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What To Take Along To Change Institutions/Courses

Of course, you're allowed to change your institutions and courses of choice after you have done JAMB UTME/DE registration.

You do that before UTME or after you've taken the exam and the result is released. You can as well delay changes until after admission in certain cases.

However, changes of institutions and courses can strictly be done at accredited CBT centers and JAMB offices nationwide. Even if you start it by yourself, it has to be completed, the fingerprint part, at a CBT center or JAMB office.

When going for the changes, what should you take along? What are the documents, items, or credentials necessary for students to take to CBT centers or JAMB offices in order to effect the changes?

This is the sole reason for writing this post, even though my stretches may help out with related concerns.

The Main Requirement Is to Be Physically Present For The Changes

One of the after-JAMB activities that the board doesn't allow to be done by proxy, is the change of institutions and/or courses. Your personal presence is not only normal, it's compulsory.

Your fingerprints will be captured as an approval for the changes made. Hence, you're to be there. Whereas, the fingerprints must equal to the ones captured during the UTME registration.

As you can see, you can't send a friend, family, or teacher to help you out with the JAMB change of institutions and/or courses.

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Your JAMB Profile Code is a Must For a Change of Institutions/Courses

Going to the CBT center or JAMB office, you've to be sure you have your JAMB profile code with you.

Remember the JAMB profile code? 

You got that through the SMS when you were about to buy UTME/DE PIN back then during the JAMB registration.

When you sent your NIN to 55019. A message was sent to you which contained a 10-digit number called profile code. It looks somewhat like this, "1320125297".

You'll need this profile code again at the CBT center or JAMB office before they can access the platform to effect your proposed changes.

Luckily, you can easily receive this in the last message you got back then. And if you've deleted or lost, if you still have the SIM/line, you should just resend the NIN to 55019 in this format, "NIN 1774648856" to 55019. You can also text RESEND to 55019.

Apart from this SMS  method, you can get it on your JAMB portal dashboard, as equally guided in, "Get JAMB Profile Code or Recover a Lost Code". 

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A Change of Institutions/Courses Fee Is Compulsory

The third important thing that must accompany a candidate who wishes to change institutions and/or courses is the fee.

Officially, JAMB requires each candidate to pay N2500 for the correction of institutions and/or courses. This, officially, must go with the N700 CBT center fee.

However, experience has shown that some CBT centers do charge higher than the total of N3200. Some go for N3500 (the most lenient of them). Some are exploiting students to the tone of N4500 or above.

To save yourself some headache, except if a friend or family has used the same CBT center and can give you its price, go there with N5000. You can retain the balance if they don't charge up to that.

You May Need Some Peripherals For a Change of Institutions/Courses

As a backup, you may need to go along with a few things, as listed below. Note that they're not compulsory, but there could be reasons to turn to them.

  1. JAMB Registration Slip: A CBT center may need to confirm your JAMB registration number if there is any discrepancy. The correct one will be on the slip. If you're trying to get back the profile code using the wrong SIM, you can confirm the correct number on the slip.
  2. Your Phone: You may need this for the profile code retrieval if you don't have it written out already.

You Don't Need The Following For Change of Institutions and/or Courses

  1. O'level result
  2. Identification card e.g. NIN or ID card
  3. Admission letter
  4. Pen and paper

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