2022 UTME: Textbooks For French, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo - School Contents

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2022 UTME: Textbooks For French, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo


French Texts Recommended By JAMB

A (i) Written Language
  1. Ajiboye, T. (2014) Companion to French Grammar (4th Edition): Ibadan: Cleavoketa books
  2. Ajiboye, T. (2012) Nouvel Horizon, Book 4, New Revised Edition, Ibadan: Bounty Press
  3. Byrne and Churchill (1980) A Comprehensive French Grammar, 
  4. Hatier (1980) Le Nouveau Bescherelle: L’Art de Conjuguer, Ibadan: Spectrum Book Ltd.
  5. Maice, G et Merlo, G : (1998): Grammaire progressive du français ( Niveau intermediaire), Paris: Clé international.
  6. Mazauric,. C, et Sirejols, E(2006) : On y va! Book 3, Ibadan: Spectrum Books Ltd.
  7. Ojo, S. A.(2000) A Comprehensive Revision Handbook of French Grammar, Ibadan: Agoro Publishing Company.
  8. Any other relevant materials on French Grammar.

(ii) Oral:
  1. Ajiboye, T. (2010) An Introduction to Practice in Oral French, Ibadan: Bounty Press.
  2. Leon, M. (1978) Initiation à la Prononciation du Français Standard
  3. Any other materials that emphasise oral practice

(B) Culture of Francophone Countries
  1. Girod R and Ground-Clement, F. (1979) Comment vivent les Francais, Paris: Hachette Mbuko, L. (2000) French Essays on Culture and Civilisation for Schools and College Ibadan: Bounty Press
  2. Any other relevant materials, e.g. French newspapers, magazines, journals, and documents on Francophone life.
  3. Wisdomline Pass at Once JAMB.

(C) Dictionary
  1. Any good French/English or French dictionary

Hausa Texts Recommended By JAMB

  1. Galadanci, M.K.M. (1976) Introduction to Hausa Grammar, Zaria: Longman
  2. Junju, M.H. (1980) Rayayyen Nahawun Hausa, Zaria: NNPC
  3. Muhammad, Y.M. (2005) Fassarar Hausa, Zaria: ABU Press
  4. Sani, M.A.Z. (1999) Tsarin Sauti Da Nahawun Hausa, Ibadan: UP Plc
  5. Sani, M.A.Z. et al (2000) Exam Focus: Hausa Language, Ibadan UP Plc
  6. Skinner, N. (1977) Grammar of Hausa, Zaria: NNPC
  7. Yahaya, I.Y. et al (1992), Darussan Hausa 1 – 3, Ibadan: UP Plc Don manyan makarantun sakandare

  1. Bichi, A.Y. (1979) Wa?o?in Bikin Aure, Lagos: Nelson
  2. Dangambo, A. (1984) Rabe – Raben Adabin Baka da Muhimmancinsa Ga Rayuwar Hausawa, Kano: T.P.C.
  3. Gusau, S.M. (1991) Maka?a Da Mawa?an Hausa, Kaduna: Fisbas Media Service
  4. Ibrahim, M.S. (1977) Kowa Ya Sha Ki?a, Zaria: Longman
  5. Madauci, I. et al (1992) Hausa Customs, Zaria: ABU Press
  6. Umar, M.B. (1976) ?anmaraya Jos Da Wa?o?insa, Ibadan: OUP
  7. Umar, M.B. (1977) Wasannin Tashe, Zaria: NNPC

  1. Bargery G.P. (1951) A Hausa – English Dictionary and English-Hausa Vocabulary London: OUP
  2. Newman, R.M. (1997) An English-Hausa Dictionary, Ibadan: Longman
  3. Newman and Newman (1977) Sabon ?amus Na Hausa Zuwa Turanci, Ibadan: UPL
  4. Skinner, N. (1993) Kamus Na Turanci Da Hausa, Zaria: NNPC
  5. CSNL: (2006) ?amusun Hausa Na Jami’ar Bayero ta Kano, Kano: ?ab’in CSNL

