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How To Defer NYSC Service To Next Batch/Stream

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I’ve met a few prospective corps members who want to defer their services. They’ve been mobilized for NYSC, yet they didn’t want to go for service for now. What do you do if you find yourself in this situation?

Let’s assume you’ve been mobilized for Batch A but you prefer to go for Batch B instead. Is it possible? Won’t that affect your service? Will you still be remobilized if you miss your own time?  mean, if you miss your NYSC posting time or batch, what do you do? Are there any sanctions or punishments for deferring NYSC till later?

This post will answer these questions. Let’s ride on.

You’ve Registered for NYSC But You Didn’t Want to Go With This Batch

The best way to defer your NYSC is not to register for it in the first place until you’re ready. But if you’ve done the registration with your green card printed, no going back. You just have to be mobilized.

You may be lucky if a batch is divided into two i.e stream 1 and 2. If by any chance, NYSC schedules you to stream 2, then you’re so lucky. But what if you’re sent with the batch stream 1? Is there any hope of deferring things to stream 2 or the next batch?

You Can Defer Your Service If Mobilized to Next Batch

It’s very possible to do this.

In order to achieve this, you just won’t go camping for the batch you’re mobilized with.

There is nothing bad about that. A pregnant woman who just delivered, after being mobilized, is not expected to resume camping. Someone who fell very sick after being mobilized is not expected at camp as well.

Of course, there are more reasons one may choose not to go to service after being mobilized. NYSC has such, made provisions for that without sanctioning the victims.

So what do you do? Do you have to leave the call-up letter unprinted? Do you have to reregister for NYSC in the next or desired batch?

Well, you can still print your green card or leave it online. Just don’t go camping. 

Hence, when the next batch registration starts, and you’re ready to go, you won’t need to register afresh for NYSC. You will visit your NYSC dashboard. Then, you’ll need REVALIDATION instead of REGISTRATION.

Clicking on REVALIDATION will take you to your dashboard and you’ll be taken to the last stage of NYSC registration (where the 4 states are presented to you). Pick your intended states again. You can pick the same states you chose during the last registration or consider a new set of states.

Then, submit. When the new batch members are been mobilized, you will be mobilized along with them without any punishment waiting for you at camp or anywhere.

Deferring Service to Next Stream May Not Work All Times

This is possible too but not as often.

Let’s break things down.

Dele is mobilized for Batch C stream 1. Then, he doesn't go camping hoping that he will be mobilized with steam 2.

Now, let’s see where this can work and where it can't.

First, note that those that will be mobilized for stream 1 and 2 did the registration together (at the same time). Then, NYSC split them into two. While stream 1 is able to print letters for mobilization, stream 2 has to wait till a certain date to be able to print their letters and proceed to camp.

If NYSC decides to open registration for more schools to register their students so they can go with stream 2, it will favor Dele. Hence, when the registration is opened, he can also do his REVALIDATION.

If no new or urgent opening of registration for schools before the stream 2 date, Dele won’t be favored with the stream. He’ll have to wait till the next batch when a new registration opens.

What If you Will Be Overaged By Next Batch?

A situation that calls for attention again is if you’re by now very close to 30 which is the maximum age for NYSC. Won't that affect you if you must defer to the next batch or stream?

For example, Dele will be 30 years and 2 months by next batch but he wishes to defer. He can definitely serve if he goes with the batch C which he was originally mobilized for. But a few months later than 30 should affect his service?

The answer is NO.

NYSC reckons with year and date of mobilization, not the date of being on camp or being posted. In other words, once you’ve been mobilized at the right age and date, deferring service beyond this age will not stop you from going to service.

If you’re mobilized for service this year and for whatever reason, you can’t go to service until you're above 30, you will still be allowed to serve.

The same is applicable to you if your name has been sent for NYSC in the senate list but due to some issues, you had to be delayed till you’re overaged.

In fact, during the registration for NYSC, you'll find the year of your mobilization on the portal instead of the date/year at which you’re registering.

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