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Better For JAMB Code? MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, Airtel?

When JAMB starts the UTME and DE registration, one of the wide issues to be faced by prospective candidates is network problems due to the network they're using.

Some candidates will send their NIN to 55019 and will face some issues such as:

  1. no confirmation that the message was even sent
  2. no deduction in the balance not to talk of receiving the profile code
  3. "message can't be sent now" error 
  4. or "you can't be charged now for the text" error etc.

It's been understood that some service providers (networks) could be better than others. For issues like this, except you know the wayout, will frustrate you.

Hence, candidates are asking which exact network they should use to get the profile codes. Which network is sure among the MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, or Airtel?

Let's answer this question with the experiences available.

No Network Is Specifically Better to Get JAMB Profile Codes

Having generated JAMB profile codes for several candidates in recent and current years, I've come to the conclusion that no network is actually better than the others in getting this service.

A candidate is actually safe to get it using MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, or Airtel depending on the one you have.

However, I've equally come to realize that, if you try it with one network provider (NP) with no code sent, you can try other networks to be sure that the problem is not specific to the former network.

In short, if you've been trying with Airtel, change to Glo/MTN to see if there's any difference.

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Using the Same Network, You Can Just Change the SIM

While trying different possibilities, we've to witnesses a situation where a candidate with MTN, several times to get the profile code but did not reply to the SMS. Then, the same students just changed the SIM (bought a new MTN line) and retried with success. That is, they got the codes with the new lines even though the same network.

Similarly, some have changed from new lines to probably some old lines belonging to dads or mums and got the profile codes through that.

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Some Networks Works Fine On Basic Phones Than Smartphones and Vice Versa

You can be blaming your network provider for the delay in the profile code or no replies to your SMS because you don't understand a few things.

One of the tricks that had been tried and worked, to date, is to remove your line from a smartphone such as iPhone or android and insert it into a basic phone such as a Nokia torchlight, basic Tecno, and itel phone.

You can also change from a basic phone to an Android or iPhone to retry.

Using this method has forced some inactive or less active networks to receive better signals. It may work for you too.

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We can say, though some networks may be better than others, depending on your location and reception in that area, in most cases, it's just candidates not doing things rightly.

If you must doubt the network you're using just get another line and try with that. No need to give a network name that works. What matters is the one that works for you.

Trying a few tricks here and there can also save you the headache of searching for a better service provider.

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