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Course Changed by School, Do I Need Change on JAMB?

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At the time when JAMB has warned candidates not to accept admissions not offered on CAPS, some candidates are left with another dilemma.

Candidates offered different courses by their institutions of choice were asking if they would still need to change on the JAMB portal too.

Let me break this down a bit.

Let’s say you applied to the University of Ilorin. After some pulling, you were offered another course on the school portal. This course is different from the one on the JAMB portal or the one you intiailly processed for the university.

The question is, do you need to visit any CBT centre or a JAMB office and change to the same course offered by the institution?

Scenarios Under Normal Circumstances

If a school will offer you a different course other than the one you’d applied for on the JAMB portal, it should be by either of the following:
  1. The institution should instruct you to visit the JAMB portal and make the change of course first. Then after, offer you the course you’d just changed to.
  2. The institution should update the new course they wish to transfer you to on the JAMB CAPS. There, you will have to accept the new course. Then, do the change of course on the board's portal to the newly accepted course.

If any of the above is what your school follows, things have been done well. If otherwise, something was missing.

Cases of Change of Course on the School Portal Only

Some institutions only change courses for candidates on the school portal without following the steps above or without instructing candidates to visit the JAMB portal and effect the same change.

In fact, a candidate has been told not to worry about the change on the JAMB portal.

If you only change the course on the school portal without doing the same on the JAMB portal,  your admission/course is invalid according to JAMB.

Candidates shouldn’t accept admission not offered on CAPS. The only condition CAPS can give you admission is if the course tallies both at the school portal and on the JAMB portal.

Similarly, there is no way you will get the JAMB admission letter for one course and a school admission letter for another. If it happens, you need to correct things before embarking on your studies. It may boomerang!

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