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How to Enter JAMB CAPS on Phones/Computers

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Let's get something clear. All admission seekers must regularly log on to JAMB CAPS to see the state of things. I explained these CAPS messages, their meanings together with what to do next previously.

Candidates will need to log into CAPS to know if their O'level, NCE, ND, IJMB, or  JUPEB results were truly uploaded to the JAMB portal. They need to log in to see if schools had offered them admissions or not. They need to check if all things are set for his admission this year.

The above and a few other reasons are why you should learn to log in to your JAMB Profile/CAPS.

But there are few things to know as well. Can you log into CAPS with your mobile phone? Do you need to visit a cafe to do that? Do you need the help of a CBT centre for activities on CAPS? Can you just use your personal computer (laptop) to access it?

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All these questions will be answered as well.

Let's take the questions first.

You can use your phones including any type of Android smartphones out there to access your JAMB CAPS. You can as well use the service of a cafe, CBT centre, or use a laptop of a brother of a friend. My thought is that if you need to access CAPS to regularly mentor things, you may need to get a smartphone for that. Visiting a cafe or a CBT centre for that may cost so much before you're finally offered admission.

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Another misconception is that you don't have to have a permanent place to log into your CAPS. Some candidates believe they can only use their personal phones or the one on which the phone number they used for JAMB is. No! You can use a friend's phone or laptop to log on and check your CAPS.

Now, the real deal.

JAMB CAPS is the Same as JAMB Efacility

Most candidates believe JAMB CAPS has a dedicated website different from the efacility they usually use. The website they claimed was The thing is, JAMB is longer using that to give access to CAPS for individual applicants. The link is available for the institutions' CAPs services. The same function is now accessible through your regular efacility. Efacility has many things to offer you. Among these is access to the JAMB CAPS.

To access your efacility/CAPS, visit Then, log in with your JAMB email and its password

Forget your password? I had covered how to reset your profile password.

Then, I gave you the newly recommended method JAMB gave to help you if you can't reset the profile or CAPS password.

Therefore, when you hear "JAMB profile", "JAMB efacility" or "JAMB CAPS", they literarily mean the same thing.

Enter JAMB Profile and Proceed to JAMB CAPS

As soon as log into your profile, you should use the method below to check your JAMB CAPS.
  1. On your profile dashboard, scroll up to locate "Check Admission Status"
  2. On the next page, choose your year of admission and enter your JAMB registration number (if it's not already there).
  3. On this page, you can Access CAPS (by the left) or Check Admission Status (by the right). Since we're talking of CAPS checking now, click on the former.
  4. On the next page, you will see "welcome" at the top of the page and other facilities by the left of the page.

NOTE: Those using phones should use Chrome here to see other facilities. Then, make sure you set your page to a desktop view. To do that, click on the three dots at the top or bottom corner of your browser. Then, choose the Desktop view. Your left side of the "welcome" will appear.

What You Can Do Immediately on Your CAPS

Checking your JAMB CAPS, you will have access to the following facilities. Below are their meanings and how they can be of help.
  1. My Profile: This will show your basic bio-data including name, gender, date of birth, state of origin, and UTME score.
  2. My O'Level: This shows if your O'level results were truly uploaded by the CBT centre you used.
  3. Admission Status: This is where you will see the school that offers (or will offer) you the admission. There, you'll accept or reject the offer. See Institution and Course Not Showing (Blank) in CAPS? Reasons and Solutions
  4. Marketplace: If your main proposed school refuses to give you admission, JAMB may present you with a few other institutions with available spaces. Then, you're to accept or reject such an open offer in the marketplace. See What JAMB and Schools Do When You Reject Admission on CAPS
  5. Transfer Approval: Here is a place to know if your proposed first choice institution is trying to offer you a new course. If you accept, you will be offered the new course. If otherwise, you will remain with the old one. And your chance in the old one may not be that broad. See Is it Advisable to Accept Another Course Than The One I Applied For?

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  1. Sir can I switch from Microbiology to theatre art in uniben after admission or 100 level?

    1. I don't think so because the two courses are far a part. While the former is a science course, the latter is a art course.

  2. I forgot the password to to my Email, of which I used in registering for jamb,i have tried to get the password back through different things but it isn't working,I can't even check my admission status,pls I need serious help

    1. You don't need the password to your email i order to check your admission status. You only need the email and the password for your JAMB profile to log into your CAPS and check.

      Also, to check admission on the school, you only need to log in to your admission portal or check list released on the website.

      Check this link below for how:


  3. i just realised that my cbt center didnt upload my o level result on jambs it too late for me.i applied for unilorin

  4. Please help me, I can't log in to my jamb profile as the email space is not editing for me to enter my email address. What do I do?

  5. I can't login into my jamb caps
    But admisson status saying not yet giving admission
    What should I do

    1. If you can't log in to CAPS, how did you see NOT YET ADMITTED?

  6. I am trying to login to the jamb site but it is telling me that invalid email-address or invalid password and am sure I wrote the right the pls sir what is the way out

    1. Click on reset password. Then, log in to your email to copy the new password to be sent to you.

  7. They said email address is no longer required for jamb 2021, but still can’t login my jamb portal because it keeps asking for email address...... sir what other methods can one use to login our jamb portal

    1. JAMB has not asked you to log in for this year yet. You need to wait for JAMB to give you the modality for this year registration.

  8. Email was not used this year for registration, does it mean will always have to go to CBT centers to do wat ever we need to do?

    1. No. It means you have to wait for JAMB to give you the new procedures for other admission activities for the 2021. Patience! I will update too.

  9. My jamb caps is showing admission is being processed ND my school will soon start lectures

  10. The drop down list dat appears in my profile has 2020 and the registration number box have my last year reg number.ive been trying to change it but it's not editing .. please help me sir

    1. Visit the nearest JAMB office or CBT centre. They can handle that for you.


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