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How to Book Appointment with JAMB and For What

JAMB has finally opened offices across the nation after a long wait. Candidates could do nothing on the body's portal during the stay-at-home pronouncement by the Federal Government. However, candidates can't just visit any branch for any reason unless they book appointments with the board ahead of the time of the visit.

In order words, if you intend to do any after-UTME exercises at the nearest JAMB office you must be given a date and time to come. Without an appointment, JAMB won't attend to your issues.

Activities you may want to visit the JAMB office for include:

How Do I Book Appointment with JAMB?

JAMB has instructed all candidates willing to visit JAMB offices to book appointments following the steps below:
  • Dial *55019#.
  • Follow the prompted instructions to then end
  • Wait for appointment confirmation and date/time to visit

JAMB has assured candidates that once they visit on appointments, they will be attended to. Otherwise, you'll be sent off the premises.

Can You Perform Similar Activities at CBT Centres?

As a matter of fact, booking an appointment with JAMB before visiting the offices is strange and disheartening. It's been difficult to use the JAMB office's services before now. And now that the booking thing is involved candidates may likely wait for days before it's their turns. 

Unfortunately, this development may not be reversed even in the future. Hence, we have to accept it as it is.

What if what you want to do is urgent? What if the target school is closing the application before the appointment date? What if it's urgent to do the regularization to meet with NYSC? etc. Can you use the CBT center instead of waiting for the JAMB appointment?

Well, you can use the services of a CBT now. All accredited CBT can do JAMB change of institutions/courses, regularization, uploading of results, and corrections of other data. However, no information is available for the upgrading of UTME to DE by CBT centres. That is strictly for JAMB offices in the meantime.

Hence, for activities other than upgrading, you can use the services of the nearest accredited CBT centre.

Can Cafes Do Change of Institutions/Courses and Others?

As at the time of this post, JAMB has not allowed cafes to do any other activities on its portal other than printing of results. Actually, in my post, "Do Cafes/CBT Centres Handle Change of Institutions/Courses?", I claimed that cafes could do more. Unfortunately, that was for the previous years. For the 2020 admission exercises, due to COVID-19 and lockdown, cafes are yet to be allowed to do the change of institutions/courses and related activities for candidates.

This, of course, is temporary, as we hope cafes will be allowed sooner. However, if you must do your things as soon as possible, you can consider booking an appointment with JAMB or using the services of the nearest CBT centre.

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