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4 Working Methods To Generate JAMB Profile Code

When it's time to buy the JAMB UTME or DE form, the first step is to generate the JAMB profile code. This is the 10-digit number that will be used to procure the JAMB e-PIN. The ePIN will then be used to obtain the UTME/DE form.

This first step can be a mystery to some students as they usually find it difficult to get the code. Without it being generated within the right timeframe, one may not be able to register for the JAMB year.

The board has made this more flexible by providing about four working methods to get your JAMB profile code. In this post, I will share those methods so that if one does not work, you can take advantage of the other.

1. SMS Method

This involves sending a text message to a specific number provided by the board. You may need to strictly use a phone number that belongs to you for this message to avoid some issues later. Ensure you have a valid and functional phone number that has not been used for JAMB registration before (except if you're the one who used it before).

  1. Open the messaging app on your phone.
  2. Send your NIN as a text message to 55019/66019 in this format: NIN (space) 11-digit NIN, e.g., NIN 61782679112.
  3. You'll be debited N50 after sending the SMS.
  4. Once debited, you should receive a confirmation message with your JAMB profile code.

2. USSD Method

Just like method 1 above, you'll need a phone and your SIM on it.

  1. On your phone, dial *55019*1*NIN# e.g., *55019*1*61782679112#.
  2. Or dial *66019*1*NIN# e.g., *66019*1*61782679112#.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. You will be debited N50 after this is successfully processed.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message containing your JAMB profile code.

3. Recovery Method

Methods 1 and 2 are for candidates who have not processed JAMB before or who have not once generated the JAMB profile code. If you've once bought the JAMB form or generated the profile code, you'll only need to recover it if already been deleted, misplaced, or lost.

To recover a lost JAMB profile code, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Insert the SIM used to buy the last JAMB form or used to generate the profile code back then.
  2. Redial *55019*1*NIN# or send the SMS as earlier stated.
  3. You can also send RESEND as a text message (SMS) to 55019.
  4. A message will be sent to your line/SIM containing the old profile code.

It's the same old profile code that you'll still use for the new JAMB. This is because the phone number or line/SIM used for the JAMB profile code can't be changed. Hence, the profile code will remain the same whether reprocessed afresh or regenerated.

4. Retrieval Method

If you've bought JAMB before or generated the profile code for the last JAMB or one before, you can retrieve your profile code inside your email. Back then, the code was sent to your inbox (or check spam).

Login to your email. Search for JAMB messages (using the search box). Check through the email received during the JAMB activities for the last year. You'll see the message containing the profile code. Copy this out and use it to buy the new JAMB form.


Obtaining the JAMB profile code is a crucial initial step for students seeking to register for the UTME or DE form. With the provided methods—SMS, USSD, Recovery, and Retrieval—candidates have options tailored to their circumstances. The flexibility introduced by the board ensures a smoother process, even for those who may have lost or misplaced their codes. 

Whether through traditional SMS, USSD commands, or email retrieval, students can navigate the process efficiently. This user-friendly approach not only eases the anxiety associated with code generation but also underscores the commitment to inclusivity in the JAMB registration process.

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