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Which Date Of Birth Does NYSC Use For Mobilization?

He walked in, to ask about his date of birth for NYSC. There was an error in his date of birth. Instead of 11th May 1998, it was written on the corps' portal as 11th March 1998.

See the mistake? Just the month. 

He thought the mixup should be from his school or WAEC. Obviously, he wasn't sure what happened.

His first question was, "which date of birth will NYSC use for the mobilization - the one sent by the school? the one on the WAEC result or which one?"

Your own case may be different from my visitor's above. I'd seen a few similar cases too.

For one awaiting corper, the day of birth was the issue. For another, the year of birth was the error.

This post will help you answer a few questions. The most important was the one asked by the guy.

And since, he knew NYSC would display the dates of birth on certificates, he wanted to know the date of birth to expect. The one on his WAEC result or the one, he believed, the school would submit to NYSC.

If NYSC should use the one the school submitted, he would be able to go for NYSC because that one was not up to 30 years. But if NYSC would use the one on the WAEC result, he wouldn't be lucky because that would be 32 years by now.

Let's get into it and see if your own case is covered.

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The Dates of Birth on NYSC Portal Now Matters

I had once suggested to my readers that they might not worry about mistakes in their days or months of birth if that wouldn't increase their ages to miss NYSC. But for the year, it should be taken seriously because that obviously might affect them.

Of course, days and months wouldn't affect the NYSC, then, why should you worry? They're not significant and as of then, NYSC was not showing date of birth on the discharged certificate.

But now, it's important to take care of this mess if you can. Give it what it takes to get any error in your date of birth corrected (be it the day, month, or year) because NYSC has started displaying corpers' dates of birth on their certificates.

And you know if that is clearly different from that you have on all other academic credentials, you had earlier, you'd looked more like a fraud especially before your prospective employers.

And since there are provisions to get things corrected, if truly an error (not your manipulation), you should take advantage of one. Below this post, are linked posts to solve dates of birth issues. Yet, a section of this post will summarize the quickest method.

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NYSC Doesn't Originally Use SSCE Date of Birth or School-Sent Date of Birth

This may shock you but that is the truth.

NYSC will never initially need to use the date of birth written on your WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB to mobilize you for the service. In the same vein, the corps won't use the date of birth that will be sent by your school, for the senate list, especially if it differs from what they truly want.

You ask me what date of birth will NYSC use then? What date of birth does NYSC want?

The corps originally uses JAMB dates of birth of all prospective corp members for the purpose of mobilization. Yes, NYSC collects a few data from JAMB, through the JAMB registration number used while filling your mobilization form online. Among these data is the date of birth.

Whereas, this JAMB date of birth you will meet on the NYSC portal/dashboard will not be made editable. You won't be able to change or manipulate it to your goal. 

And if you compare this date of birth with the one on your JAMB result or JAMB regularization slip, it should be the same.

It doesn't matter if the date of birth tallies with the one on WAEC or school documents. If those are different the corp only deals with the JAMB's.

This is why candidates who aim to serve should be mindful of their dates of birth. In fact, most candidates use regularization to correct/manipulate their possible over-age at the ends of their studies.

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Where There is Conflict that Needs Correction, NYSC Will Accept WAEC Date of Birth in Place of JAMB's

I've established that NYSC only used the date of birth on your JAMB result or regularization in order to mobilize you. However, if there was a mistake on the JAMB date of birth or regularization date of birth and you wish to make use of the one on your WAEC result, NYSC is ready to accept that in place.

This is possible and that's the only alternative to using the default JAMB date of birth.

In other words, you can correct the JAMB date of birth mistakes by replacing them with the one on your WAEC result.

Of course, this may not be working for candidates with NECO and NABTEB results. I'm, for now, more convinced that this method works well and is officially acceptable for candidates using WAEC or WAEC GCE results.

Luckily, it doesn't matter if that result was the one you used for your admission or not. What matters is that the result must belong to you and should have the dates of birth you want.

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Procedures to Replace JAMB Date of Birth with that of WAEC

Buy WAEC Verification card. You can get this card for about N2,000 at any WAEC office nationwide or any cafe or online outlet at a price a bit higher (N2,500 to N3,000.)

Now, login to your NYSC portal and locate the link/button for "Change D.O.B (WAEC)".

A window will pop up. Enter the WAEC verification PIN you'd got earlier, the WAEC Registration Number, and the year of the exam. Then, submit.

