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Saturday, 15 February 2020

How to Get a State Citizenship or Local Government Identification For Screening and Interview

Sample of Ekiti State Local Govt. of Origin
One of our aspirants for the Kwara State University has just asked where to get the local government identification or citizenship certificate, as the university calls it.

The university asks for it as one of the perquisites to seek admission into the university. This is because the university will charge more than half fee of her state citizens for the non-indigene.

He probably didn’t know what document is not to mention how to get it.

He is not the only one in this confusion, several admission seekers are hearing about it for the first time when they seek admissions into universities, polytechnics or colleges that demand it for documentation and screenings.

This post will summarize where you may need the state identification now and in the future; then show you how to get yours.

Where You Will Need a Local Govt. ID/Citizenship ID

  1. For Admission Screening Purpose – especially by institutions that only conduct admission screening instead of post UTME. And for those who conduct post UTME test, they will need it after you must have been offered admission for documentation purpose.
  2. Career/Job Pursuit – after graduation and you seek employment. You will continually be asked to attach your local government identification when seeking jobs.
  3. Bursary Collection Requirement – where a state is giving bursaries to her citizens in higher institutions, State Identification certificate will be required for clearance.
  4. Political Office Chase – for now, or in the future, contestants for political offices will be required to present their state citizenships for verification and documentation.

How to Get Your Local Government Identification/State Certificate of Origin

  1. Visit your local government secretariat.
  2. The department in charge is usually attached to the office of the local government chairman or the secretary.
  3. Prepare about N5,000 processing and issuing fee. A few local governments are charging less than that at present in Nigeria. You may need to confirm the current price from your neighbours.
  4. If you’re not living in the local government area at present, consider sending a proxy to confirm the price and processes involved. Confirm also, if it is possible to collect it by a proxy. Most of our local governments issue it to someone else on your behalf.

Case Study

In Osun State for, the state government is issuing the state or origin identification for as high as N5,000.

You will need about two passport photographs when going for it.

A proxy can help you get it across in case you’re not in town at the moment.

In Kwara State, application for citizenship identification is now done online. Applicants can make payment for the State identification directly on a dedicated website. Then, proceed to the local government secretariat for collection.

Experience has shown that fees being paid by applicants may be the same online, but before being given, he or she may spend more offline.

For a majority of northern states, you won’t spend more than N2,000 to get your local government identification handy.

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