What is JAMB Email and/or JAMB Password?

When it's time to monitor the progress of your admission through JAMB CAPS, you'll need your JAMB email and JAMB password.

Activities such as printing of original JAMB result, acceptance of the transfer of admission, accepting your admission eventually, and printing your JAMB admission letter will call for using the JAMB email and JAMB password.

Don't let it confuse you if it's called the JAMB profile email and profile password. I've solved this post in my post, "How To Know If My JAMB Profile Was Created".

In this post, you will not only understand what JAMB email and its password are, but you'll also understand how to get them.

JAMB Email May Still be Your Regular Email

When you went to register your JAMB UTME or DE, at the CBT center of the JAMB office, they asked for your email, remember?

Some candidates already had their emails created before the JAMB form was out in the first place. They still wanted to use the same emails for their JAMB too. So, they gave those old emails for their UTME/DE registration.

If you did that and you're asked for your JAMB email now, it's the same old email you submitted for your JAMB registration too. If you want to remember that email you used for JAMB or you're not sure if you use any, read the post, "How to Know My Email is Linked to JAMB Portal?"

On the other hand, some candidates, though might have emails before JAMB, yet for the purpose of UTME/DE, they decided to create new emails. Then, they submitted that for their registrations.

In their own case, the newly created emails submitted for JAMB UTME/DE registration were their JAMB emails if asked for.

In fact, some candidates didn't submit their emails for the JAMB registration when they went for the registrations. Some didn't have any email back then, some had but was not used by the CBT for the registration. Then, they later went to any CBT center to link their emails with the JAMB portal.

If you didn't use email for the JAMB UTME/DE and never went back to link it, you can still do that right now. It's not too late!

With this linking, when asked for, the email linked is your JAMB email - be it the old email or a newly created and/or linked one.

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JAMB Password Is Sent To Your Email or Phone

Your JAMB password will be given to you by JAMB itself. That's different from the email password you picked when creating your email. The email could be the same but the password to the JAMB portal would be collected from JAMB. Therefore, in most cases, your JAMB password is not the same as your email password.

There are three ways to get the password from JAMB.

  1. You can check your email inbox or spam for a message sent to you on the day you want for the JAMB registration. That message will contain the JAMB portal password. It looks like "cand10fa23"
  2. You can get it by resetting it using the "reset password" option on the JAMB portal. With this method, a password will be sent to the email used for JAMB or the one you lined up later
  3. Also, you have the SMS method to get the password through the same line/SIM used during the  JAMB registration.

You Can Now Log in to the JAMB Portal With The Two

Now that you understand your JAMB email (which can be the same as your regular email or another one specifically created for JAMB) and how to get your JAMB password, you can follow the steps below to use them to log in to your JAMB portal.

1. Visit https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/Home. The page will display as below.

2. After that, enter the email and the password. Then, submit it to log in

3. Now, you are in. You can now do anything you'd like within your JAMB portal.


While trying to access your JAMB portal, you may mistake in your email (but not common). Some candidates can mix up their email password for the JAMB's password. It's not usually the same except you later change that yourself. JAMB decides the password to your JAMB portal!

This post should have clearly set the difference for you and must have let you understand one of the reasons you might have issues logging into your JAMB portal.

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