Is It Compulsory to Answer All JAMB UTME Questions? -

Is It Compulsory to Answer All JAMB UTME Questions?

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The question of whether to attempt all questions in UTME has come up a few times in my JAMB UTME-related posts.

I think it's time I treated this dilemma.

Must you answer all the questions that will be given to you in the UTME? 

For the introduction, every candidate will be given 60 questions in English and 40 questions for each of the other three related subjects.

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The question is - must all the 60 English questions and 40 others be done/answered before submitting or you can just attempt those you're confident of and submit?

This post will address this concern and related ones.

You're To Answer All the UTME Questions

Under normal circumstances, JAMB requires/expects all candidates to answer the 60 English questions together with the 120 questions of the other three subjects registered for during the UTME registration.

In calculation, your total questions will be 180 i.e 60 plus (40x3).

It's only if all these questions are answered that candidates can expect the maximum possible score from each of the four subjects.

However, it's not a-must that you answer all the questions.

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No Rule Forces Candidates to Answer All the UTME Questions

Just like in any other exam, UTME candidates are not obliged to answer all questions given to them during the exam. Candidates may complete all the questions, if the time and knowledge permit, or otherwise if things don't work well.

If you're the type that hates picking imaginary options for the questions you have no answers for, you may choose to leave such questions undone. No offense, other than that you automatically miss that mark if the chosen option is not correct.

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Related to that, you shouldn't worry about what they call negative marking because all available data has shown that JAMB is not deducting missed marks from what candidates get right.

Therefore, you have nothing to fear, as the board never insists that candidates must attempt or answer all the 180 questions before they can expect a good score. It's a game of you getting what you pay for.

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JAMB Will Release Your Results If You Don't Answer All

I've got a few misconceptions that JAMB might not release your results if you didn't answer all the questions whether you know them or otherwise.

That's a naked lie!

As already noted, JAMB UTME is no different from other exams in terms of marking scheme. Candidates get the scores for what they do. It doesn't matter if you answer all your questions or otherwise.

In fact, JAMB has once declared that even attempting the exam has already qualified you not to score zero (0) in UTME. Although there was a contradictory position later on. What's more important to know is that JAMB has never said if a candidate didn't answer all the questions, his or her results wouldn't be marked or released.

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Why Won't You Answer All the JAMB Questions?

Except for the obvious reasons, such as time constraints or no knowledge of the questions, why would any candidate decide not to answer all his or her questions?

Well, if you have been fooled that if you don't know a question, don't do it, I have another view of this situation.

The questions you don't have answers to are called God's questions. That's the name I gave it anyway.

Yet, you can still answer them if you just apply my method in the, "How to Solve the 3 Types of Questions in JAMB UTME".

To me, it's not ideal leaving a few questions unanswered because you don't know the answer. Who knows if you give it some trials, you can win a few more marks. An ordinary 1 mark in JAMB UTME (or any exam for that matter) is something.

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In summary, there is no rule of thumb that candidates must answer all questions in the UTME. However, it's not proper to leave any questions unanswered if you're not restricted by time or technical inches during the exam.

If you must leave some questions unanswered, due to the lack of their understanding, you should find means to work things around (as guided earlier) because all the questions matter in the end.

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