After your submission, you will have to wait a few hours (24 hours or more) to see the date of the birth changed.

During the period, NYSC will use your PIN to fetch the date of birth from WAEC's database and replace the one with them by the WAEC's.


  1. The Change D.O.B option will only be made available after completing NYSC registration and not after the whole registration has closed for the stream.
  2. If you're noted for exemption certificate because the date of birth on your JAMB has exceeded 30, but the date of birth on your WAEC is lesser and right for NYSC mobilization, using this method, if approved, will change your status from the exemption to call-up letters. Hence, you will be posted after the right date of birth is fetched by the corps from WAEC's portal.

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    1. Sir,I graduated in 2019,but due to covid 19 and my school is affiliated to UNN,so my name is out in my school Senate list.while my question is i 29 years we i graduated.due I got admmision directly from jamb and during my registration i reduced my age to 1993 which is 28 this year and all my documents have 1993 even my affidavit.except my weac which have different age which 30 by this year.so sir which data of birth will NYSC use.thanks

      1. Try understand the details in the post above. It has explained everything.

    2. So i have no problem sir.but some people said that NYSC are no more using jamb date of birth currently , that they are using weac that is Y am confused.

    3. Please sir. It's neco I use to enter university. My neck dob is 1988 instead of 1998. And my jamb dob is 1998(correct) . Please will I be affected?

      1. Its the date on the JAMB you should go and check.

    4. I went to do my jamb regularization yesterday at jamb office
      I wrote jamb 2015 but jamb did not give admission,I entered school through direct entry
      The problem now is my date of birth. My jamb date of birth does not tallies with the one on my waec. The one on my jamb is March 13th 1990(wrong) while the one on my waec is may 2 1994(the correct one). May 2 1994 has been the one I have been using,the jamb date of birth was a mistake. The issue now I was asked to use the one on my jamb for the jamb regularization that they can not do anything for me. Can they do the one of those that have not written jamb before for me? since jamb didn't give me admission

      1. There is a way you can do JAMB regularization without using the old JAMB result or details. It's fresh regularization. Hence, you should claim you have not done JAMB before and do new regularization where you will use the correct date of birth.

    5. sir, I have already done my ond on part time, now looking at going back for hnd or direct entry for full time. Is it possible to reduce my date of birth during my regularization? i have been using 1994 in my documents including waec and National diploma. but is it advisable to reduce it now?

      1. Yes, it is possible. Just don't use any old JAMB registration number for the regularization. Do the registration without any JAMB registration number. If you use any JAMB reg number, JAMB may have to use the date of birth on that.

    6. Good morning sir the date of birth on my jamb result is diffrent from that of my waec and am already leaving for service this month will i be affected ?? Your urgent reply is needed

    7. Hi Sir, I registered as a foreign graduate but a mistake was made from the cafe Man, instead of 2nd April 1995, he put 2nd April 1993, and that is what is displaying on my verification slip now, how do I change that sir, I can't find any link for change of date of birth on my portal

      1. Check back your dashboard after green card is loaded. The link should be active then.

    8. Hello sir was looking for some info then i stumbled on your post i am a foreign student about to get call-up please what would be used to verify DOB in camp.

      1. NYSC doesn't verily date of birth on Camp. However, as a foreign graduates, there is need for you go for verification at designated places, which should b communicated to you on your NYSC dashboard. On that notice, they must have included all the items you should take along. Once NYSC is satisfied with them, you don't have any issue to worry about.

    9. Please sir. I need your reply, D. O. B on my jamb slip is 24th of February 1995 (wrong) but the one on my waec 28th of may 1995 (correct) will it affect me in camp?

      1. Just do the calculation yourself. If the date on your JAMB will make you be more than 30 years, it will affect you.

    10. Good evening sir, my name is okpekor oyantem okpa, am having issue on this same date of birth, the date of birth in my jamb is 1991 which was a mistake from the guy that register my jamb, while my original date of birth is 05/05/1996 which is in my weac, with 1991 I will be exepmted during registration by next year..sir pls what d solution?

      1. Read the posts below.



    11. Good morning sir I registered jamb but my date of birth was wrongly input which 15/12/1990. My WAEC birth is 15/12/1992 which is correct how can I change my date of birth in the hamburger portal because I am going for NYSC next year.

      1. You can correct it with JAMB regularization if your school will approve it and submit to the JAMB office. However, make sure you don't use the JAMB registration of the wrong date.


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