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JAMB Updates for Name, DOB, LGA Corrections

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Several changes have happened in recent years regarding the correction of data such as names, date of birth, state and local government of origin, and gender (sex). JAMB once allowed candidates to effect changes on their JAMB portal after similar corrections had been made on NIN. However, this is no longer acceptable.

The new method for correcting names and similar data involves firstly rectifying them on NIN, sending a "requery" SMS to 55019/66019, and then proceeding with the next JAMB registration.

This is an emphasis that JAMB no longer facilitates changes to names, date of birth, state/LG of origin, or gender at any of its offices. The board now mandates that all corrections be made on NIN prior to JAMB registration.

Nevertheless, candidates who previously registered for JAMB with incorrect data can utilize the same SMS method to validate their corrections on NIN before registering for the latest JAMB session.

Despite this process, some candidates still receive incorrect data in their profile codes, such as incorrect names, even after sending their NIN to 55019/66019. However, this does not necessarily mean that the changes have not been effected.

In this post, I will outline how to ascertain whether your corrected data has been updated and implemented, as well as how to verify this after sending the SMS to requery and what to do next?

Firstly, Send Requery SMS

If you have not already sent the requery SMS after making corrections to your NIN, it is important to do so now. To send the message, text "REQUERY" followed by a space and your actual NIN to 55019/66019. For example, "REQUERY 45617289162."

Once successful, you will be debited N50 for this service. You should note that the service does not charge from bonus balances. You will need at least N50 in your main balance.

For those obtaining profile codes for the first time, you can send the message to either 55019 or 66019, whichever is functional for you. For those revalidating corrections made for previous JAMB sessions, send the message to the short code used to obtain your profile code at that time. If you used 55019 previously, continue to use the same code now.

Secondly, Check the Reply

The reply received will indicate whether the process was successful. Through the reply, you will be informed if any changes have been extracted from your NIN. Typically, you will receive the following message if the process was successful:

Your updated data has been successfully retrieved from NIMC. You can now apply for the necessary correction(s) during Registration.

This indicates that the JAMB system has successfully interfaced with the NIMC database and uploaded your data to the JAMB database, confirming that your corrections have been verified by by both parties.

If the changes have not been effected or no changes were made, the reply message will state:

No Change is Made to your data from the last pull from NIMC. Kindly contact NIMC for further inquiries...

In such cases, if you have indeed made the correction and your new National ID card reflects the change, it may be necessary to wait for a few hours or days before attempting again. If the issue persists, return to the office where the correction was made to lodge the complaint.

What If You Send NIN to 55019/66019 After That?

However, if you send your NIN again to 55019/66019 and still receive incorrect names (i.e., names with errors that were corrected), this is expected.

The REQUERY SMS is not intended to implement changes if you recall the profile code. Its purpose is to update your data on the JAMB portal.

Furthermore, the first message's part  "... You can now apply for the necessary correction(s) during Registration" is instructing you to proceed to any CBT center if you are a UTME applicant, or to the JAMB office if you are a DE applicant, to continue with your registration. During registration, inform the attendant about your corrections, and the system will be configured for you to manually amend the information as required. Whether it pertains to names, DOB, LGA, or gender, you can now safely make changes.

However, candidates who did not earlier correct their information on NIMC, those done but not yet effected or those done but never send the REQUERY SMS will not be able to make changes during registration, even if they attempt to do so.

JAMB Officially Reassures These Procedures

In an online interaction with JAMB, a concerned student shared the following message:

please I need help I have generated my profile code the problem here is the name I’m seeing Daniel in my name instead of Michael Titus Okoh

In response, JAMB affirmed:

Since you have returned to the NIMC to correct the name, you can now visit an accredited CBT centre to continue the registration. Please, don't register unless all necessary corrections are effected on the NIMC platform. JAMB doesn't correct names after registration.

Key Takeaway Points

  1. Ensure that all necessary corrections to personal data such as names, date of birth, state/LG of origin, and gender are made on the NIN platform before registering for JAMB.
  2. After making corrections on NIN, send a "requery" SMS to 55019/66019 to update your data on the JAMB portal.
  3. Check the reply received after sending the requery SMS to confirm whether the corrections have been successfully implemented. If not, follow up with NIMC or revisit the point of correction.
  4. Understand that the requery SMS is intended to update data on the JAMB portal and does not directly implement changes to the profile code.
  5. During JAMB registration, inform personnel at the CBT center or JAMB office about any corrections made, and the system will be adjusted to allow manual changes as needed.
  6. JAMB does not correct names after registration, so ensure all necessary corrections are made before proceeding with registration.
  7. Be patient and persistent in ensuring that corrections are accurately reflected, as errors can affect the registration process and subsequent academic pursuits.

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