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School Chosen in JAMB, Do I Need to Buy Its Post UTME Form?

When the UTME is over and results are out, you start hearing about post UTME and screening forms.

Then, you are confused about whether there is a need to obtain the post UTME form of a school you'd already chosen in JAMB.

Let's get this clearer.

You chose about four institutions during UTME. Some candidates have, even, changed institutions and/or courses lately

Now, these students are aware they had these schools on their list of choices. Do they have to still obtain the post-UTME/screening forms of the chosen schools? 

After all, they had already been chosen in JAMB, was it still compulsory to obtain or buy another form for them? Or only the schools you didn't choose in JAMB that buying their post-UTME/screening forms will be necessary or compulsory?

Aiit, let's talk about it here!

Post UTME/Screening Form is Compulsory After UTME for Most Institutions

If I may pick by percentage, over 99% of schools (universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, schools of nursing - requesting JAMB), following the JAMB admission processes, will conduct post-UTME/Screening even though you'd ALREADY chosen them in UTME.

It's called the post-UTME if you will obtain their forms and write entrance exams. It's called the Screening if you will obtain their online forms online without entrance exams. My post, Post UTME/DE: Exam or Screening? has all the other differences you should know.

It won't matter whether you chose a school in JAMB or not, if you must process its admission, you must equally obtain its post-UTME/screening form.

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Some Institutions May Leave Their Admissions to JAMB Without the Post-UTME/Screening

I've heard and seen of a few schools that won't conduct post-UTME or ask you to obtain any online or offline screening form, before offering you admission, if you merit it.

Provided you'd chosen them during the JAMB UTME/DE registrations or you'd later changed to them, they can offer you admission almost automatically.


This set of schools is not many. We can categorize them under 1%.

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For example, schools such as Federal College of Agriculture, Moor Plantation, Ibadan, Oyo StateFederal Co-operative colleges Ibadan, Oyo State (they might have changed this method by the time you're reading this post though), schools that may offer you admission without choosing them in JAMB, etc.

The bottom line is that this set of schools leaves their admissions entirely to JAMB. Once, a student chose them in JAMB and meets or beats the school's or JAMB's cut-off mark, JAMB will just send them the lists of candidates that merit admission. And automatically, these will be the students offered admission by the schools too.

Similarly, a school can offer you admission without choosing them in JAMB or partaking in their post-UTME/screening exercises. This set of schools usually lacks patronage by admission seekers e.g. The LENS Polytechnic, Offa, Kwara State, The Ibadan City Polytechnic, Ibadan Oyo State, etc.

Hence, they ask JAMB for candidates who may merit their admission but are not offered admission by their targeted institutions. After this, they offer them admissions even though they were not chosen in JAMB or never obtained their post-UTME/screening forms.


Choosing a school in JAMB or during the change of institutions is not enough to gain admissions. In most cases, you're equally required to obtain its post-UTME/screening form, write the entrance exams, or even partake in the physical screening (for some schools), beat or meet their post-UTME/screening departmental cut-off mark before you can be admitted.

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