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Can I Get Profile Code Online and Use it For JAMB?

Can I Get Profile Code Online and Use it For JAMB?
Getting JAMB profile code online
While applying for JAMB UTME/DE, the first step is to get your JAMB profile code. To do that, generally, candidates are required to send their NINs to 55019. 

After this, a unique profile code will be sent to their phone numbers. With these profile codes, they will procure the ePINs to register their UTMEs or DEs.

However, after making several attempts to get these profile codes, some candidates were greeted with errors of all sorts. Affected students are now considering the possibility of getting the profile codes online and using them for their registrations instead of waiting endlessly for the codes or troubleshooting these network and SMS issues coming up as a result of using the SMS method.

Can you just forget about the SMS method and get your own codes directly from the JAMB portal? If yes, is the profile code from the JAMB portal valid for UTME/DE registration? If not, why and what else can you do?

In this post, I will be answering these questions and shedding more light on related concerns.

Although You Can Get JAMB Profile Code Online But...

It's truly possible to get the JAMB profile code online. That was a method, being adopted by the board, in the past, and at present, for any e-facility activities such as UTME/DE, regularization, etc.

You might have also learned that you could just fill a form directly from the JAMB portal (e-facility page) in order to create a JAMB profile through which you can get the profile code too.

JAMB e-facility form to be filled and get the profile code

That's true. Yet, that is not the way JAMB wishes you to generate profile codes for registrations such as:

  1. JAMB UTME/DE registration
  2. JAMB Part-time registration
  3. JAMB Distance learning registration
  4. JAMB sandwich registration or 
  5. JAMB transfer registration.

Creating a JAMB profile through this link and getting a profile code therethrough is not acceptable for all the activities listed above.

You can only use that for JAMB regularization, in the meantime.

What Will Happen If You Use Online Profile Code for JAMB Registrations

If you insist that it will save you the time to generate your profile code online, or you decide to listen to your friend instead of my stand above, what will happen?

You will, of course, be able to get the profile code through your email or on your profile dashboard, after the creation of an e-facility account. However, the code will be useless when you want to buy the JAMB PIN or register your UTME/DE.


Under normal circumstances, if you generate the profile code, through SMS, immediately you enter it to buy the PIN at a bank, online e.g. Remita, Interswitch, or any other platform, the system will recognize it because it was correctly generated with NIN/SMS.

The system will see the names attached to that profile code, from the NIN, proceed to payment and give you your PIN after that.

However, if you use the online profile code, the system won't recognize that and will deny you to proceed with the payment for the form and use that for the registration.

If by any chance you're able to make the payment, with this online profile code and the PIN generated, at the CBT center, their system will NOT proceed with the registration because your details, which are supposed to be fetched from your NIN (national ID card), won't be available on the JAMB server.

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JAMB Insists on Using SMS Method for Profile Codes Generation

The only authentic and acceptable method to create a JAMB profile for UTME and DE, for example, and getting the codes therethrough, is by using the SMS method.

Candidates wishing to write UTME and those seeking admission through the Direct Entry are required, compulsorily, to send an SMS in the following format in order to get their profile codes

Send an SMS to 55019, NIN followed by a space and followed by your 11-digit NIN e.g NIN 12345678912

After this, the candidate will be debited with #50 for the network service charge which will return an SMS containing the 10-digit profile code. This code, in turn, will be used to buy the e-PIN for their UTMEs or DEs.


You might have been forced to turn to the online method of getting profile code because of problems experienced while trying to generate the code using the SMS. Check out this list of problems already reported by some students and see the solutions suggested for each. I might have solved your own issue too.

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