Can I Print Last Year or Old JAMB Result This Year? -

Can I Print Last Year or Old JAMB Result This Year?

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Some students have been asking if they can print last year's JAMB result this year. Let's say, for example, you wrote JAMB UTME in 2021 and now it's 2022, can you still print the old result now?

There is an obvious reason to ask this question especially if this year's results had been released. In other words, this year's results are out and are being printed. Will it be possible for last year's candidates to print theirs now?

Whether the new results are released, or another JAMB UTME has not been done, once the result is now one or two years old, will candidates of the previous years be able to print?

This post will answer this question and let candidates who wrote their JAMB 1, 2, 3, or more years ago know what is possible and what is not regards reprinting of their results.

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You May Not Be Able to Print Last Year Notification of UTME Result This Year

Of course, JAMB results are two - notification of result and the original JAMB result. The notification of results is accessible free online and can be printed at a local café for just N200 or thereabout. However, the original JAMB result is not accessible without paying JAMB. You may need to pay about N1000 to JAMB (excluding the online transaction charge and a café charge) before you can print the original JAMB result.

To print last year's notification of results this year, you may be lucky if JAMB has not started releasing this year's results. In other words, JAMB will keep the portal/link to print the notification of results open until the new students write UTME and results are released. Once the new results are out, the link to print theirs will replace the link used by the last year's candidates. Hence, the old link is gone.

Hence, it's safe to say that you will still be able to print as long as the new results are not yet out.

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Procedures to Print Old Notification of UTME Results

To know if the notification of the JAMB result is still available to access, follow the quick guide below.

  1. Visit
  2. On the resulting page, click UTME Main Results Notification Slip
  3. Enter your JAMB registration number or phone Number
  4. Then, click Check My Result
  5. A pop window will display your result if it's still available. Otherwise, it will state that the result is not available for the present year.

You Will Still Be Able to Print the Previous Year Original JAMB Result No Matter What

The original JAMB result will remain active in the board's database for quite a long time. Hence, candidates who have written UTME for some years back to date will still be able to print the original JAMB result.

As earlier noted, this requires making a payment. And in fact, graduates can still access their original JAMB results when demanded. This is why graduates and undergraduates who need to check matriculation lists are being asked to print JAMB results and/or JAMB admission letters. Which they're still able to do no matter the time of their graduation or level of their studies.

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Procedures to Print Old Original JAMB UTME Results

To access and print the original JAMB result, follow the quick guide below.

  1. Visit
  2. On the resulting page, log in with the email and password used for your UTME back then.
  3. If you don't know this, you can create a new profile afresh through this link
  4. After login, on the dashboard, click on Print Result Slip
  5. Make the payment and return to the dashboard to enter your JAMB registration number, the year of the exam, and print the original result.


There is no need to panic or fear you may not be able to print old, recent, or last JAMB results by now. If the notification of the result is not available again, you can always go for the original JAMB result.

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