Am To Wait For JAMB SMS For All Activities? -

Am To Wait For JAMB SMS For All Activities?

A student recently contacted me to inquire if the JAMB mock slips were available for printing. I confirmed they were, at that time. However, she said she would wait for a JAMB SMS before proceeding to print the slip.

This conversation highlighted a misunderstanding. I sensed that many students might be confused about JAMB sending SMS notifications for every update to applicants. Hence, in this post, I aim to clarify the situation regarding these text message things.

Will JAMB send text messages to candidates for every update? Do students need to wait for a JAMB SMS before taking any action or before believing any information they hear?

JAMB Won't Send You SMS on All Occasions

While JAMB does send SMS notifications (which we'll discuss shortly), it doesn't do so for all occasions. It's important to note that for the scenarios listed below, you should not expect any text messages from the board:

  1. Reprinting of the exam slips for JAMB mock
  2. Reprinting of the exam slips for UTME or DE CBT
  3. Printing of JAMB results on the board's portal
  4. When your school begins selling post UTME/screening forms

Under no circumstances should you wait to receive an official SMS from JAMB when it's time for any of the above-mentioned events. The board does not follow such a practice!

Therefore, for any of these cases, stay alert for news and updates from blogs, friends, colleagues, or by following the board on its official social channels. Once it's time for the printing of the exam slips and JAMB results, they will share updates there. Also, your proposed school's official admission portal is the right place to check, from time to time, to know when the post UTME form is available, among others.

JAMB Will Send SMS on a Few Occasions

There are certain situations when you will receive an SMS from JAMB. For instance, if you check your results using the SMS method, you'll definitely receive your result via SMS. Other instances include if your proposed school transfers you to another course than you originally applied for, or when you are eventually offered admission, so you can accept it on the JAMB portal and print the JAMB admission letters.

In summary, you can expect SMS from JAMB for:

  1. The result of your JAMB UTME/DE
  2. When transferred to another course
  3. When offered admission

However, experience has shown that not all students will be contacted through SMS for any of the above. If you're lucky, you may receive such an SMS. Otherwise, you may receive your updates through email, especially for the transfer approval and eventually the admission offer.

If you're not fortunate enough to receive both SMS and email, your approach should be to follow up directly using your JAMB portal. Candidates have access to their portal to monitor anything regarding their admission without necessarily waiting for JAMB SMS or email.


While JAMB does utilize SMS notifications for specific updates such as results, course transfers, and admission offers, it is not a universal method for all JAMB-related communications. Hence, you should not rely solely on receiving SMS for every update. 

It's important to proactively check JAMB's official social media channels, your proposed school's admission portal, and your JAMB portal for the most timely and accurate information regarding exam slips, results, and admission processes. Staying informed through these channels will ensure you don't miss any critical updates or deadlines.

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