How to Know If My Email Was Linked to JAMB Portal? -

How to Know If My Email Was Linked to JAMB Portal?

You're hearing it here and there that students must link their email to the JAMB portal. And you learned that it's very important and compulsory.

And sincerely, that's true! If you must follow your admission progress and perform some admission-related activities, linking your email to the JAMB portal is as compulsory as sitting for the UTME in the first place.

What if you're not sure your email was linked to the JAMB portal already.

Some candidates took their emails along when they went to the CBT centers for the UTME/DE registration. They filled out the emails on the templates given to them. They hope the emails have been linked already. Some even went back to the CBT center to link their emails but are not sure if it was successfully linked.

When you're not sure of the linking status, you should ask this question. What are the ways to know if your email has earlier been linked or successfully linked to the JAMB portal?

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How to Know If Email Was Linked During the UTME Registration

Normally, all CBT centers were expected to link their candidates' emails to their JAMB portal when they came for the UTME/DE registration. However, due to population, time constraints, and technical inches, some centers didn't do this linking at that time.

However, they didn't open up to these students that the linking was not done and that they should come back for that or go to any other CBT center to do the linking.

But how would you know if your own CBT center didn't skip yours?

First, check your JAMB registration slip (not the exam slip). This is the online printout given to you after filling out your UTME/DE form on the computer and submitting it. Lost it? You can follow the guide in, "Lost JAMB SIM/Line, Reg/Exams/Change Slip? Get it Back!" to get it back. 

This slip is different from the template you filled with a pen that you submitted to the CBT center attendant. It's the copy they gave you that contained your JAMB registration number and other bio-data, schools of choice, etc.

On this slip, there would be your phone number (the one used to generate the JAMB profile code back then). Next to this number, there will be either a specific "email" e.g. [email protected], or the word "None".

If what you had there was your email or any email at all, it meant the email was linked to your JAMB portal. If you had the "None" there, it meant no email was linked with your JAMB portal.

In this situation, just create an email. If you already have a functional email, take it to any CBT center (not necessarily where you registered your JAMB). They will link it for you at a fee. Prepare like N500!

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How to Know It Was Linked If You Go Back

You don't pass the first method? Your CBT center didn't link for you back then? It means you have to go to any accredited CBT center to link.

Good! This time, take your working email along and let them do the linking for you. You can also try the SMS method first. If it doesn't work, go to the CBT center. For some of you who want to check out the closest CBT centers, I've covered all of them state by state in the post, "JAMB UTME: List of ALL Centres and Addresses".

The SMS method to link emails to the JAMB portal

If the SMS method doesn't work, don't dwell or worry about it. I don't guarantee it in the first place. What is certain to work is the CBT center linking.

Once the CBT links the email for you, they will print out another JAMB registration slip for you. This new slip will now have the email next to the phone number.

That's just the difference. If you see it there, there is no doubt, it's successfully linked!

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How Change of Institution/Course Can Help You With Linking

You don't have to spend separate money for the linking and change of institutions/courses if you have any changes to make. 

Just go to the CBT center and tell them you've come for a change of institutions/courses. During the course of changing it for you, they'll definitely link the email too.

This method will save you the double payment. Most CBT centers will only charge you for the changes not with the linking if done together.

In short, if you've done or are about to change institutions/courses, you're sure to link the email during the process.

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The appearance of your email on your JAMB registration slip is the first evidence that your email was linked to the JAMB portal whether they did it for you when you registered JAMB or you returned to the CBT center for the linking.

Similarly, a successful change of institutions/courses means you've linked the email used for the changes.

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