2020 UTME: Textbooks For France, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo - Recommended by JAMB - School Contents

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2020 UTME: Textbooks For France, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo - Recommended by JAMB



A (i) Written Language
  1. Ajiboye, T. (2014) Companion to French Grammar (4th Edition): Ibadan: Cleavoketa books
  2. Ajiboye, T. (2012) Nouvel Horizon, Book 4, New Revised Edition, Ibadan: Bounty Press
  3. Byrne and Churchill (1980) A Comprehensive French Grammar, 
  4. Hatier (1980) Le Nouveau Bescherelle: L’Art de Conjuguer, Ibadan: Spectrum Book Ltd.
  5. Maice, G et Merlo, G : (1998): Grammaire progressive du français ( Niveau intermediaire), Paris: Clé international.
  6. Mazauric,. C, et Sirejols, E(2006) : On y va! Book 3, Ibadan : Spectrun Books Ltd.
  7. Ojo, S. A.(2000) A Comprehensive Revision Handbook of French Grammar, Ibadan: Agoro Publishing Company.
  8. Any other relevant materials on French Grammar.
(ii) Oral:
  1. Ajiboye, T. (2010) An Introduction to Practice in Oral French, Ibadan: Bounty Press.
  2. Leon, M. (1978) Initiation à la Prononciation du Français Standard
  3. Any other materials that emphasise oral practice
(B) Culture of Froncophone Countries
  1. Girod R and Ground-Clement, F. (1979) Comment vivent les Francais, Paris: Hachette Mbuko, L. (2000) French Essays on Culture and Civilisation for Schools and College Ibadan: Bounty Press
  2. Any other relevant materials, e.g. French newspapers, magazines, journals, and documents on Francophone life.
  3. Wisdomline Pass at Once JAMB.
(C) Dictionary
  1. Any good French/English or French dictionary


