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Saturday, 15 February 2020

10 Things to Know About JAMB Change of Institutions/Courses


Are you considering the change of institutions and/or courses before or after you have seen your JAMB UTME result? Are you bothered by some questions and need immediate answers? Then you have to read through these 10 questions and answers about JAMB yearly change of data, institutions and courses exercise.

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1. What is the change of data, institutions and courses?

This is an exercise opened by Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) to allow candidates who had made some mistakes during UTME registration do some corrections.

You're allowed to change courses or institutions earlier chosen.  This you can do as many times as possible.

Candidate can change institutions and courses if a school has already offered him or her a course different from the one chosen in UTME.In this case, the candidate will be instructed to effect a change of course to the new course before printing JAMB admission letters.

Other mistakes that can be corrected during this exercise include the name error (especially spelling mistakes), Gender (male/female), date of birth, state and local government.


2. Is it compulsory to do a change of institutions and courses?


Unless you deem it needed for your admission, you don’t have to do any change of data, institutions and courses.

Where you think if you don’t change, it may affect your admission, consider doing it.

For instance, if you score less mark than your school/course of choice will consider, it's advisable you change to school/course that accepts the score you have. See Universities/Polytechnics You Can Change To With Lower Marks.

A similar instance is if your proposed institution takes catchment areas serious in her admission selection. You may want to consider changing your local government to the one favored by them. Don't choose a local government you're not sure you can get her state of origin certificate or identification letter.

There may be the need to do a change of date of birth if you think your current age may affect you in the future e.g for NYSC mobilization, employment purpose and so on.

3. Can I do correction of name, if I (they) make spelling mistakes during UTME registration?


JAMB allows you to do a change of name on her website through your JAMB profile.

You will need to pay #2500 online for this service.

In case of correction of name, you may be required to submit your UTME printout and birth certificate to JAMB branch office before it can be effected. This correction is, for now, allowed only at JAMB offices.

If however, you noticed the error in your names before going for the registration at CBT centre, send CORRECT (space) FULL NAMES to 55019. Use the same mobile line used to get your profile code. It will be corrected and the system will send you a response. You can now proceed to the registration centre.

See also: JAMB Change of Institutions and Courses: Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education to Change to.

4. How do I change institutions and courses? Do I need to go back to JAMB CBT centre?

First, you don’t need to go to CBT center for any changes. You can do it at a nearby internet café or on your personal computer. The only case that can take you back to CBT center is if an option is not made available in your JAMB profile. Cases like a change of name, date of birth or JAMB subject combination may take you back to CBT centre or better, JAMB office.

Meanwhile, you can access your you profile yourself or at a cafe. But if the closest place is CBT center, they will equally attend to you.

To do the changes:
  1. Log into your JAMB profile with JAMB profile email and its password.
  2. Locate the current year (or the year you want to effect) change of data link
  3. Choose that and follow the next instructions to make the payment and effect the changes.
You will pay #2500 using your ATM card through Remita platform. So, get ready with your card – especially MasterCard.

See also: Issues with JAMB Form, Change of Institution, Admission Letter or Result Payments and So on.

5. How many times I am allowed to effect Changes?

In the past, you’re allowed only TWICE. Starting from the 2019/2020 admission year, you can change as many times as you want. This will require a separate payment for each time. I discussed this fully in my post, "How to Change Institutions/Courses the Third Time or More. See Guide!"

If it’s the change of name, date of birth, gender, local government or state; you’re only allowed ONCE.

6. How many institutions and courses can I be able to Alter?

You can alter all institutions and all courses.

You have four institutions and four courses. All of them can be altered to new one at the same price of N2,500.

7. Do I have to pay separate money for change of institution and another for change of courses?


The #2,500 you pay will be used to alter any (or all) institutions together with any (all) courses.

In other words, you don't have to pay separately for each change. One payment effect all. Once your change(s) is/are submitted, you will need to pay another N2,500 for a new change.

If however, you want to change names, date of birth, state, etc, a separate payment for each. Read: Change of Institutions/Courses Payment: Is the Money for All or Separate Charge Needed?

8. Do I have to print anything after completing the Change of Institutitons/courses registration?


You may have a confirmation page to print. This page will display your previous choices above, and new choices below.

9. Do I need this print-out for Admission?


You don’t need it. Unless they ask for it, never should you give or submit it to any school.

Instead, reprint your JAMB result (the original one) to display your new choices.

10. Will the new schools know that I didn’t choose them initially or during UTME registration?


JAMB will not send a list of students that chose a school to her until the change of institutions is closed.

However, if you do your change of institutions late, the school may know, especially if JAMB is sending lists of students to them in batches.

That’s why it is advisable to do your changes on time. However, that is not going to affect the decision of your school on your admission. Don't panic.

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  3. Can I do correction of name after post utme

    1. Yes you can. You can do that at JAMB office so that it will reflect on your JAMB admission letter and original JAMB result.

  4. Sir I did my change of choice on 31st of August for yabatech but has not reflected and it will be closing on 2nd of September

    1. Check back before the closing hour. You should be able to do your registration.

      If the school will not accept your changes, JAMB could have disable change of institution to that school in the first place.

      I advise keep checking until the last minute.

      It closed without success, be on the lookout for extension.

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      I detailed this there. Use the search box at top of this blog.

      Wishing you luck.