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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

11 Questions About JAMB UTME/DE Registrations/Admissions and the Answers

JAMB UTME/DE: 11 Answers to 11 Questions
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Most of your concerns have been addressed in my post, "JAMB UTME/DE: Answers to the Questions Bothering Admission Seekers". Yet, some questions keep coming up. Hence, I see reasons to break things down a little further. Below are the quick look at what a UTME or DE applicant may want answers to.

1. What is JAMB profile code?

This is the code you will generate by sending your FULL NAMES (in correct order) to 55019. This will be done through a candidate’s phone number. This service will cost N50. After sending the SMS to 55019, you will receive a 10 digit number. This is your profile code. For example, a profile code look like this - 1960000111

2. What is JAMB profile?

Each candidate will have access to his or her JAMB profile after completing biometric registration a CBT centre. This profile can be logged into here. You must remember your email and password before you can log in.

It's through this profile, candidates will be able to perform a series of activities that will follow the release of UTME results. Through the profile, you will be able to do change of data, follow admission stages, accept admission through CAPS, print original JAMB result and admission letters etc

3. What is JAMB email and phone number?

These are the email and the phone number you used when generating profile code and creating your profile at the CBT centre.

The phone number or the email may be different form the ones you use for other daily purposes and it can be the same.

4. What is JAMB e-PIN or PIN?

The two terms are the same. This is the 15-digit number that will be vended for you at the bank, NIPOST, café, CBT centre etc. This can also be called your JAMB or DE form. The e-Pin or PIN look like this 2186 1100 4277 000.

This will be needed by a CBT centre to register your UTME or DE.

5. What is JAMB accredited CBT centres?

These are JAMB approved centres where admission seekers should visit to register their UTME or DE. These centres can perform other services apart from the registration of UTME/DE. Other services include:
  • Corrections of data
  • JAMB regularization
  • Conduct of JAMB exams

6. How can I speak to JAMB officials or supports?

JAMB has made all her branch offices across the nation opened for candidates to seek supports. Other available channels are well discussed in my post, “JAMB Supports: How to Contact JAMB for Helps If You Have Issues”.

7. Can I make corrections to my JAMB profile or Registration Details?

Yes. You can.

But all depends on the kinds of errors that needs corrections. You will find the two posts below resourceful for your questions.

I have covered a great deal of these possible errors and how to correct them in my post:

8. What are JAMB recommended texts (books) for this year UTME?

Below are the links that takes you to all books JAMB has prescribed for all UTME candidates to prepare for their papers.

9. Will I be given the “Sweet Sixteen” at a CBT centre, Café, Bank, NIPOST?

All other selling points or centres are not to provide you the book after selling you the form. Only CBT centre where you register your form will give you the literature book “Sweet Sixteen”

10. What is the Sure Way to study and Pass JAMB UTME?

You will find this post helpful for your exams preparation. And this one will also prepare you beyond writing JAMB.

11. Where can I get updated JAMB Brochure to study for my choices?

Read my post, “JAMB UTME/DE Brochure: Right Subjects Combination for All Courses

You can also see official JAMB brochure here.

For quick way to know you're qualified for a school and the course you're proposing there, read, Check Institution and Course of Choice Eligibility on JAMB Portal 

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