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2024 JAMB UTME/DE: Answers 16 Bothering Questions

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I write this post to answer some questions I have been asked by applicants and prospective admission seekers in the 2024 UTME.

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I don’t have answers to that for now. You can subscribe to my blog for any such updates in the future. Lolz!

You will also find the following information useful for yourself or the people around you. 

Answers to Most Common Questions Applicants Are Asking

1. Can I use last year's profile for the 2024 admissions?

Yes, you can. 

Because of a series of misunderstandings or mix-ups that may crop in during the admission exercise, I assure you if you'd done UTME/DE last year, you'll use the same profile for this year's admission too.

Meanwhile, using the old profile, you just need to copy out your profile code to buy the new form. This will work fine. You may need to send RESEND to 55019 on the same line used last year. You can as well send a fresh SMS in the following format.

NIN 78901678912 to 55019

Here, you will send NIN followed by your 11-digit National Identity Number.

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2. Can I use last year's email for the year's JAMB profile?

Yes, you will!

If you are using the old profile code, it has already been attached to the old email. If you have not done the linking before, you can still do it now. So, you don't have any other option than to use the old email.

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3. Can I use the same phone number used last year?

Yes, you will.

The phone number is valid for this year's admission activities. You can, therefore, use it to get your new profile code by sending your NIN (space)  your 11-digit NIN to 55019.

Meanwhile, using the old phone number, it will force you to use the old profile. In other words, you will be given the same profile code sent to you last year if you request a profile code through 55019 again.

4. Can Two Applicants Use the Same Phone Number to Get Profile Code?


JAMB warned admission seekers not to use the same phone number as their friends to get their profile codes.

This is because once a candidate uses the line to get code, his or her name has been tied to that number.

5. Can I use my parent's or relative's number to Get the profile Code?


You can use your mother's or father's phone number to get the JAMB profile code. Nothing is technically wrong with that. What is important is - don't use a number that has been used for JAMB in the past or this year for another candidate.

And be sure that your parent will actively be using the line in the future. This is because you may need it for other activities e.g. change of institutions/courses.

Also, make sure you use your own NIN when sending the message. Don't use the NIN of the owner of the other line.

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6. Can I buy the JAMB Application form or PIN myself online?

Yes, you can.

You must, however, understand the procedures to follow. Else, I advise you use the service of a cyber café (form sales only) or CBT centers for both sales of form and registration.

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7. How Can I buy UTME/DE form (PIN) Online?

  • First, send NIN (a space) 11-digit NIN to 55019. Make sure you have at least N50 credit on your line. Those who had written JAMB or processed admissions last year will use their old profile codes.
  • Visit the JAMB page to buy the form. You can also buy the PIN through Remita
  • Enter the profile/confirmation code you received through the SMS.
  • Proceed to enter your email address and payment stage. You will be required to make a payment of N4,700 through Interswitch or Remita.
  • After the payment, go back to the Sales of form page and start the process as if you want to buy afresh. This time, it will take you to your PIN page. You can also enter your profile code and click Retrieve PIN
  • Print the page and take it to the CBT center for your registration. A copy of the PIN slip will be sent to your email by Remita - if used.

8. Can I buy my JAMB form (PIN) and Register at a cyber café?

Yes, you can buy the PIN from a café. You can’t register there.

Cyber cafés are allowed to sell JAMB forms. They are not allowed to register for you but they can buy the form (PIN) for you online.

Hence, you can buy from them before proceeding to the CBT center for your registration.

9. Where else can I buy my JAMB form?

Bank, NIPOST Office, CBT centres, Jumia One App etc. But it will make their service fast if you can first generate or retrieve your profile code before proceeding to those offices.

10. How do I generate a profile code for my JAMB?

Send NIN 11-digit NIN (e.g NIN 56789874312) to 55019.

If you're using the old JAMB profile, kindly log into your profile with the email used and its password to retrieve your profile code. You can also send as above or RESEND as SMS to 55019 using the same phone number used last year to recollect your profile code.

11. If I buy the JAMB PIN now, can I register later?

Yes, you can.

It’s not compulsory to complete your registration the day you buy the form or vend the PIN. You can go to CBT centers later for registration.

Be sure you go for the registration before the official closing date. That’s all.

12. Can I use Awaiting Result (AR) for JAMB UTME Registration?

Yes, you are permitted.

However, you must return to any CBT center to re-upload the result as soon as it is released and printed.

Read more on awaiting results in my post, "AWAITING RESULTS for JAMB and Other Admissions: What You Must Know" or "Direct Entry Candidates Applying With Awaiting Results (AR): What You Must Know"

14. When will JAMB CBT exams hold across the country?

The 2024 computer-based test examination will begin on the date to be announced (If not extended). But you can expect a possible extension.

15. When is this year's JAMB form going to close?

This year, the sales of registration forms to all candidates (UTME/DE) including those outside Nigeria, started the date to be announced (if not extended).

16. I'm applying for DE. Can I use my recent UTME profile for Direct Entry Registration?

No. You should create another profile for your DE.

However, if you used your NIN to get the profile code during your ND/NCE admission, you'll need to use the same profile/code to obtain your DE form too.

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  1. Can i use my last year jamb profile code, to register. While still awaiting admission? I don't want to take chances...

    1. Once you use last year profile for this year admission, you can either get admission form last process or this one - not from the two.

      I advise you use another profile for this year.

  2. When I try to get code for my new profile..
    It says my NIN number as been use to register another sim already and that my last year jamb pls is there any solution to this

    1. Your point is confusing. If you still have login access to your last profile, you can use it.

  3. Can I use another person nin to generate my profile code?

    1. No. You can't.

      Read more through the link below.


  4. Will my 2020 admission cancel if I generate a new profile code with the same sim in 2021

    1. No. It won't affect each other. Just make sure you send NIN (space) your NIN

      Read the post below.



  5. Can I change my email because there was a mistake in the one I used in registering

  6. I already had a profile on jamp portable for a DE ADMISSION last 2 years but wast successful.
    Can the profile be use for a recent DE admission in another school? Or another profile should be created?

  7. I have error in my nin but now jamb have started so can I register and go for correction later

    1. You can register. But you will do the corrections at both JAMB office and NIMC office later. It's better if you can correct that error on NIN first, wait for the correction to reflect before you will buy JAMB form. That will save you the stress and money. Read the post below.


  8. I wrote jamb in 2015 and got ND admission. Because my admission wasn't directly from jamb I did regularization. I used the same phone number I used during regularization to recover my profile code. Now, I can't login my Gmail on the jamb site again. What should I do??

  9. Pls sir,very urgent
    Am in 400l level presently
    But I used the same email and password while registering for this year jamb,the school I picked said we should link our email to jamb, which I did
    But wen I was trying to login to my jamb portal,bcos the school am currently in said we should go for jamb regularization,I was unable to login,it's bringing invalid email address or password,pls sir what should I do

    1. I don't know what happened to you. Go to JAMB office to seek help.


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