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JAMB CAPS (2020): 7 Status Messages, Meanings and What Next

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You're the right page if you want to know the meanings of "admission in progress", the meaning of "not admitted" meaning of "sorry no admission is given yet.

Now that all is set for this year admission exercise, you need to know that JAMB is now in charge of giving you admission. JAMB will use the system called CAPS to give you admission.

Read, UTME is Over! What Admission Aspirants Should Be Expecting in Few Weeks to get the idea of the next stages in admission after you'd checked your UTME result. Also, note that this same information affects the Direct entry admission aspirants.

So what’s this System? How does it affect you? What are the modalities? How will you know if you’ve been given admission through it? And more …

What is the JAMB CAPS?

In full, it is Central Admission Processing System. This system is devised by JAMB to monitor the admission progress of all admission seekers.

So, how does it work?

The primary purpose of this mechanism is to monitor your admission by JAMB so that schools don’t deprive your offer when you merit one.

JAMB gives you regular access to your profile so you can see how things are going between your proposed institutions and the body.

First, do you remember that you created a profile during the UTME registration exercise? You will need this from now till you’re finally given admission – even after.

That’s how CAPS comes in.

Now that you have your profile handy, let’s me work you through how you will use it to access your CAPS.

See: What JAMB and Schools Do When you Reject Admission on CAPS

Do you forget your profile details? Reset JAMB Profile Password

If you can’t access your profile again because you forgot the password, kindly reset your password.
  1. Follow the link below for your profile.
  2. A password reset link will be sent to the email you used during UTME registration.
  3. Click the link in your email
  4. A new page will be opened to enter a new password
  5. Enter a new password you won’t forget and submit.

That’s all.

Now re-login to see that the new password is working with your profile.

Now that you’re able to log into your JAMB profile, you should be able to see CAPS at a corner side of your profile dashboard.

NOTE: This CAPS link will only show when the admission processes start not before then. So if you don’t find it there right now, it may mean the admission process has not started from the JAMB end – kindly check back.

Then click the status link to see your fate.

You need to be able to interpret different messages that will be displayed to you as soon as you check your status.

Below is the list of those messages and their interpretation or meaning.

Understand What CAPS Status Messages Mean

1. CAPS “Welcome”

Some candidates complain what they see on their profiles is only the word “Welcome” and nothing more.

Interpretation. Your device can’t display more contents than that. In other words, you should know that the page shows you more than the word “welcome”. But if that happens to you, your device (usually a phone) can’t show you the rest details.

What to do next. Change your device and log in again. I advise you to use a computer to check.

You can also mark the "Desktop Site" box in your browser setting to see the page in the standard desktop view. Using a Google chrome browser will help here. Just check for Desktop view under the browser settings and check that to adapt your page to a desktop-like view.

See: What to Do If Your JAMB CAPS Does Not Show your Details

2. CAPS “Not Admitted”

This is a message to tell you that no school has offered you admission yet. In most cases, the space for institutions and courses will be empty or blank.

Interpretation. It doesn’t mean you won’t be given admission. It only shows no admission is yet to be given by any school. See Institution and Course Not Showing (Blank) in CAPS? Reasons and Solutions.

What to do next. Wait for your proposed schools to conduct post UTME or admission screening (if they’ve not). If they've already done that, they usually continually send lists to JAMB to upload to students' pages.

Hence, you will be checking your page from time to time to know when it’s your turn.

3. CAPS “Admission in Progress”

This means JAMB has received your name for admission but they will need to verify some criteria followed by the institution to ascertain their conformity with lay down rules.

Interpretation. Be happy this is the beginning of your journey to being admitted. I can guarantee if you have this status message, you’ll be offered admission at the end.

What to do next. Wait for JAMB to complete her work. Keep checking your status from time to time and sooner the message will change to the next stage.

4. CAPS "You've been recommended for Admission"

This message is a reassurance that JAMB has received your name on the list and you should be confident that the admission will favour you at the end.

Interpretation. Your school has offered you the admission but JAMB will have to consent it too. At this stage, the body can change your course to another if you don’t meet up with your original proposed course.

What to do next. You wait and keep rechecking until your message change to a congratulatory message.

5. CAPS “Admission is Approved”

This is the congratulatory message you have been waiting for. Once, you’re shown this message, no going back.

Interpretation. Even if this message doesn’t say what course is given or which school gives, you’re still certain you have been offered admission. It may take a few days before other details are shown.

What to do next. Check back for messages that will display which school and what course you’re offered. Just recheck your profile from to time.

6. CAPS “Accept or Reject Admission”

This time, JAMB wants to be sure you want to accept or reject the admission. This is a very sensitive stage. JAMB doesn’t want to give you admission and later you don’t have interests in it again.

This will deprive a student who wants such an opportunity to be admitted instead of you. Hence, they want you to confirm that you want the school and the course offered.

Interpretation. Don’t joke with this stage. JAMB may eventually withdraw your admission if you don’t accept the offer. In fact, you won’t be able to print the JAMB admission letter unless you accept the offer. So, accept the offer if you’re ok with that or reject it to give another student space. In case you're offered a different course, reading "Is it Advisable to Accept Another Course Than The One I Applied For?" will be of great help.

What to do Next. If you accept, print your JAMB admission letter and wait for your school to upload your list to the school’s portal or call you up for documentation.

If you reject the offer, you will have to wait and keep rechecking your status to see if another school will give you admission. See What JAMB and Schools Do When You Reject Admission on CAPS.


7. CAPS "Congratulations, you’ve been offered Admission"

This is what you most likely see after you have accepted the admission or sometimes before.

