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2020 UTME/DE: Errors With Name, Email, Date of Birth, Gender, Local Govt, Subjects Combination

UTME/DE: Errors with Subjects Combination, Name, Email, Date of Birth, Sex, Local Govt. and Solutions
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Since the sales of JAMB UTME/DE forms began, I’ve been receiving a series of complaints from admission seekers. Lots of issues have come up that need to be attended to.

Without any doubt, it’s high time I addressed the problems including:
  1. CBT centre made a mistake in my email during UTME registration, what should I do about it?
  2. They picked Male for me instead of Female and vice versa, can I correct that?
  3. I made mistake in the spelling of (or misarranged) my names, how do I correct that?
  4. I picked a wrong state and local government of origin, how can I correct it?
  5. Do I need to do corrections at a café or a CBT centre?
  6. They picked the wrong subjects for my UTME, what should I do?

If you’re in any of the situations above, you’re the right page brother.

Let’s dive into it.

1. Correcting Email Address Wrongly Entered at CBT Centre?

Some candidates gave their correct email addresses to the CBT centres but the operators or the attendants entered wrong spellings. For example, a student of mine gave them [email protected], the CBT centre entered adeolaxx880@gmail.com. Do you see the error? The omission of the last "0"

The bad news is that you or the CBT centre can’t correct this error. They will only tell you “sorry”. JAMB office can't handle it as well. Don't even go to a local cafe.

 I have a suggestion for you though.

Kindly create the wrong email they entered for you. This will let you claim the email for yourself. It can save you some headaches in the future. The correct email is useful too but not for your JAMB again.

This doesn't mean you won't be able to use the wrong email to access your JAMB profile. It will still enter your profile when used to log in (even though it's incorrect). Just make sure you don't forget the JAMB profile password. That's where things can get messy.

  1. Ensure you don’t forget your JAMB profile email (even if it's wrong one) and the JAMB profile password so that there won’t need to face issues with the wrong email again.
  2. Whenever you need to log into your profile, you will continue to use the wrong email and the profile password. It will enter. So relax!
  3. It's only if you forget your JAMB profile password that you will need email in the first place to reset the profile password. If you don’t forget your JAMB profile password, you won’t have any problem with your admission processes or any need to log-in into the wrong email.
  4. If you should forget your password, that may force you back to CBT centre for any other admission activities henceforth.
  5. Don’t consider buying a new form. It will lead to a double application since your registration has already been done.

2. Correcting Spelling and Wrong Arrangement of Names

This kind of error is as a result of carelessness on the part of a candidate, not CBT centre. This is because you’re the one who uses sent your names to 55019 to get profile or confirmation code in the first place.

You can also send CORRECT (Space) FULL NAME to 55019.

This will work before taken the PIN to CBT for the registration
If the above doesn't work but you've not registered the UTME before you noticed, I advise you buy another form. Since the UTME form is N4000, why not just use another email and another phone number to send your correct names? Then, use the new profile code to buy another form with no errors.

But in most cases, before the registration, sending CORRECT (Space) FULL NAME to 55019 will usually work.

If you'd completed the registration before you found out, JAMB has earlier said there is no remedy officially. But now, they're allowing you to correct errors in names at a fee directly at their offices or accredited CBT centres.

NOTE: Cybercafes are not (for now) allowed to do a change of names or correction of names for candidates. 

3. Correcting Mistakes in the Choice of Gender (Male/Female)

This error can be corrected before JAMB is done or after. I will advise you to wait till after the JAMB result is out. There are two reasons for that:
  • CBT may not be available to handle errors like this when registration is hot and there are more candidates to attend to when the main UTME registration is on.
  • If after you see your score, it is not enough to pull or gain admission for the year, will the mistake in gender type be important again? You can save your money.

If you don’t want to wait, you can still affect this change at a CBT centre at a price around N3,500 or less. The price will still be the same if you wait until your result is out.

NOTE that you can effect this change at a local cybercafe too. Also, see how to do that yourself.

4. Correcting the Mistakes in State and Local Government of Origin

This can be corrected any time after your JAMB result is released.

A couple of days after the JAMB result is officially released, the body will open what is called, “Change of Data Exercise” During this time; you can change anything in your JAMB details except the subject combination. I will address that below.

During the exercise, you can do a change of local government and state. Interestingly, you don’t have to go back to CBT centre to do the change of State and Local Government. A café around you is allowed to do that for you.

Visit the nearest and professional café and seek their service or handle it yourself as guided in the link above. The price for change of State and local government is N2,500 excluding the Remita charge and café service charges.

NOTE: Be sure you can get the local government identification or certificate of the local government you want to change to. You will need it during post UTME or after you've been offered admission.

5. Correcting Wrong Subject Combination for UTME

Needless to say, you need to combine the right subjects for your proposed course at the university, polytechnic or college of education before you can be offered admission.

Candidates with the wrong subject, even with 350 may remain at home while a colleague with 150 and the right subjects find his way to the campus.

In order to correct your subject combination error, return to any CBT centre before the time JAMB exams schedule slip will be ready for printing. This is why all candidates must study the JAMB brochure or check admission eligibility to avoid this type of errors.

UPDATE: JAMB said it has discontinued the correction of the subject combination at CBT centre. However, after this announcement, candidates are still able to change their subjects at nearby CBT centres. Hence, you can still visit any CBT centre and request for correction of UTME subjects before the exams.

