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I've Registered for JAMB Before REQUERY, Help!

JAMB has truly devised a new method to assist students in changing their names, dates of birth, local government or state of origin, and gender. This new method will require prospective applicants to visit the NIMC, update the affected data, then requery the NIN by texting REQUERY followed by a space and the NIN to 55019/66019.

Once this is done, you should receive a confirmation message indicating that your new data has been updated in the NIMC database. Subsequently, your portal will be enabled for the necessary changes when you get to the CBT center.

However, some students are unaware of this process and have completed their registrations with incorrect data before visiting the NIMC for data correction. Some may send the REQUERY SMS later, but it may be too late. 

In other words, if data corrections are not made at the NIMC and requery is not sent before visiting the CBT center for registration, the correction cannot be made at a later stage. You are just stuck, but is there a way out?

In this post, I will outline possible solutions and share related experiences.

Is it True JAMB Won't Allow Correction Without NIN Correction and REQUERY SMS?

Yes, that is correct. If you have completed your UTME/DE registration before updating your NIN details and sending the REQUERY SMS, it is akin to campaigning after an election.

Similarly, if you fail to update your NIN data and requery before visiting the CBT center, they cannot effect the correction because your portal will not be open for modifications. Likewise, visiting the JAMB office at this point would be futile if your intention is to correct names, dates of birth, gender, or state/local government of origin.

JAMB recently reiterated these procedures when addressing a concern raised by an affected student.

I registered for UTME last year and made corrections to my NIN last year. I bought a pin this year after sending REQUERY, and it pulled out the new name arrangement. I went ahead to register for the 2024 UTME, and on my registration slip, it brought out the old data.

JAMB @JAMBHQ replied,

Kindly be aware that any changes made to your bio-data before registering would reflect on your registration slip for record purposes.

In short, if you attempt to change any of your biodata after registration, you are stuck!

So, That's The End? Any Other Ways Out?

There are alternative solutions to some of the obvious problems. To assist you further, let's assume the problem you're facing pertains to names and state/local government of origin.

In cases where the names on your NIN do not match those on your SSCE result, which is often the most common concern for students seeking correction, you find yourself in a predicament. Now, if you'll heed my advice, there are a few ways to navigate this issue:

1. If You've Not Registered for SSCE

If you have not yet registered for WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB, you can proceed to register using the same names containing the errors. Although not ideal, this may be your only option.

This approach may be manageable, especially for minor spelling errors. For instance, a student whose name was "Abigiel" was erroneously written as "Abigael" on the NIN/JAMB records. I suggested that she retain "Abigael" to avoid unnecessary complications.

The student observed that other documents such as birth certificates, primary school certificates/testimonials, etc., displayed the correct spelling "Abigiel." My suggestion was to obtain new documents, for those credentials, with the name "Abigael" to align with the erroneous records.

2. If You've Registered For or Sat For SSCE

In such cases, you may need to forfeit the current result and obtain a new SSCE with the erroneous name to align with your NIN/JAMB records.

For example, in the case mentioned above, if the student has already taken the WAEC or NECO exams, these examining bodies do not typically accommodate name corrections. Hence, you are constrained to the incorrect names. 

In this scenario, it's advisable to discard the existing result and register for a new WAEC or NECO, ensuring that the names match the erroneous ones. Subsequently, obtain new documents such as local government identification and birth certificate with the corresponding names.

3. Support Errors with Affidavit

While most schools are becoming increasingly reluctant to accept affidavits for name corrections, you can still attempt this route.

Although courts still issue affidavits for errors in WAEC and JAMB names, their universal acceptance among schools is questionable. While some institutions may consider it, others may outrightly reject it, insisting on documents with correct and matching names.

If you wish to explore this option, obtain a court affidavit from a high court or magistrate court and see how your luck plays out.

5. Retry Next Year

If you prefer not to retain the erroneous names or if the affidavit route proves unsuccessful, you can opt to defer admission for the current year and address the issue for the next admissions cycle.

By allowing admission to lapse for this year, you can focus on rectifying the error in your NIN. Once corrected, during the next admissions cycle, you can initiate the REQUERY SMS process and subsequently register for JAMB. At the point of registration, your portal will be activated for data correction at the CBT center, enabling you to change the names.

In conclusion, while correcting errors in JAMB registration data after completion can be challenging, there are alternative solutions available depending on the specific circumstances and your eventual choice.

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