPrinciple of AccountsAbdullahi D. Z. (2014) Modern Financial Accounting, Husab Global Press Concept Ltd.Adeifa O. Ajileye, J. O and Oluwasanna, R. O (2001) Get your Financial Accounting Right. Book One: Oyo, Tenlad Press International.Ajileye, J. O. and Adetifa O. (2001) Get your Financial Accounting Right, Book Two: Lagos: De Hadey Printing ServicesAkinduko, A. O (2001) Basic Accounting: Akure: SpetinsAwoyemi, E. O. (1989) A guide to Government Accounting and Internal Audit, Ibadan: Onibonje PressDodge, R. (2002) Foundation of Business Accounting, (Second Edition), Bershire: Chapman and HallEkwere, A. B. (1997) Contemporary Accounting, Abuja: Aflon Finance (Control and Management) Act 1959Ekwue K. C. (2010) Principles of Accounts, Book 1 & 2, Adson Publishing Company, OnitshaFemi L. (2013) Simplified and Amplified Financial AccountingFrankwood and Alan S. (2002) Frankwood’s Business Accounting, Prentice Hall International EditionHassan M.…

2019 UTME: List of Textbooks Recommended by JAMB for Agric, Geography and Home Economics

RECOMMENDED TEXTS FOR 2019/2020 JAMB UTMEAgricultural ScienceAdeniyi, M. O. et al (1999) Countdown to Senior Secondary Certificate Examination Agricultural Science, Ibadan: EvansAkinsanmi, A. O. (2000) Junior Secondary Agricultural Science, Uk: LongmanAkinsanmi, O. A. (2000) Senior Secondary Agricultural Science, Uk: LongmanAnthonio, Q. B. O. (1999) General Agriculture for West Africa, London: George AllenAre, L. A. et al (2010) Comprehensive Certificate Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary School,University Press Plc.Egbuna, C. K. et al (2014) Extension Modern Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools (2010), Extension PublicationEmmanuel C. A. (2003) A Dictionary of Agriculture, Benue: Agitab Publisher MakurdiFalusi, A. O. and Adeleye, I. O. A (2000) Agricultural Science for Junior Secondary Schools Books 1- 3, Ibadan: OnibonojeKomolafe, M. F. et al (2004) Agricultural Science for senior secondary Schools 1, 2 and 3, Ibadan: University Press Ltd.Komolafe, M. F. et al (…

Admission Merit, Catchment Areas and Educationally Less Developed States: Meaning and Differences

DIFFERENCES AMONG MERIT, CATCHMENT AREAS AND EDUCATIONALLY LESS DEVELOPED STATES AND HOW THEY AFFECT YOUR ADMISSION In short, you're on this page to know the meanings of Merit, Catchment areas and Educationally Less Developed States - all having to do with allocation of admission spaces for prospective candidates.

If you’ve been seeking admission for some years now, you could have come across all these terms. Let me show you what they are.

Before some schools will admit new admission seekers, they first divide their proposed lists into what they will give on merit, catchment areas and less educated states.

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Merit Admission List By merit, these are candidates whose scores meet or beat the departmental cut-off marks. Hence, such candidates can’t be limited by anything. Sure admission! This division is usually 45% of the entire admission list. This is in accordance with JAMB and Federal Government directive.
Catchment Area…

What to Do if Another/a Strange School Gives You Admission on JAMB CAPS

It is common lately that candidates seeking admission are being offered ones into different schools other than the ones chosen in UTME. In other words, when applicants check their admission status, they see a completely different school other than the one chosen in JAMB or the one they are expecting an admission from.

A related condition is when you actually chose a school but you prefer admission from another one. For example, you chose a university and a polytechnic in JAMB. You might have actually attempted the two schools’ post-UTMEs.

However, you prefer admission from the university instead of the polytechnic and vice versa.  You know, with all performance in your university’s post UTME that the school should give you admission but unfortunately, you got an offer from the polytechnic you prefer least or a private institution for that matter.

Then, what should you do in this situation?

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Why You Can Be …

2019 UTME: List of Textbooks Recommended by JAMB for Government, Literature, IRS and CRS

RECOMMENDED TEXTS FOR 2019/2020 JAMB UTMEGovernmentAdigwe, F (1985) Essentials of Government for West Africa, Ibadan: University Press Plc.Anifowose, R and Enemuo, F. C (eds)(1999) Elements of Politics, Lagos; Malthouse Press LimitedAppadorai, A. (1978) The Substance of Politics, London: Oxford University Press.Ball, A. R. (1983) Modern Politics and Government, London: macmillan.Ofoegbu, R. (1977) Government for the Certificate Year, London: George Allen and Unwin.Olawale, J. B (1987) New Topics on Ordinary Level Government, Ilesha: Jola Publishing.Oyediran, O. Nwosu, H., Takaya, B., Anifowoshe, R., Femi, B., Godwill, O. and Adigun, A. (1990) Government for Senior Secondary Schools, Books 1, 2 and 3, Ibadan: Longman.Oyeneye, I., Onyenwenu, M. and Olusunde, B. E. (2000) Round-Up Government for Senior Secondary School Certifcate Examination: A complete Guide, Ibadan: Longman.Oyovbaire, S., Oguna, A. E. C., Amucheazi, E. C., Coker, H. o. and Oshuntuyi, O. (2001) Countdown to Senior Seco…

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