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Two Names on My Results! Is this a Problem for Admission

Names arrangement on results had been causing some disturbances in the recent time. Some candidates had only two names on their SSCE results e.g WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB. Some had two names on their JAMB UTME results.

The concern, now, is if this will cause any problem while seeking admissions. Will having just two names on the JAMB results or O'level results cause any problem or be the reason to lose admission?

This post will be handling this issue and give you the ways out if there is any reason to make the right amendment. The post below will be your best guide.

No Problems With Names on Your SSCE Result If It Tallies With Other Documents

Of course, the Nigerian educational system allows students to use two names. This is why, if you're to fill forms, the options for the surname and first name will be made compulsory while the other name or middle name will be left optional.

As a result, you're allowed to use only two names, if that is what you have on your WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB results.

However, these name arrangements must align with other educational documents and personal credentials. For example, if your WAEC result bears Adulgafar Samad, your primary school leaving certificate and/or the testimonial should bear the same two names following the same arrangement.

Other similar documents that must have the names tallied with that of SSCE include local government identification or state of origin certificate, birth certificate, or declaration of age, etc

There is a Problem and Solution if the Names Differ on Results

Needless to repeat, if the names on your SSCE result are two but those on other related credentials are three, there is a problem that needs your immediate attention before you start to be seeking admissions.

Fortunately, if it's the school exam type of WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB, you should return to your school and write for correction of or addition of the third name through your school to the exam body. 

Individual candidates are not allowed to apply directly to the exam bodies if the exam is written under a school such as May/June WAEC, May/June NABTEB, or June/July NECO. You have to go through your school principal and/or the exam officer.

If you can make this correction before the original result or the exam certificate comes out, the corrected name will surely reflect on that.

If you're using a private exam type of WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB which is also called the GCE, you should visit the exam body's office directly to apply for the correction or inclusion of the third name. 

The best chapter or branch of the exam body, to visit, should be the one situated in the state of your exam. For example, candidates who sat for NECO GCE in Kaduna should visit the NECO office Kaduna. If you're not closer to the state of the exam, try the nearest branch.

If JAMB Results Has Two Names...

If you're having just two names on your UTME result with your O'level results bearing three names, there is a problem that must be solved too.

Schools, even though might understand your situation, wouldn't want to keep anything at bay. They want your names and other data to align across all papers. 

Hence, they want the amendment to this error before they can clear you for admission especially during the freshers' documentation and screening.

Mind you, if you have just two names on your JAMB, it's because you have the same two names on your national ID card. Don't forget that you used your NIN for the JAMB registration. And it's the names on that NIN that JAMB exported for your UTME/DE registration too.

 If the names on both O'level and JAMB are two and the same, you may not need to worry about the third name. But, if the names on your O'level are three and UTME is carrying just two, you have to take the steps below to get things right for your admission purpose.

Visit the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office around you. Tell them about the issue and they will ask you to make payment for the correction of names on your national ID card.

The correction will be done by the NIMC and a new enrollment slip will be issued to you.

Note that, taking the step above will only resolve the error or omission on the national ID card. To correct the error on the JAMB result or registration, follow the steps below.

Visit the nearest JAMB office with your birth certificate or court affidavit bearing the correct three names. You will be asked to pay for the change of data. When done and approved, you will receive a JAMB email notice informing you of the approval or otherwise the rejection of the application.

After this, if approved, print or reprint your original JAMB result to see the updated names approved.

What If I Use Court Affidavit to Back the Omission Up?

As a matter of fact, using the court affidavit should be the last resort if there is an omission of names or related data on your results. 

Schools are aware that you can do the corrections officially without using the court affidavit. Hence, in most cases, they may not accept that in place of following the normal procedures to correct your name issue.

However, if you'd tried all the official channels to no avail, you can then resort to using the court affidavit, which with some explanation, should be accepted by the school officials.

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