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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Wrong UTME Subjects Combination? See Solutions (2019/2020 Updates)

See Solutions to Wrong UTME Subjects Combination
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You're on the right page if you want to correct UTME subject combination or you're finding other possible ways out of this mess.

You can find yourself in one of the most common situations – wrong subject combination in JAMB UTME. I used the phrase “most common” because that’s the truth. Several students had fell victims of wrong subjects combination and some will still be victims in the future. This was the reason I wrote this post.

Most of the time, it is a student’s fault to have selected subjects not relevant to his or her proposed courses. This is because it’s your responsibility to study the JAMB brochure before registration or at least, read such posts as my Mini JAMB Brochure. JAMB has equally given you a tool to test whether you UTME and SSCE subjects are perfect for the school and course you're proposing.

But I like blaming JAMB and CBT centres for this problem. JAMB is to be blamed because they discontinued giving a paper brochure and gave CD ROM instead. And the worst is, only a few students have access to that and computers to read its contents.

Also, these poor CBT centres have little knowledge of the right subject combination for individual courses. Hence, they erroneously pick one or two subjects a candidate won't need for his course or fail to correct you if you mix things up.

Blame game over!

If you find yourself in this situation, you will want to know the ways out. Below is a 3-way professional point of view to get yourself out of UTME subject combination error.

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1. Consider Change of Subjects Before UTME

If you detect that you have the wrong subjects before the date of your exam, kindly return to the CBT centre for correction. Only CBT is given the right to do correction of subjects and you can use any centre around you (not necessary to go back to where you registered in the first place).

Don’t go to cafĂ© for this, please.

To justify your claim, you can go to the CBT centre with the page of the JAMB brochure that details what your subjects should be. I think that will convince them.

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2. Consider Change of Course to the Relevant One

If UTME is over before you realize the wrong subjects had been done, visit your JAMB brochure again to see the list of courses that are suitable for your subject combination. Then, do JAMB change of course to that. Sorry if this is not what you really want, but it’s better than waiting another year to the wrong subjects even with a higher mark.

JAMB advise changing to the right course for the subjects

I recommend you check my "Mini JAMB Brochure" to see the list of courses in schools and their correct UTME subject combination. I carefully extracted this from the updated official Brochure.

In fact, Guidance and Counseling is an Education course that anyone can change to with any possible four UTME subjects. This can save you some headaches. The same is applicable to Library and Information Science.

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3. Proposed Schools May Help Change Course

From experience, some schools will still offer you admission based on your performance in UTME. However, during screening (usually physical screening and documentation), they will find out that you’d done wrong subjects. If your school is lenient enough, they will give you other courses to consider. And if you’re satisfied, congratulations!

I have seen this kind of situation at the University of Ibadan, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Federal Polytechnic Ede, etc.

Some schools may not make this known to you before giving you another course. They just go ahead and give you another suitable course. I have cases like this at the Osun State University Osogbo, Ladoke Akintola University Ogobomo, Federal University of Oye Ekiti.


Please note that option 3 is the least recommended here. A school system or method may change at any time – hence don’t stake on this.

You’ll be better off if you can achieve either option 1 or 2.

Best of luck!

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