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Lost JAMB SIM/Line, Reg/Exams/Change Slip? Get it Back!

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We have various cases each year JAMB and schools start admissions. Candidates lose their phones and as a result, their SIMs or lines used to register JAMB UTME or DE. Some candidates lost passwords to their JAMB profiles. A few lost their JAMB registration slips, exams slips and sometimes, change of institution/course registration or exams slips or the JAMB results

One of my readers got back to me when he lost some documents. Here was his cry.

Please I lost my phone, SIM, and my file with all the necessary things for JAMB. What am I supposed to do to get all my JAMB information back?

With the look of things, our friend might have lost all his JAMB documents and information. Maybe he lost a folder, wallet, or just damages of any kind.

So, what can you possibly do if you find yourself in any of the messes here?

I'll be answering the candidate's questions here. Let's see if you'll find it useful for yourself too.

1. Lost JAMB Mobile Line or SIM?

In the case of SIM lost, blocking or deactivat, you are expected to do welcome Back for your line. JAMB strictly requires you to use your line to get OTP for activities on your JAMB profile especially for the changing of institutions/courses.

Hence, you should find the means to retrieve the SIM and get it back online.

No shortcut around this. JAMB offices can't help you, the JAMB helpline won't help. CBT centres can't do anything to help not to mention a local cafe.

The only office you need to go to, is the MTN's, Glo's, Airtel's, or 9mobile's.

While visiting, you may need to go with your proof of SIM ownership, national ID card, or any other official ID card.

In case the SIM doesn't belong to you, let the owner help you to retrieve the line. You can't do the retrieval for a SIM that doesn't belong to you.

A candidate calls to ask me if he can use another person's SIM or phone number to get the OTP. Another thought it will be possible to get it through the email used for JAMB or another email.

As at the time of this post, JAMB has not been sending OTP through another party's phone line or emails. Candidates are sticky required to use their phone numbers used for the JAMB registration.

2. Lost JAMB Registration Slip?

After registering JAMB UTME or DE, a slip was given to you as a proof for the registration. It contains all your chosen schools and their corresponding courses. This is called the JAMB UTME/DE slip.

If you lose it, you can get it back from the email used for the JAMB registration. Kindly log into the email using your email and its password. In case you forget your email, you can find it on your JAMB exams slip which you can print directly on the JAMB portal or through this link: https://jamb.gov.ng/Efacility.

Now, inside your email, locate the search box at the top and search using the keyword "JAMB registration". The system should bring the list of messages that contains the term JAMB. Among this should be the one containing the attached UTME or DE slip. Open it and download the attached PDF file. That's your registration slip!

3. Lost Change of Institution/Courses Slip

First, you won't need the JAMB change of institution/course slip in most cases. All you should do after changes is to print the JAMB original result. This is the type of result that shows your passport photo and details of how you finally changed the institutions and courses.

Hence, with the original JAMB result, you won't need the change of institutions/courses slip.

However, if you must get the slip, you should consider checking the change of data link within your JAMB profile for this PDF file. If unavailable, it may be temporary. Check back later.

If very urgent, consider visiting your CBT centre or cafe where the change was earlier made for another copy.

4. Lost JAMB Exams Slip?

UTME exams slip is originally meant to enter the venue for your test. You won't need this printout (probably) for the rest of your admission processes. 

For whatever reason, if you must get it, visit the JAMB page for the printing of notification of results and exam slips. Take the right option, enter your JAMB registration or phone number or email, and print.

5. Lost JAMB Result?

A quick reference has already been given to getting back your lost JAMB result. You can use any of the 4 methods here to check your JAMB result

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