Can I Change JAMB Date of Birth, Names, on JAMB Portal? -

Can I Change JAMB Date of Birth, Names, on JAMB Portal?

Most parts of this post are outdated. You should read: New Method to Change JAMB Names, DOB, LGA, etc.

A few students have contacted me on change of name, date of birth, gender, state or local government of origin on their JAMB portal.

These students are asking if they can edit or change these data on their profiles. 

If I should be direct with that question, the answer will be YES. The full answer is on my post, "UTME/DE: Errors in Name, Email, DOB, Gender, State/LGA & Subject combination"

But if I should answer the question of whether they can do these changes or edit by themselves, if they just visit their JAMB profile/JAMB portal, the answer is NO.

Let me explain,

You Can Have Access To Your JAMB Profile, You Can't Edit It

For the purpose of clarification, the JAMB portal is the platform where you're able to perform a few after-JAMB activities. This is also called the JAMB facility. I got this fully covered in, "Is JAMB CAPS the Same as JAMB Portal?"

However, the JAMB profile is the information on your JAMB portal which includes your name, date of birth, gender, state, and LGA.

Hence, if you're able to log into your JAMB portal, you already have access to your JAMB profile. Is that clear enough?

Now, can you edit these profile details? YES but not by yourself!


After accessing your JAMB profile, you'll notice that no provision is made for individual candidates to alter or edit anything there. No "Edit" button or link, no "Change" button or link.

Hence, to alter anything on this profile, you'll need the service of the JAMB office. This is the only office saddled with the functions of editing candidates' names, date of birth, gender, state of origin, and local government of origin.

In fact, cyber cafes and CBT centers, around you or afar, can't help you with the editing. A CBT center can edit courses and/or institutions but not the bio-data stated above. That's what I guided you about in the post, "Where to Change (Cost of) JAMB Names, DOB, State/LGA".

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JAMB Officially Confirmed You Couldn't Change Your Profile By Yourself

As earlier mentioned, even though you could access your details/profile on the portal, you're not allowed to edit them by yourself.

A concerned candidate recently asked the board if it could be possible to change a few details on his JAMB profile.

In his words, Chukwudi Emmanuel asked.

@JAMBHQ I went to do a change of name in the jamb center and it's showing correction of name not allowed. What to do

The boar's answer was straight.

Kindly be aware that names are not changeable nor added to the JAMB portal.

This response was an indirect way to tell you to visit the nearest JAMB office for such correction. It's also a direct way to tell you that even if you use the JAMB office, adding and changing names might not be approved.

They generally allow and honor spelling errors in names and will approve other profile corrections. In a related interaction, JAMB was clearly explicit about this.

Names are not changeable on JAMB portal, you can only correct one or two letters of a misspelt name eg. Ahmed to Ahmad but you can’t change Uchenna to Uchechi.

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You Can Initiate the Change Process But It Has to Be Completed At a JAMB Office

In my post, "Do-It-Yourself: Change Institution/Course, Gender, State/LGA". I detailed how to start the correction of data by yourself. 

But towards the end of the post, I clearly stated that you wouldn't be able to finish things on your own. In fact, after the payment, you're to proceed to any accredited CBT center for fingerprint capturing before final submission.

The biometric is required to be sure that you're the one editing things by yourself - not that somebody else has access to your profile behind you.

So, if you want to play around with starting the correction by yourself, you'll only be able to make the payment for the alternation. Submission will be done at a JAMB office.

That may save you some fees as the JAMB office will only charge you a fee of about N700 instead of the N3500 they will charge if you can't pay it yourself. Though you will pay about N2500 online for any change.

If you seek my advice, I will tell you to leave everything, including the payment, to the JAMB official to do for you.

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