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My name is Tolani.

I'm an education consultant with about two decades of experience in education and admission in Nigeria.

From me, you can get answers to any of your questions without searching the whole internet or the entire blog.

For just #1000, ask any question on education, admissions, career, etc.

I will provide you with a succinct and correct answer possible within minutes.


  1. My replies will answer your questions as directly as possible. 
  2. Two questions at most will be attended to for every payment. 
  3. I use my personal and professional experience to answer your questions. 
  4. I may outsource recourses to help you further if I deem it necessary. 
  5. I guarantee the correctness of all replies given to your questions, however, I'm not liable for any gain or loss as a result of using them.

How to Ask Your Questions and Pay

  1. Send a message to me at [email protected] or WhatsApp at 08065152292 (WhatsApp only please!)
  2. Pay to 3048517848, TIJANI MUTIU TOLANI, FIRSTBANK
  3. Send your question together with evidence of the payment.
  4. Once confirmed, you will be replied to through your email or WhatsApp (as you wish).
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