JAMB conflicting announcement
If you find out you had written wrong subjects after writing the exams or result already released, kindly read my dedicated post, “What Candidates Should Do With Wrong Subject Combination in UTME

Corrections You can Make at CBT Centres and Cafes

Below are the corrections you can make at CBT Centres that Cyber Cafés can’t do.
  • Change of Name (JAMB office now)
  • Change of Date of Birth (JAMB office mostly)
  • Correction of State and Local Government of Origin (JAMB office mostly)
  • Correction of wrong subjects for UTME (before the exams schedule or the reprinting of UTME slip is out)

Corrections you can make at CBT centres which a Cyber Cafés can do too.
  • Change of Name
  • Change of Date of Birth
  • Correction of State and Local Government of Origin
  • Correction or Change of Institutions and courses of choice
  • Change of JAMB profile password and Email password

Note that both CBT centres and cafes can’t correct errors in the spelling of email used during UTME registration.


These are a few of issues that may arise when the registration for UTME is ongoing. However, if you must do a change of institutions/courses, you must read this post instead. It is dedicated to change of institutions and courses both before admission is given or after.

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  1. I made a mistake in my date of birth and later corrected in the CBT center but it not reflecting on my jamb portal will I wait a couple of days for the update on my portal or what pls

    1. If things were done well, it should reflect immediately. Perhaps you should ask the CBT centre to reprint the slip for you. Or check your profile details after logging into JAMB profile.

  2. I did correction of data on my date of birth but it not reflecting on my jamb portal will I wait a couple of days for the update on my portal or what

    1. If things are done correctly, it should reflect immediately.

  3. A mistake was made in my email at the CBT center instead of [email protected] it was written as [email protected] please sir what can I do

    1. Ok. Don't panic. Just try to register the wrong (new) email. If it's available, keep using it. If not, log into your JAMB profile with the wrong email and the password given to you by the CBT centre. If enters to JAMB profile account, you don't have any issues. Then, keep using the wrong email with your JAMB profile. All that matters ability to log into your profile not email. However, for other registrations in the future, such as post UTME, keep using the CORRECT EMAIL.

  4. Pls is it possible to change my jamb registered number?.

  5. The neco result I submitted for my jamb registration had a mistake in the name i.e it was olusegun for neco and oluwasegun for jamb registration hope it won't affect my admission

  6. A mistake was made in my email,instead of [email protected] it was written as [email protected] have been logging into my jamb profile without any problem but I wasn't able to create the wrong email(Google said it can't be created).What will i do when trying to register for Post utme?

    1. Use the correct email for your post UTMEs. But keep suing the wrong one for JAMB.

  7. My date of birth is not correct. Sir please can I correct it now that results are already out, and how do I go about it.

    1. Yes you can. You may need to go to JAMB office for that. You will need to book an appointment first before visiting any JAMB office. Go along with your birth certificate bearing the correct date of birth.

  8. Good morning, the school I registered for has started her post utme registrations. Can I go ahead and register even when my date of birth I registered in Jamb has not been corrected?

  9. Good day sir I misplaced my names during registration for jamb as in . my surname in place of my first name and when I went for the correction at jamb office it wasn't reflecting .so I would like to know if it would affect me later during admission

    1. No it won't. Kindly print JAMB original result to see if it reflected on it already.

    2. How much does it cause u for the correction

  10. Goodday Sir
    My Date of Birth is not showing on my Jamb Caps but it's on my Jamb profile
    Any cause for alarm?

    1. Don't panic. It's temporary. Every details will show before admission lists start or before ending of the admission year.

  11. Sir i. Have a problem i made some mistake in my name in my wace i wrote ada ike ijeoma then in my jamb and post utme form i wrote ada ike blessing please will this affect me in my admission or in future and what should i do about it

    1. Go and change it at JAMB office or nearest accredited CBT centre.

  12. Sir my junior mistakenly write wrong name order such as interchanging is surname with other name and the rest will it affect is admission process and how should we go about this.

    1. Of course, this has been covered in the post. Kindly read that part. You can book an appointment with JAMB or use the service of an accredited CBT centre to correct names.

  13. Sir I completed my post utme admission process today and my slip was printed out but going through it I found out that my Gmail account is not correct.So I went to the school portal and did the correction it says"your bio-data has been saved successfully"is there any cause for alarm

    1. No. Once you're able to update the form with the correct email, you shouldn't have any issue.

  14. Pls sir I registered jamb with [email protected] and naij.com stopped their mails operation I can't login to my jamb portal what should i do please.

    1. Follow the guide in the post with link below. It's quick.

    2. Can I go to any jamb office to rectify the problem

    3. Yes. But you must have book an appointment with JAMB by dialing *55019# and follow the prompt.

    4. Sir, concerning the wrong email, if I gain admission, will it be sent to the wrong email or my jamb profile?

  15. Good morning sir I made a wrong in put of my neco scratch card on a school portal how can I change it

    1. It depends on the school and their platform accessibility. If a school like FUOYE, Ado Poly etc, their platforms allow you to login to your profile again and change the PIN you filled. If such platform doesn't allow you to change it, kindly look for the portal contact phone number or email and explain your situation. There is always a solution.

  16. Sir I Just discover that my date of birth instead of 16 march, 1995 it was written as16 march, 1998. How can i go about this Sir?Please


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