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How to Correct Mistakes on National ID Cards

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Especially because most people will need their National ID cards for different types of official registrations, there may a need to correct certain errors on it. For example, a few had made mistakes in the names used for the registration at the NIMC centres. They got the enrollment slip or the plastic ID card before they noticed the mistakes.

Such errors may include names, dates of birth, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

And in fact, it may not just be an error. It could mean you intend to change your name(s) for any official/legal reason. Perhaps, there is a change of name.

Another situation has been so rampant among prospective JAMB UTME/DE applicants. They mixed names up. Some spelling errors in the names. Some use their first name in place of the middle names. This and many related cases had been reported.

NOTE: JAMB has suspended the use of NIN for the 2020 UTME/DE.

So, how do you correct these errors on your national ID, before you can use the NIN for JAMB registration or any other applications whatsoever?

Steps to Change Data on National ID Card/Enrolment Slip

  1. First, visit any NIMC centre around you. Note that, you don’t need to go back to where you’d registered the national ID card in the first place. Just make sure, you use any NIMC centre wherever you are.
  2. You’ll be asked to visit a café (and if you can handle it yourself) to generate the Remita invoice and make the payment at any bank around you.
  3. Note also that, you can as well, make payment online directly on Remita's website.
  4. The charges (amount to pay) depend on the number of items to correct. Each item costs N500. Where the items are more than two, you may be required to pay N1000 for all. There is also a Remita online/bank change of N163.94
  5. After the payment, return to the enrolment centre with your Remita payment receipt. You will be given an enrolment and modification slip to fill.
  6. Another enrolment slip will be issued to you after the modification -  containing the corrected data

Items/Data You May Not Be Able to Easily Edit on National ID Card

The National IdentifyManagment Commission (NIMC) has warned that people should be very careful while filling in certain data. For if there are mistakes with those bio-data, they may be subjected to rigorous steps before any alternation.

Below is the list of those items that may be difficult to change on your national ID card.
  • Date of Birth (usually attracts N15,000 fee)
  • Country
  • State of Birth
  • Gender

There are termed "non-updateable fields".

However, this doesn't mean you can't change the items, notwithstanding. You may need to visit the nearest NIMC registration centre and ask for what it entails and the payment required.

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  1. Sir I have rearranged my name in the nin slip but I have already purchased e pin and gotten a profile code for jamb I have also paid all jamb requirement in the bank but I haven't registered yet is it possible for my correct name to show in the jamb system?

  2. Is nun
    Is nin use for Jamb regularization

  3. Sir, pls I use my 2020 profile to register for 2021 jamb but the date of birth on my NIN is not correct. Please what should I do.

    1. Change that at NIMC close to you. During the reprint of exam slip, the new date must have been updated.

    2. Please what were the documents required of you to rearrange your name?

  4. Sir pls I went to the NIMC to do change of name on my nin,they did capturing and all I was asked to come back for the slip but have not been given and the name has not reflected on my database,pls what can I do bcos that is what is delaying me for my jamb registration.

    1. Go and collect the slip when it's ready. If done, it should reflect on the slip. Then, go to JAMB office for the correction of names too.


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