Last Year Profile Used, Do I Need to Link Email Again? -

Last Year Profile Used, Do I Need to Link Email Again?

We all knew that candidates who had once used their NINs for JAMB registrations were required to still use the same NINs for the current year's admission.

This directly forced this set of candidates to use the same profiles to process admissions for this year.

In other words, their profiles were created last year and they would just have to log into the same profiles for anything they want to do henceforth. I cleared their fears in my post, "Why You May Not Want to Use Last JAMB Profile/Code This Year"

However, there is confusion. 

JAMB requires all students to link their emails with the JAMB portals. This, you can do, using SMS (if that method is still working by now) while the other method is to visit the nearest accredited CBT center to link the emails to the JAMB portals.

Candidates who had got profiles last year were now asking if they would link their emails this year again. They want to know if they must return to CBT centers to link or if they won't need to do that this year.

In this post, I will be answering your question and shedding more light on this confusion.

Candidates with Existing Profiles Don't Need To Link Emails Again

Once you have done JAMB before with your email already linked to the JAMB portal, back then, you didn't need to link or relink your email to the JAMB portal again.

The email linking to the JAMB portal is generally a one-time activity. Once you linked one year, there was no need to repeat the same another year if you must reprocess admission for the following year.

Just as your profile for the last year remains the one you will need for this year and for next year, so also has the one-time linking covered for the whole year.

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Candidates Who Didn't Link Last Year Need To Link This Year

Although some candidates wrote JAMB last year, they didn't link for one reason or the other. They might not link, back then, because they didn't pass JAMB or because they didn't process (further) any admission after the release of the UTME results.

However, they retried JAMB this year and were ready to process their admissions. This time, they will need to link just because they've not done that in the past.

Hence, writing and checking JAMB results in the past is not enough to think that you won't need to link, since the linking wasn't done last year, you will have to do that this year before you can print your JAMB result, change institutions and/or courses, print JAMB admission letters, etc.

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Relinking email to the JAMB portal is not needed (and not even possible) if you'd once (perhaps last year) done that. Candidates who didn't link last year, even though wrote JAMB in the year, would need to link this time around if they want to process this year's admissions. All candidates writing JAMB for the first time must link too if they want to process their admissions.

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