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5 Ways to Obtain Birth Certificates in Nigeria

After a student asked me how to get a birth certificate, I thought she would not be the only one having issues with getting this document in Nigeria. Hence, I did some searches online to see if others will need my guidance. 

Below were a few of my findings.

  • Nigerian birth certificate
  • Nigeria birth certificate template
  • Nigeria birth certificate pdf
  • Attestation of birth certificate
  • National Population Commission Birth Certificate Form
  • Nigerian Birth Certificate for a green card
  • Nigerian birth certificate authentication
  • National population commission Lagos

I think I can help if your quarry is one of the above or a similar one.

People who need Birth Certificates or Age Declaration Certificates for admission screening, interviews, and job/recruitment screening will find this post helpful.

1. Recognized Maternity Centres and Hospitals

One of the legally acceptable mediums to get your birth certificate is a hospital. However, most hospitals will not issue you a certificate unless you’re truly delivered there.

Under normal circumstances, if you’re truly delivered in the hospital, they ought to have issued the certificate to your parents on your day of birth or a few days after.

If however your parents didn’t have a copy, but they’re sure you’re delivered at the hospital, they can revisit the hospital to claim it right now. In fact, you can do that yourself if your parents are not available.

Hospitals will have records of their deliveries. They should be able to trace yours and issue your birth certificate.

2. Offices of the National Population Commission (NPC)

One quick way to get a birth certificate if you’re not delivered at a hospital is through the NPC. The commission is legally in charge of issuing birth certificates if you can approach them for one.

Their certificates are, in fact, more recognized than the ones from any other sources in Nigeria.

Sample of Birth Certificate by NPC

To get yours, kindly visit the National Population Commission office at your local government (usually situated within a local government secretariat). They’ll file your details and issue you the certificate.

However, the commission may not issue the certificate if your present age is older than the allowed range. For example, some offices may limit the certificates to children from 1990 to date.

3. Registered/Recognized Religious Societies

Under the law of the country, birth certificates issued by religious bodies are legally recognized. Hence, you can approach your church or Islamic society to ask for a birth certificate.

Although, the issuance of birth certificates is governed by the Births, Deaths, and Burials Registration Act of 1992 which didn't include religious societies as a recognized office for the collection of birth certificates. Yet, experience has shown that where society has provided for its members. Such birth certificates are equally tenable and acceptable for most official needs.

4. High, Magistrate, and Customary Courts

Getting dates of birth records from courts is possible. They call this attestation of date of birth or age declaration certificate.

Court Affidavit of Age

Generally, all courts – high, magistrate, and customary can issue you an affidavit of age. However, more recognition is given to the one issued by a high court.

And luckily, you can collect this at any court across the country – not necessarily the court in your town of birth or local community.

5. Private Birth Registration Agencies

Some private organizations provide birth registration services for a fee. These agencies can assist you in obtaining a birth certificate if you provide the required documents.

Some agencies such as Helpline Foundation for the Needy, Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Services (BDMRS), etc. can also issue you a birth certificate on demand


Getting a birth certificate for your next admission or job screening shouldn’t be a serious challenge if you can follow any of the guides above.

Another point to know is that there is no limit to the number of times you can collect a birth certificate from a hospital, religious body, NPC, or court if you ever misplaced or lost one.

However, you may be subjected to collecting an age declaration certificate instead if your hospital, church, or NPC has the policy of issuing one per head. The court continually issues a new one if you must get another.

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