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No Exams Date on Registration Slip: Will I Know My Date?

After registering JAMB, you won't see your exam date on the slip. After registering for post-UTME or screening, you might not see the exam dates on the slips. In fact, after registering for some schools of nursing or health colleges, you might not see the exam date on your slips.

So, how will you know when to sit for the exam? Will there be time to reprint the exam schedule or slips? Is the issue personal to your own registration or it's general?

This was why a student seeking admission into the School of Nursing, UCH Ibadan contacted me to complain about not seeing the exam date on his slips. He wanted to know if something was wrong with the registration or if there was something he was missing.

My answer is conveyed in this post. In addition, I will cover more including why the JAMB slip doesn't have the exam date and your past UTME slip does not show the exam dates.

Some Schools Already Announced Exams Date in Their Adverts

Before a school starts selling forms, it usually releases official advertisements to the public. In this advert, some of these schools might have even announced their exam dates.

It's possible that you're not just aware of such an early advert. If you check the poster, flyer, newspaper publication, or website announcement, such dates might have been announced.

Hence, the school or exam body might not bother to include those dates on your printout after the registration. For example, the School of Nursing, UCH Ibadan, in the question above, usually includes the date in the advert. So, when candidates fill out the forms, they don't have the state again on their slips.

UCH Ibadan School of Nursing advert

Similarly, the University of Ilesa registration slip doesn't have the exam date dates on the slips because it's already been announced on the advert flyer.

In this kind of situation, if you can't see the exam date on the registration slips, make sure you check the school portal or any prior advert to be sure it's not earlier announced. If the exam will be held only for a day, all students must be on campus for the exam on that specific date.

If The Exam Won't Hold For Just A Day, Expect Reprint

Even in the situation above or similar ones, if the exam dates are more than one day, you should expect a reprint before the exam's first date. For example, if a school will use two or more days for the exam, students will be scheduled on different dates. 

So, how do you know your own date? By reprinting the exam slips later after the registration. The school should announce the date to reprint. For example, the OAUTHC School of Nursing will ask its applicants to print a day to the first schedule to know if they fall into day 1, day 2, or day 3.

If however no date is announced to reprint, return to your application portal about two days before the first exam date. Check for reprint. If available, reprint to know your own scheduled date.

JAMB UTME exam dates fall under this category too. After UTME, no date will be on the registration slip for you to know your exam date. You'll have to wait for a future date that will be announced by JAMB to reprint your slip. During this period, you'll return to the portal, and reprint your slip to know the date of your own exam.

Some Schools Won't Write Post-UTME, So No Dates Needed

In the case of post-UTME/screening registration, if your slip doesn't carry the date for an exam or physical screening and no date is announced in the advert or on the portal, it's possible there won't be any exam in the first place.

Yes, some schools won't conduct exams. We've schools such as the Osun State University (UNIOSUN), Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH), Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE), Ekiti State University (EKSU) Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba (AAUA), University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID), Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB) among others that won't conduct any entrance exams or physical screening.

In this case, the schools do what is called "online screening". With that, they only consider their applicants for admission by using their O'level results grades and JAMB scores. After the online registration, your slips won't contain any date for an exam or scheduled dates for any physical screening. Just await the printing of the screening result. You'll be offered admission without leaving home for any exams.

Where a school will call for physical screening (e.g. Osun State Polytechnic Iree, Osun State Polytechnic, Esa Oka, etc.), you'll see an announcement on the portal immediately after the online registration closes or before that detailing the dates scheduled for candidates to be on campus for their physical screening.


Schools often announce exam dates in their official advertisements or on their websites well in advance. If you can't find your exam date on your registration slip, take the time to check the school's portal or previous adverts. In cases where exams are scheduled over multiple days, a reprint of your slip will be necessary, and the school should provide instructions on when to do so. 

Patience is key, especially for JAMB UTME candidates who will also need to wait for an announcement by JAMB to reprint their slips. Keep in mind that not all schools conduct traditional entrance exams, as some opt for online screenings based on academic records. Understanding these practices will help alleviate any concerns about missing exam dates on registration slips, ensuring a smoother admission process.

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