Interpretation. This reassures you that, nothing else is expected of you on the JAMB profile unless you want to print original JAMB result, admission letter or do a change of course (if your school offers you a course different from the one you chose in UTME).

Important Notice

  1. You will be required to do a change of course if the course given to you is different from the one you filled during the UTME registration. Without that, you won’t be able to print your JAMB admission letter.
  2. You may need this set of documents at your school’s documentation time;
  • Original JAMB result
  • JAMB Admission letter

Read: JAMB Original Result and Admission Letter Out: See How To Print

And both can be printed from your JAMB profile for N1000 each. Also, the change of course payment is N2500. These prices don't include the Remita Charges. See How To Make Remita Payment at Bank and Online: Quick Guide.

Most students ask me whether it's possible to have admission offers from two or more schools with this system. I had done some justice to this question in my post, "Can JAMB give admission to a Student from two Schools or More?"

Of course, some candidates never understand what CAPS is all about. You can help them know by sharing this post with them now. Use the share links/icons below. 


  1. Please sir, i choosed mbbs as my program, but the school changed it to food science and technology for months, when ever i checked my caps it was food science and technolgy i always see in course space, does this mean before i accept admission, i must apply for change of course

    1. Yes must do change of course from the old course to the new course you've been offered. That's the only way the new course can reflect

  2. HV gotten a congratulatory message from jamb
    Its left for me to accept or reject
    Don't know if I can accept it because my school hasn't posted there list yet

    Or if I should wait for my school to post there list first will it have any effect on my caps given to much delay?
    Thank you sir

    1. Accept it right away. Print your JAMB admission letter. Then wait foe the school to release their lists.

      It's the same JAMB list that schools will release on their portal too.

  3. How long does it take for a admission in progress to change to congratulatory message......pls sir I need a urgent answer.

    1. Just keep checking back.

      it depends on how fast the school processes lists.

  4. Pls I want to read accounting but my utme combination was maths English account and commerce. .. is it possible? 198 is my utme score

    1. It depends on the school admission policy, SSCE, UTME and post UTME requirements.

      If you meet up, they will offer you admission.

  5. Pls I want to read accounting my utme subject is engaged maths commerce and accounting my utme score is 198 is it okay

  6. Changes happened lately on jamb caps...the course and institution is not showing but still on not admitted... Pls what does it mean ??

    1. Copy this link


      to your browser. The post contains the answer to your question.

  7. Pls I scored 228 in my jamb , but am scared if I will be offered admission all because of my jamb combination math, eng, accounting and commerce in lieu of economics. Any hope🤦

    1. Sorry about your situation.

      I wish you'd noticed this error earlier. But things may still favor you eventually.

      I explained some ways out in this post. Open the link below:

  8. In my CAPS the institution and course finally showed but it's still not admitted. What does that mean, has the school recommended me to jamb already

    1. Not really.

      JAMB just upgraded/updated their website to show those information.

      If you want to know other conditions around this, copy the link below to your browser to read fully.


  9. The moment you are offered transfer and you do a change of course will you be offered admission immediately or within days

    1. After the transfer and its capacitance, you should keep checking your admission status on CAPS from the day one. You will have to be offered the admission fully first.

      So, the process could take weeks.

    2. But are you guranteed admission

  10. I got admission in progress recently in my caps, any hope?

    1. You are more likely to be offered admission sooner or eventually.

      Keep checking back.

      Read more here:

  11. I got a transfer of course and I clicked accept it showed me admission in progress how long will it take to change to a congratulatory message...Meanwhile my school has started screening?

    1. I've discussed this in detail in the post below:

      Meanwhile, I advise you do JAMB change of course to the new course accepted if you want things to change quickly.

      More also here:

  12. Please Sir my school portal keeps on saying I should verify my O'level and sometimes my O'level has not been updated on my CAPS when I try to make payment if school fees. I need and urgent reply thank you.

    1. Uploading of O'level results on the school portal doesn't have effect with that on JAMB portal.

      However, I advise you upload your result to JAMB and give your school portal a few days to see if the errors will disappear. If not, try to visit your school to loadge complaint. school's ICT can help.

  13. Please sir i was transferred to another course and I have been seeing Aip on my caps for a week now....pls sir what can be situation...does Aip guarantee ones Admission?

    1. Yes. You should be offered the admission sooner. Just make sure you do change of course to the newly transferred course to hasten things.

  14. Please, my caps has been showing admission in progress for over a month, what do you think is the cause?

    1. You school has not updated your status yet on the JAMB CAPS. Wait awhile or complain to the school.

  15. Please my caps has been in aip for a month now, why is that?

    1. Your school has not updated your status yet on the JAMB CAPS. Wait awhile or complain to the school

  16. Pls sir I made a mistake of using two diff email address a diff email address for jamb ref nd a diff one for screening exercise Pls will I still be considered admission pls I need urgent reply

    1. Email difference will not affect your admission. It's just a mean to communicate with you if need be. It is not the basis for admission. The basis for admission is your O'level result grades, JAMB score and post UTME performance.

  17. pls what’s the meaning of the status eligibility showing on jamb caps

    1. The question is not very clear. Kindly break things down. I may be able to help.

  18. Please I have been seeing AIP on my jamb caps since 7th of February why is it taking so long to change into congratulations?

    1. What I can tell you is to be hopeful. Perhaps your school has more names to release.

  19. My caps is still in admission in progress and my school is about to resume. But what does proposed mean?

    1. You need patience. Some schools continually offer admission on CAPS even though some candidates are already on campus.


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