Yoruba Texts Recommended By JAMB

  1. Abi´?´du´n, J. (1995). A`ro`k? a`ti Aa´yan O`gbuf?`, Lagos: MAJAB Publishers.
  2. Ade´w?le´, L. O. (et al) (2000). Exam Focus – Yoru`ba´ Language for WASSCE/ SSCE, I`ba`da`n: UP Plc.
  3. Awo´bu`lu´yi`, O. (1978). Essentials of Yoru`ba´ Grammar, I`ba`da`n: UP Plc.
  4. Awo´bu`lu´yi`, O. (ed.) (1990). Yoru`ba´ Metalanguage (E`de`-I`peri´ Yoru`ba´) Vol. II, I`ba`da`n: UP Plc.
  5. Awo´bu`lu´yi`, O. (2008). ?`k?´ I`??`da´-?`r?` Yoru`ba´, Akur?: Montem Paperback.
  6. Awo´bu`lu´yi`, O. (2013). ?`k?´ Gi´ra´ma` E`de` Yoru`ba´, O?ogbo: Atman Ltd.
  7. Babal?la´, A. (ed.) (1991). I`we´ I`m?´d?`tun Yoru`ba´ SSI – SSIII, Longman.
  8. Ba´mgbo´?e´,O.(ed.) (1984). Yoru`ba´ Metalanguage (E`de`-I`peri´ Yoru`ba´) Vol. 1, I`ba`da`n:UP Plc.
  9. Ba´mgbo´?e´, A. (1990). F?n?´l?´ji` a`ti Gi´ra´ma` Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n.
  10. Mustapha, O. (ed.) (1988). ?`k?´-E`de` Yoru`ba´ O`de-o`ni´ SSI – SSIII, Macmillian Publishers.
  11. Mustapha, O. (ed.) (1991). ?`k?´-E`de` Yoru`ba´ Titun SSI–SSIII, I`ba`da`n: UP Plc.
  12. ?d?´to´kun, A. (et al) (2005). I`we´ I`gba´radi` fu´n I`da´nwo´ Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n: Macmillan Publishers.
  13. Owo´labi´, K. (1989). I`ji`nl?` I`tu´pal?` E`de` Yoru`ba´ (1) Fo´n?´ti´i`ki` a`ti F?n?´l?´ji`, I`ba`da`n: Oni´b?no`je´ Press.
  14. Owo´labi´, O. (et al) (1999). Countdown WASSCE/SSCE, NECO, JME (I`we´ I`gba´ra`di fu´n I`da´nwo` A`?eka´gba´ Yoru`ba´) I`ba`da`n: Evans.
  15. ?ya´de`yi´, O. (1998). I`ji`nl?` F?n?´l?´ji` a`ti Gi´ra´ma` E`de` Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n: Heinemann.

  1. All the prescribed texts are reflected as applicable on the syllabus under Topics/Contents/Notes column.

  1. Ade´oye`, C. L. (1979). A`?a` a`ti I`?e Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n: OUP.
  2. Ade´oye`, C. L. (1985). I`gba`gb?´ a`ti ?`si`n Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n: Oni´b?n?`je´ Press.
  3. La´de´l´e´, T. A. (et al) (1986). A`ko´j?p?` I`wa´di`i´ I`ji`nl?` A`?a` Yoru`ba´, I`ba`da`n: Macmillian Publishers.

Igbo Texts Recommended By JAMB

  1. Emenanjo, E. N., Okolie, F. O. and Ekwe, B. U. (1995) Igbo maka Sin?? Sek?nd?r? Sukul I.
  2. Emenanjo, E. N., Dike, O. N., Agomo S. N and Ezeuko, R. O. (1999) Exam Focus maka WASSCE na UME, Ibadan: University Press Plc.
  3. Ezikeojiaku, P. A. Okebalama, C. N. Onweluzo, C. N and Ekwe B. U. (1991) Ule Igbo maka Sin?? Sek?nd?r?, Ibadan: University Press Plc.
  4. Ikekeonwu, C., Ezikeojiaku, P. A., Ubani, A. and Ugoji, J. (1999) Fon?l?ji na Grama Igbo, Ibadan: University Press Plc
  5. Nzeak?, J. U. T. (1972): Omenala Nd? Igbo, Ibadan: Longman.
  6. Okoye, O. F. S., Ofoegbu, N. F. and Ezidiegwu, B. L. (1997) ?gbara ?h?r? ?t?as?s?, Igbo maka Sin?? Sek?nd?r?, Onitsha: Houston Publishers Ltd.
  7. Osuagwu, B. I. N. (1979): Nd? Igbo na Omenala Ha, Nigeria: Macmillan.
  8. Ubesie, T. U. (1978): ?dinala Nd? Igbo, Ibadan: Oxford University Press.
  9. Umeh, I. O. A; Onyekaonwu, G. O. Nwadike, I. U. and Okeke I. O. (1992): ?t?as?s? na Ag?mag? Igbo nke Sin?? Sek?nd?r? Sukul, Ibadan: Evans.
  10. Uba – Mgbenena, A. (2006): ?t?ala Usoroas?s? Igbo, Ibadan: Gold Press Ltd.
  11. Anozie, C. C. (2003), Igbo Kwenu: Ak?k? na Omenala nd? Igbo Enugu: Computer Edge Publishers.
  12. ?f?mata, C. E. (2005): Ndezu ?t?as?s? Igbo. Enugu: Format Publishers (Nig) Ltd.
  13. Ofili, D. N. Anozie C.C. and Chukwu, A.O. (2012): Lingwistiiki Sayens? As?s? II. Enugu: Computer Edge.

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