  1. Galadanci, M.K.M. (1976) Introduction to Hausa Grammar, Zaria: Longman
  2. Junju, M.H. (1980) Rayayyen Nahawun Hausa, Zaria: NNPC
  3. Muhammad, Y.M. (2005) Fassarar Hausa, Zaria: ABU Press
  4. Sani, M.A.Z. (1999) Tsarin Sauti Da Nahawun Hausa, Ibadan: UP Plc
  5. Sani, M.A.Z. et al (2000) Exam Focus: Hausa Language, Ibadan UP Plc
  6. Skinner, N. (1977) Grammar of Hausa, Zaria: NNPC
  7. Yahaya, I.Y. et al (1992), Darussan Hausa 1 – 3, Ibadan: UP Plc Don manyan makarantun sakandare
  1. Bichi, A.Y. (1979) Wa?o?in Bikin Aure, Lagos: Nelson
  2. Dangambo, A. (1984) Rabe – Raben Adabin Baka da Muhimmancinsa Ga Rayuwar Hausawa, Kano: T.P.C.
  3. Gusau, S.M. (1991) Maka?a Da Mawa?an Hausa, Kaduna: Fisbas Media Service
  4. Ibrahim, M.S. (1977) Kowa Ya Sha Ki?a, Zaria: Longman
  5. Madauci, I. et al (1992) Hausa Customs, Zaria: ABU Press
  6. Umar, M.B. (1976) ?anmaraya Jos Da Wa?o?insa, Ibadan: OUP
  7. Umar, M.B. (1977) Wasannin Tashe, Zaria: NNPC
  1. Bargery G.P. (1951) A Hausa – English Dictionary and English-Hausa Vocabulary London: OUP
  2. Newman, R.M. (1997) An English-Hausa Dictionary, Ibadan: Longman
  3. Newman and Newman (1977) Sabon ?amus Na Hausa Zuwa Turanci, Ibadan: UPL
  4. Skinner, N. (1993) Kamus Na Turanci Da Hausa, Zaria: NNPC
  5. CSNL: (2006) ?amusun Hausa Na Jami’ar Bayero ta Kano, Kano: ?ab’in CSNL
  1. Abi´?´du´n, J. (1995). A`ro`k? a`ti Aa´yan O`gbuf?`, Lagos: MAJAB Publishers.
  2. Ade´w?le´, L. O. (et al) (2000). Exam Focus – Yoru`ba´ Language for WASSCE/ SSCE, I`ba`da`n: UP Plc.
  3. Awo´bu`lu´yi`, O. (1978). Essentials of Yoru`ba´ Grammar, I`ba`da`n: UP Plc.
  4. Awo´bu`lu´yi`, O. (ed.) (1990). Yoru`ba´ Metalanguage (E`de`-I`peri´ Yoru`ba´) Vol. II, I`ba`da`n: UP Plc.
  5. Awo´bu`lu´yi`, O. (2008). ?`k?´ I`??`da´-?`r?` Yoru`ba´, Akur?: Montem Paperback.
  6. Awo´bu`lu´yi`, O. (2013). ?`k?´ Gi´ra´ma` E`de` Yoru`ba´, O?ogbo: Atman Ltd.
  7. Babal?la´, A. (ed.) (1991). I`we´ I`m?´d?`tun Yoru`ba´ SSI – SSIII, Longman.
  8. Ba´mgbo´?e´,O.(ed.) (1984). Yoru`ba´ Metalanguage (E`de`-I`peri´ Yoru`ba´) Vol. 1, I`ba`da`n:UP Plc.
  9. Ba´mgbo´?e´, A. (1990). F?n?´l?´ji` a`ti Gi´ra´ma` Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n.
  10. Mustapha, O. (ed.) (1988). ?`k?´-E`de` Yoru`ba´ O`de-o`ni´ SSI – SSIII, Macmillian Publishers.
  11. Mustapha, O. (ed.) (1991). ?`k?´-E`de` Yoru`ba´ Titun SSI–SSIII, I`ba`da`n: UP Plc.
  12. ?d?´to´kun, A. (et al) (2005). I`we´ I`gba´radi` fu´n I`da´nwo´ Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n: Macmillan Publishers.
  13. Owo´labi´, K. (1989). I`ji`nl?` I`tu´pal?` E`de` Yoru`ba´ (1) Fo´n?´ti´i`ki` a`ti F?n?´l?´ji`, I`ba`da`n: Oni´b?no`je´ Press.
  14. Owo´labi´, O. (et al) (1999). Countdown WASSCE/SSCE, NECO, JME (I`we´ I`gba´ra`di fu´n I`da´nwo` A`?eka´gba´ Yoru`ba´) I`ba`da`n: Evans.
  15. ?ya´de`yi´, O. (1998). I`ji`nl?` F?n?´l?´ji` a`ti Gi´ra´ma` E`de` Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n: Heinemann.
  1. All the prescribed texts are reflected as applicable on the syllabus under Topics/Contents/Notes column.
  1. Ade´oye`, C. L. (1979). A`?a` a`ti I`?e Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n: OUP.
  2. Ade´oye`, C. L. (1985). I`gba`gb?´ a`ti ?`si`n Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n: Oni´b?n?`je´ Press.
  3. La´de´l´e´, T. A. (et al) (1986). A`ko´j?p?` I`wa´di`i´ I`ji`nl?` A`?a` Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n: Macmillian Publishers.


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  6. Okoye, O. F. S., Ofoegbu, N. F. and Ezidiegwu, B. L. (1997) ?gbara ?h?r? ?t?as?s?, Igbo maka Sin?? Sek?nd?r?, Onitsha: Houston Publishers Ltd.
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  12. ?f?mata, C. E. (2005): Ndezu ?t?as?s? Igbo. Enugu: Format Publishers (Nig) Ltd.
  13. Ofili, D. N. Anozie C.C. and Chukwu, A.O. (2012): Lingwistiiki Sayens? As?s? II. Enugu: Computer Edge.

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