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O'level Result Uploaded Last Year, Must I Upload This Year?

This question will come from any admission seeker who has uploaded his or her results to the JAMB portal in the previous admission year.

Do I still need to upload my O'level results to the JAMB portal having uploaded it for the last year?

Let me explain!

A student uploaded his O'level result to the JAMB portal in 2022. He proceeded with admission for that year but was not offered admission eventually.

He picked up another JAMB for 2023. As a custom, it's important to upload O'level results (for UTME candidates) or O'level and A'level results (for the DE candidates).

The question now is, should bother to upload his results again or be rest assured that the last year's uploaded will be used for this year's admission?

In this post, let's address this concern.

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Results Must Be Uploaded For Each Year You Process Admission

Yes, the fact that you uploaded your results to the JAMB portal last year doesn't mean you don't have to worry or bother to do the same this year. 

Last year's uploaded results won't be used for this year as the system is designed in such a way that whatever you do on your JAMB portal last year will remain with the last year's section of the portal while whatever you do this year will be active for this year section of the portal (except for the profile details e.g. Name, date of birth, gender, State and LGA).

Hence, if you've not done that for this year, kindly do that without wasting time.

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How Your JAMB Portal Looks With The Uploaded Results

After telling a student that it's compulsory to upload the result to the JAMB portal for every year he processes admission, he was skeptical until I showed him this. If you're unsure too, let me give you the same pills.

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First, log in to your JAMB portal and view the last year's JAMB portal section. Of course, you're using the same JAMB portal. But, you'll change the years, in the option, to go to the appropriate year.

The uploaded result shows for 2022 it was uploaded for. But changing the year to 2023 on the JAMB portal, to check for this year, the page shows, "O'level details not found!"

This simply means, the 2022 upload won't represent the 2023 upload. You're uploading for the current year too!

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Although it's smart to assume that JAMB could have used the last year's upload for this year's admission, if you think about a few students that will want to change their results or add second sittings, you'll understand why that won't be allowed.

In short, don't assume that the last uploaded result will work for the current year's admission, it's something you must do each year.

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