Online Method To Book Appointment With JAMB -

Online Method To Book Appointment With JAMB

Candidates can book appointments online with JAMB for activities like changing courses or correcting personal details by visiting the JAMB support link, creating a support ticket, providing necessary information, and then receiving SMS notifications with their appointment details, thereby avoiding unnecessary trips and delays.

Some candidates have visited the JAMB office for some activities such as change of courses and/or institutions, names, correction of date of birth, upgrading or conversion of UTME to DE to find out they'd to be given appointments to come back a few days, or weeks later.

Had they known how to book appointments with JAMB online, they wouldn't have wasted their time and money visiting the offices without achieving their aims.

I'd once guided on booking an appointment using a phone through *55019#. That was a few years ago. JAMB doesn't seem to be using that method again. And if that's still working, this new method of booking online will remain working as well.

This is booking an appointment with JAMB online!

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Step-By-Step Guide To Book Appoint Online with JAMB

  1. Visit the JAMB support link
  2. Under the "Candidate/General Support Ticket", click, "Create Support Ticket"
  3. A prompt will be up to ask you, "If you are a candidate with a JAMB registration number please click "Yes". Else click "NO". So, click the right option!
  4. A form will open up for you to fill out. Supply all the information required including a functioning email, phone number
  5. Under the Nature of Complaint,  choose "BOOKING OF APPOINTMENT"
  6. For the Subject, write "Request For Appointment"
  7. In the message, write the nature of your complaint or why you need the appointment. Be clear and brief with your message. They don't have time to read long letters. Include your location e.g. state of residence, local government/town of residence, etc. This will help them to give you an appointment with the right office.
  8. If there is any affected document, you can scan/snap and attach that to your form under the "Attachment"
  9. Then, click "Send" to submit your request.

After Requesting an Appointment With JAMB

At this point, you should expect an SMS notification from JAMB. The SMS will include a link that, if you click on it, will take you to your ticket page detailing what you sent to them.

A few hours or days after this, you will receive another SMS containing a new link. Clicking on the link will take you to the response to your ticket.

There, they will give you the date, time, and a particular office to go to for your complaint, registration, or whatever the appointment was about.

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