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Can I Use last Year's JAMB PIN, OTP, Code this Year?

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A few students had asked if it's possible to use last year JAMB UTME/DE forms this year.

They wanted to know if they didn't use their registration PINs last year, could they be used this year instead of buying new PINs.

Similarly, there were cases of candidates who paid for the JAMB change of institution last year but never used it. They now want to consider using that this year.

So also are candidates who got profile code last year but never bought JAMB PIN with it. Now, they want to buy the form this year. Hence, they want to know if they can just use that profile code to buy a new form.

This post will clear the air concerning the above-listed concerns..

JAMB Profile Code Generated Last Year is Usable this Year

Once you get JAMB profile code from JAMB through sending NIN to 55019/66019, the profile code has been tied to your phone number and the NIN.

Even if you try to to get a new profile code this year, it won't work. Why?

You're more likely to use the same phone number used to to get the code last again this year. JAMB system will identify this number and resend the old profile code instead of a different code.

And if you think of using a new line, the system will identify the NIN and alert you immediately that your NIN has been used to fetch profile code before.

In other words, it's asking you to go and use the last code still.

This simply means, with the new system of generating profile code, one candidate will be tied to profile code until he gains admission.

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JAMB UTME/DE PIN (Forms) Bought last Year Won't Work This Year

JAMB has designed its registration platform not to mix last year code together with the new year codes. Hence, the 2020 PIN will only work for that admission exercise while new PIN will only work for this year.

And if for any reason, you're still holding last year PIN, you won't be able to use it this year.

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Data Correction OTP Generated Last Year Won't Work for this Year

I've actually warned that OTP for one admission exercise can't be transferred to the other year.

Hence, if you have an outstanding after-JAMB payment (unused) in the last admission exercise, its OTP has expired together with the year. You need a new payment and OTP for this year.


Be it a UTME or DE candidate, the JAMB profile code used last once linked with NIN will be used for the subsequent JAMB registrations. Hence, there is no need to make attempt to change that code. Whereas, the JAMB PIN bought last year will not be valid for this year. So also is the JAMB OTP for last year JAMB activities.

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