Getting Set to Process Admissions in Nigeria Institutions -

Getting Set to Process Admissions in Nigeria Institutions

This is a comprehensive guide on how to gain admission into any university, polytechnic or colleges of education in Nigeria
Gaining admission is easier if you know what you're doing
Looking for steps to gain admission into any university, polytechnic, college of education, or innovation enterprise institution? The roads to take are very direct but unless you know, you're lost before you start the journey. The guide below will give you a step-by-step approach to seeking and gaining admission in Nigeria.

I divide this post into sections; such that you will find the links that will take you to the next ones. The five sections to be covered are itemized below.

  1. Section 1 - Get Set for the Challenge (this you're reading)
  2. Section 2 - Stay Connected
  3. Section 3 - Stay Focused
  4. Section 4 - Use Open Chances
  5. Section 5 - Go for the Alternatives


There’s no doubt that reading this piece to the end may take you a couple of minutes, if not hours. But for the information well-packed here, you should be eager to complete it, as soon as possible (no matter your schedule).

For those who may not be able to dedicate enough time to complete the reading at a single sit, you can just bookmark the page and revisit. You can leave the page opened on your browser too. Then, you come back to it any time without losing the last position.

Year in, year out – admission seekers ask the same question, “How can I gain admission to my dreamed school?"

Even when you don’t dream of a particular citadel of learning, leaving home to proceed with your education in any higher institution, for that matter, is your priority.

To this question, the answer still remains the same, you should cover this “5 Trusted Approaches to Gain Admission in Nigeria”.

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Why Am I in the Position to Guide You on Admission?

My name is Tolani Tijani. I’ve been a graduate for more than a decade.

What class were you 17 years ago? Just kidding!

Since that year, I’ve been in education consulting – helping hundreds of boys and girls to gain stress-free admissions.

This, I was and I’m able to achieve by providing guides, counseling, and clues to gaining admission into any of the universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education in Nigeria.

With my experiences, I have not less than 60% practical exposure to undergraduate and postgraduate admissions to 44 federal universities, 52 state-owned and 74 private universities.

In fact, still counting…

This is why it seems, I can say a thing or two about any school in Nigeria – be it old or new.

Mind you, I’ve been blogging for years. I own and run this blog where I don’t only share updates about admissions, but also give comprehensive guides on JAMB UTME, IJMB, JUPEB, SSCE, Postgraduates programmes, and more.

You will notice the difference in tone and presentation from others you’re used to. That’s what experience means.

Before going online, I’ve been running offline, my consulting firm. Techie Konsult is located at offices 2 and 4, Opp. Prestige Hotel, Oke Ola Apomu in Osun State.

Here, we lead, and others follow.

Enough of the introduction! Let’s get to work…

The 5 Confirmed Steps to Gain Admission into Your Proposed School

Generally, there are four things that are particular to gaining admission to any school in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world. Four will be comprehensively covered here. Number 5 will only be a bonus – which may mean a lot more than the first four.

I handle each under a separate heading (section). You may need to proceed to the next section, with the link right below the section you are in.

What you have to do is read, ruminate about, ask questions where necessary, and share this article to help others (if you find it helpful).

What is Special About Gaining Admissions?

Seeking and gaining admission is a challenge in Nigeria. No need to remind you of this if you’ve been writing JAMB for some years now.

But if you’re a newcomer, you still must see this as a reality. When you hear that people have been seeking admission for some years, you wonder what is wrong with them.

No, nothing may be wrong with them. But a lot may be wrong with the whole system. This is why you must take this seriously from the very beginning.

Let me help you from falling into the same pitches many of those so-called admission seekers have been for years. Read to the end.

Section 1 - Get Set for the Challenge

1. Make the Right O'level Results

I’ve seen some difficult students seeking admissions without their complete O'level results. In fact, while writing this page, one of my staff just brought a lady with D7 in English who wanted to seek admission into the Adeyemi University/College of Education.

She’d hope, since the school is just a college, they should accept such. But here is the real deal – she had no English but she wanted to study English/Social Studies.


Seriously, hundreds of other applicants are like this.

In order to seek admission, you must have your complete SSCE result/grades. By “complete SSCE result/grades”, I don’t mean you must have credits in all your 9 or 8 subjects you wrote in WAEC, NECO or NABTEB.


A complete O’level result means, at least 5 credit passes in WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, NBAIS, or their equivalent. These credit passes can be produced from two sittings at most.

I have a comprehensive guide on the right subject subjects/grades in my post, “SSCE Results: 5 Compulsory Subjects to Pass for Admission Purpose

You can find any of the resources below useful too. Take a moment to read or come back to them.

  1. NBAIS Results for Admission: What You Should Know About the Arabic Exams
  2. NECO Exams and Results: Answers to Your Questions Before You Obtain the Form or Use the Result for Admission
  3. 13 Things You Must Know About NABTEB Before You Obtain the Form or The Result for Admission
  4. WAEC: Answers to Students' Questions Before Obtain the Form or Use Results for Admissions

Awaiting Results For Admissions

Not less than 30 percent of admission seekers, each year, will opt-in for JAMB UTME with awaiting results. And that’s not a problem.

By the awaiting result, it means, you've just written WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, etc. or you're about to obtain any of these. The exams body is yet to release your results for printing and use for admission.

Do you wonder if you can still obtain UTME with SSCE exams not yet written or result not yet released? Yes, you can and that’s what is called the awaiting results.

JAMB allows interested applicants to obtain UTME/DE forms without their SSCE results ready. However, you won’t be offered admission by any school until you later submit it (after the release) to JAMB.

The first post below talks further about awaiting results and how to use it for admissions. Others will talk about why it’s important to resubmit your results after being released if you’re serious about being on campus.

  1. AWAITING RESULTS for JAMB and Other Admissions: What You Must Know.
  2. How to Upload O'Level (SSCE), ND, and NCE Results to the JAMB Portal.
  3. Is Re-uploading of O’level Results to the JAMB Portal for Everyone?
  4. NO ADMISSION YET, Why O’level Result is the Reason for Delay.

2. Buy the JAMB UTME Form and Register

While many students don’t give the first two points above more attention, generally anyone seeking admission takes buying, registering, and writing UTME seriously.

That’s ok. But now you know that there’s more to admission than UTME.

As for the UTME, It’s important you buy and register - at the right time.

By the right time, I don’t mean as soon as the portal is opened for registration. I don’t, as well, mean until nearly everybody has completed their registrations.

From my experience, it will be ok if you just maintain being in the middle.

Registering around the 2nd or 3rd week of the commencement of the registration can be safer. How?

RecommendedAfter Buying UTME/DE PIN, What Next?

Most times, registration centres face some technical issues in the early days of the registrations. This leads them to make a series of errors. But, where a candidate falls to the mid-period of the application, such issues must have been well addressed by JAMB and the centres.

If you need more evidence, I have seen candidates who bought forms too early but wrong PINs were fetched for them. Some have to pay twice for a single form because of network issues. Some had to go to CBT centers, more than 5 times before the centre could get themselves into shape and ready for registration.

Before you buy the form and register, consider the resources below. They are comprehensive and precise enough to give you stress-free experiences in your registration. The posts below say every bit of thought I may want to add to this section.

  1. JAMB Brochure and How to Study it and Avoid Admission Errors.
  2. JAMB Brochure: Updated Subject Combination for All Courses.
  3. How to Prepare for and Pass JAMB within Weeks - Sure Approach.
  4. UTME/DE: A Compulsory Requirement to Gain Admission to Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

This is the end of section 1 - Get Set for the Challenge.

Now, let’s proceed to Section 2 - Stay Connected.

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