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Get JAMB Profile Code or Recover a Lost Code (2020/2021)

3 Easiest Methods to Check, Receive or Recover a Lost JAMB Profile Code
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If you're just registering JAMB UTME or DE for the first time, you need to get your profile/confirmation code for the first time. Hence, you should read this post, "JAMB UTME/DE Form is Out. How to Register Step By Step" or "JAMB UTME/DE: Answers to the Questions Bothering Admission Seekers".

If you're here to get your password to the JAMB portal or profile password, use this guide instead.

This post is meant for those who had completed their JAMB registrations but need their profile codes later.

I have received lots of questions - all surrounding how to recover a lost JAMB profile code. This is because CBT centres or JAMB offices are asking for these codes in order to access candidates' portal to upload their O'level results - especially those who had earlier used awaiting results.
What is certain is that CBT centres may need it before helping you do anything in your JAMB account.

If you had registered for JAMB in the recent years and now you need to get your lost profile code back, then continue to read this post to the end.

My blog has got a series of search queries lately thereby leading to giving you three-sure methods to recover your lost code:
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What's a JAMB Profile Code?

In case you don't know what profile code is. This is a one-time number that will be sent to you when you begin your UTME?DE registration.

Remember when you wanted to buy your JAMB form/PIN, you would send your full names to 55019 as SMS. Then a message was delivered to your phone with a set of numbers. The number was a ten-digit code e.g. 49251**931.

That's your profile code.

Some candidates have lost their phones together with this SMS. Some had mistakenly deleted the code/SMS off their phones.

So how will you solve this problem?

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1. Request JAMB Profile Code Again

Send a text message, "RESEND" to "55019" on the same line you used to get the message the first time.

If you'd lost your SIM/line, you will need to do WELCOME BACK for the SIM. This is the only way out if you must get it back using this method. Then, send the SMS after your line is ready.

Note that, this will charge you #50 for the retrieval before you can get the code back. In other words, ensure you have at least #50 on your account before sending the SMS.

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2. Locate the JAMB Profile Code in Your Account

This is easier and cost-free.
  1. Visit JAMB e-facility portal
  2. Log in to your candidate's profile with your JAMB profile email and its password 
  3. This will take you to your Dashboard. Here you will see at the top "Hello! Welcome Back, Joel Joe Joe... Registration Profile Code: 49251**931

Locate JAMB Profile Code in your Account
See where the code is on this JAMB account
That's it.

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3. Check for JAMB Profile code in Your Email Inbox/Spam

Just recently, JAMB has made it possible for you to get your profile code sent to your email while you're creating your profile.

Check for JAMB Profile code in Your Email Inbox/Spam
See the profile code within an email message

In order to check for your profile code in the email:
  1. Log in to your email you used while creating the profile or used for your JAMB registration
  2. Locate the message sent to you that very day.
  3. If you'd already got a lot of messages that, it becomes difficult for you to see the JAMB's ones, use the search box inside your email dashboard. Type in "JAMB" and hit the enter key (search). This will return only a few messages you got from JAMB or that has to do with JAMB. Then, check for the right one. 
  4. The message that contains the profile code will look like the one above.

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  1. Plz I need to upload my result what is required for me to do

  2. O'level results and/or A'level result plus your JAMB profile code. Read more below.

  3. Please I lose my phone, Sim, and my file with all necessary things for jamb what am I supposed to do to get all my jamb information bsck

    1. Do welcome back to get the SIM back. You still get you JAMB registration slip inside your email. You can print JAMB result direct the JAMB portal or through your JAMB profile.

    2. If there is no means for welcome back sim... What would be my next step

  4. Please ok lost my data correction print out how can I retrieve it?

    1. Follow the guide in the post with the link below.

  5. I lost my sim and no detail to retrieve the sim

    1. There is no other ways around that. You may just need your National or Voter's Card, a few numbers you call or that call you, correct names for the registration, date of purchase and when it got lost. With these details, your provider may still retrieve it with you.

  6. I created a new jamb portal profile but I did not wrong. It's invalid, like am not recognized as a candidate. Is there a way I can delete it? Coz I tried opening a new one but I can't because my gmail was used for d last invalid one. I don't know what to do now

    1. If all you wanted to do was to create JAMB profile, you can just open a new email and use that.

    2. I used this same number to register for jamb and I want to get my profile code it’s not sending it

    3. Is it the OTP for change of data you want or the code used for JAMB UTME registration? Make sure you answer this question correctly.

  7. I wanted to upload my results but couldnt find my profile code i sent RESEND to retrieve it but the number sent to me didn't follow the format 42531....931. What do you suggest i do pls

    1. Log in to your JAMB profile. The code is at the top of your dashboard.

    2. I want to get my jamb profile code back ???
      Help plss

  8. Please sir how can I retrieve my lost DE registration number?

    1. Check your email for the JAMB message sent to you on the very day of the registration. It should contain your registration slip.

  9. I can't log in to my jamb profile because I lost my password and email and I have no other means of recovering the email account.
    How do I go about this I need help urgently.

    1. To get your email back, use the link below to reprint your JAMB exams slip. The email is on it.

      To get a new JMAB password, send "PASSWORD" (space) "EMAIL" to 55019.

      Full guide below.

  10. Please,help me the gmail I use for jamb is not correct,so I create another Gmail and open another jamb portal but can't find my profile code

    1. You have to use the same profile used for your JAMB if you must do anything regards your JAMB. Not a new email.

  11. I wants to login into my jamb profile to get my profile code I typed my email and the password I used to create the email on my jamb profile but it showing incorrect email or password when the stuff are correct

    1. Use on of the other methods explained in this post.


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