How to Pay School Acceptance Fees and Tuition -


How to Pay School Acceptance Fees and Tuition

Paying the acceptance and school fees
As soon as you're offered admission, the first most likely question is - how will you pay the acceptance fee? And after that, the tuition or other fees such as medical, SUG due, departmental fees, etc.

It doesn't matter whether it's the JAMB that gave the admission before the school or the school before the board, you'll want to pay your acceptance fee before anything else. After all, once admission is accepted and the acceptance fee paid, candidates are 100% sure that no one can deprive them of the offers again.

Even as a part-time, sandwich, distance learning, direct entry, or pre-degree candidate, you still have to pay the acceptance and other fees. 

Though a few schools are dropping the idea of collecting the acceptance fees (e.g. OAU), it will take a decade before such a waiver will cut across all institutions in this country.

The question at hand, is, therefore, once offered admission, how will you be able to pay the acceptance fee? What are the steps or procedures to follow in order to pay the acceptance fee and tuition?

This post will answer these questions and shed light on some misunderstandings regards the payment of the fees right after being offered.

Payment of the Acceptance and School Fees Will be Made on the School Portal

In case you think you have to take your acceptance fee and tuition to school or a bank in the school, be informed that a majority of schools will accept their payment right through the school portal.

Mostly, all universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education have their own websites. It's most likely through this website you processed your admission in the first place. Hence, it's through the same portal, and you're to make the payment of the fees.

Where a school will use other means than through the school admission portal, they should clearly be written on the school portal as well. Hence, no school will accept payment through an individual person's account or an agent's. They will rather announce the school's bank account through which you can pay.

How to Pay Acceptance and School Fees through the School Portal

Having said that, you're in most cases, going to pay through your school portal, using the following steps should lead you rightly to a successful acceptance and school fee payment.

  1. Log in to your post-UTME or admission portal. This is usually the same link used to register your post-UTME or screening. You should have a username e.g. JAMB registration number and a password (used during the post-UTME/screening registration). You will need the two to access your own portal.
  2. Once logged in, check around your dashboard. The dashboard is the platform where you will have access to your submitted admission form, post-UTME result (if any), payment receipts, and notice of admission offer. Here, there should be instructions on the amount to pay for the acceptance or school fee, how to pay it, and more.
  3. Click on the link or button to make the payment. This should take you to where the amount is and another link that will take you to the payment platform that your school is using e.g. Remita, Webpay, Paystack, etc.
  4. There, you will fill in your ATM card number, the CVV2 number, expiry date, and PIN (this is not always required). With that, click "Pay or Get Token". A text message containing OTP will be sent to your phone. Enter this OTP in the box provided by the payment platform and Click "PAY".
  5. You should be debited now and be directed to the page or link to print your fee receipt. Print that for future reference. Your school will ask for that.


Where your school uses an online platform to accept payments of fees, the above should be the general steps involved. In fact, if your school's method will be any different, it shouldn't be that much. You don't have to pay into an individual's account or an agent's account. Be sure you use the online platform to make the payments except where a bank is stated and strictly with the school name on the bank details.

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